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    TT 2022 ??

    i'm going be that guy, it was Alan Hinke's who slipped his disc sneezing on flour.
  2. The Chief


    rip the whole lot out and extend the pool to make a proper 50m swimming pool, you know something fit for a 'NATIONAL SPORTS CENTRE', not some cheap as shit kiddies play pool. If we want a waterpark can't we add that to the £100m ferry terminal, that would get the footfall up, flumes straight into the Mersey what a thrill ride that would be.
  3. The Chief

    TT 2022 ??

    careful Bozza, mention that and the TT pro brigade will be after you, i had gall the point out the new tarmac bumps on the pit entrance, the ridiculous 'lets do pit exit lines and pretend its a bus lane' and the lovely pothole forming at the bottom of bray and was given a lecture on racing lines like i was a fucking 5 year old. Simple factor is the roads are shit and if the CoC passes it fit then i hope his insurance is well paid up.
  4. "World class all-weather heritage visitor attraction" Has got Diesel locomotive and flumes written all over it and will it be £5 million though, or more likely agreed to start at £5million and after several delays it costs £15million. Stick it in one of our existing 'heritage' centres there's plenty of them, surely if they have got important heritage artifacts in them they must be carefully climate controlled already.
  5. I googled it, the news report was from a while back but it mentioned a few at Mildenhall for the RAF. One reason for the hover could be land based practice for landing on the new QE carrier.
  6. The RAF only have a few Osprey's based out of Mildenhall i think, perhaps this was a joint training op maybe using a US version but training UK pilots and operators.
  7. being one who has to deal with FOI requests, the numbers are almost meaningless because Manx reporting sources and standards change almost daily, now that Manx care are on board i would suggest that the 21 figures are a result as a change of reporting method/source more than an actual increase in people admitted.
  8. The Chief

    TT 2022 ??

