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  1. Manxforums logic:- Motor events = closed roads - good Cycle events = closed roads - bad Makes no sense, you could bring 1000's bikes over for a cycle event them all spending money and using hotels but because its a bike, its a heinous crime worthy of the death penalty. We should be encouraging all events that bring revenue to the island, ALL OF THEM.
  2. to be honest the clientele these lot are appealing to would treat a compound leg fracture with essential oils and a poultice of nettles and tree bark. my question would be, does their public liability insurance cover them if someone catches covid there and dies?
  3. because all sports are private fiefdoms run by the various clubs who invariably hate all the other clubs in the same sport and won't co-operate with each other. Then add in the same kingdoms in the various government departments and you have the perfect set of nightmares that will stop anything getting done.
  4. its just Howie trying to cement his gongs before he fucks off on his Dandara funded jollies/retirement.
  5. if the CoC passes those roads fit to race on then i hope his insurance is paid up.
  6. not to be that guy, but is it Douglas corpy's responsibility for the upkeep of privately held buildings and land? and as for the general feel of the place, they will never fill the shops when the landlords want £65,000 a year rent for a shitty little shop on strand street.
  7. Funny how these extra 6 or so have come out since Howie and Ashy fucked off and left us with no government, can't be blamed for those i guess, gongs are safe phew.
  8. me and the wife have got these for boat next month, not for the Rona but from all the shit that gets left in cabins after they are supposedly 'cleaned' (seriously check under the beds).
  9. i wouldn't trust this bellend if he told me water was wet and the sky was blue (although thats up for debate as its not red and in american everything bad is blue).
  10. so why did the white line start exactly where the pit lane wall stops going across the pavement into the road, pretty sure the buses don;t drive down there, oh and it was painted over before the prom was 2 way. but keep digging you will hit the bottom eventually.
  11. yep i can read just fine, i am telling you it was never meant to be a bus lane, it starts at the exact point the bikes come out of the pits, last time i looked no fucking buses need to refuel at the grandstand, the bus lane excuse was to get it in and painted. doesn't seem to be me that can't fucking read.
  12. yeah because thats always their motive, to put in a bus lane that wasn't needed, have a walk down there and follow the line to see where it starts and then