    FFS unless they have a mild winter and get lots of time for 'repairs' the state of roads alone will stop this happening, just today i noticed some of those works happening on Glencrutchery road have left a lovely patch of shit bumpy tarmac right where they are anchoring on the brakes to get in the pits. There's more patches round there than original tarmac. FYI for the TT superfan who had a pop at me about racing lines and all that other bullshit last time i pointed this out, there's a lovely crack pothole forming right on the 'racing line' at the bottom of bray. If they are going to put this on its got to be done as safely as possible for EVERYONE, residents,racers,spectators, marshals, medics, everyone.
  9. I so dumb i'm sat here waiting for my 6 month delay to be up not realising that it had changed, so straight onto the booking site, appt came through in 10 minutes. However someone at the GP's is doing some checking as i've also had a text message from them offering me a booster with the practice if i ring before 10. Now I'm not taking an appt from someone more in need and i am happy to wait, I just thought it was interesting that its the GP's seem to be tracking people down who've not had the booster and not 111.
  10. MHK's, Senior C/S and their 'one of us' mentality means that expenses paid jollies for shopping and entertainment oh and the occasional vital fact finding meeting are much more important than spending the same £100 million on infrastructure on our own island, the sooner they come out and say that the better. This horseshit about taking a loss is a steaming pile of crap to try and deflect that someone has signed an open ended contract with a bunch of conmen and shysters who saw them coming at the snake oil convention. You couldn't make it up, i await the next round of 'we need another £30 million because the piles are wrong and the new ones come from Turkey, oh and it won't be ready until 2026'.
  11. So many 'whataboutisms' this year, Silverstone clash, Brasil clash, feeling up rear wings, flexible rear wings, its kept us entertained i don't know why anyone was surprised it finished like it did, however Merc's having a sports QC with them at the last race (not before) shows they were protesting something whatever happened, but thats what comes of having these kinds of companies competing insisting on rules minutia and then them wondering why its so hard to apply them to what is already a complex sport. i love it, now if we could just get the red boys in the mix to really get it to kick off.
  12. WOW what a finish to a season, Merc's can argue all they want, the FIA can't penalise Red Bull for Masi's cock up as Martin Brundle says, if the result is declared null then Max wins on count back anyway a lot of people seemed to have forgotten that.
  13. this is the biggest load of fucking bollocks i've seen for a long time, the transport costs alone would be astronomical and FYI you aren't flying a 40 week pregnant woman off anywhere for a elective c-section and i would assume this would mean a centralisation of all services and an immediate closure of Ramsey hospital wards and the staff and patients moved to nobles. edit: and the TT couldn't run as the medical facilities would not be up to standard or they would need a dozen life flights ready to airlift racers to the UK. Utter nonsense.
  14. clickbait headline if ever i've seen one, and overseas medical staff are not the holy grail Manx Care would like to make you think they are.
  15. got a feeling this years championship is going to be decided in the Court of Arbitration in Sport about halfway through next season rather than at the race this weekend. 2 things I would like to see for the sport, a clean 'fair' race and the winners and losers acting with some decorum. Sadly as Toto's wild over celebrations and Helmut's 'not accepting of the result' speech show it looks unlikely.
  16. there probably isn't that many, but the ones there are loud and as all 'anti's' seem to think every man and his dog need to hear about it and it adds fuel into the 'everyone look at me' that exists now with social media.
  17. no sympathy for anyone who gets caught, people will drop lots of money on the night out but will cheap out on a cab or another type of ride to get home. i don't care if they are expensive, hard to find, you intend to drink you sort out another way to get home its simple. The disappointing things is we have to do this every festive season and people still get caught, but then there is rise of generally cuntish behaviour on the island in the last few years i don't know why i'm surprised.
  18. its quite simple Peel Ports and a group of interested parties in Liverpool have given a presentation to the DOI and senior civil servants, probably with lots of artists impressions of a super clean dock area, new stadium, a couple of sweeping drone shots of the sea front with a cruise ship. The senior CS have basically creamed themselves over the meeting table at this point and signed an open ended contract without having any of the fine print or deliverables looked at. Then realising their fuckup after 12 fact finding expenses paid weekends at Liverpool One, decide to shred the paperwork and put up a wall of silence, leaving it to Tynwald to explain why we have to dump £100 million of manx taxpayers money into a port THAT ISN'T EVEN ON OUR FUCKING ISLAND (and yes i'm shouting).
  19. Sky will only report on what their media group overlords (currently Comcast i think) tell them to, if they say the moon is made of cheese then thats what they will tell everyone.
  20. The Chief


    i'd heard his tunnel was short of the woods and he got caught by the gestapo trying to catch a bus in Ramsey. He never made it back to the camp.
  21. A lot of UK new build estates are on flood plains, there's a load proposed for Lancashire on ground that's flooded every year. Dandara or Harmony won't give a shit as long as they get enough 'buy to let' people or HNWI 2nd address hunters to pick them up. As for greenfield sites, planners, the government or developers will happily cover over every field on this island with houses as long as the brown envelopes with wads of untraceable notes keep appearing, (see the complete ignoring of area plans as an example).
  22. walk away take the loss, £70m is fucking ridiculous amount to be spending off island, think what we could do with that here where we actually live and work. somebody needs firing for this debacle, a few plastic flumes and a bit of tarmac are bad enough but at least they are on the island. This needs fully investigating and a full independent public inquiry.
  23. The Chief

    TT 2022 ??

    thought those Japanese blokes lived forever!!
  24. The Chief

    TT 2022 ??

    at no point have i said i don't like the TT, my point is you cannot under any circumstances have entry restrictions on people who actually live here and not have the same restrictions for visitors and or TT competitors, giving them the option of a 'bubble' is just a way of getting around it are the going to 'bubble' everyone just because they book a homestay, will Bushy's be a 'bubble', its fucking nonsense for an open outside event. Either get rid of the restrictions and put the bloody thing on or don't i really don't give a shit. and if Mr Honda's dead maybe be Mr Suzuki can visit instead.
  25. The Chief

    TT 2022 ??

    they are going to be using any dodge/scam/twist of logic to get the TT on and to get around travel restrictions and or quarantine periods, but hey one rule for the TT and one rule for everybody else. Be interesting to see what they would do if Japan was on a red list and Mr Honda and his posse wanted to come for senior race day.
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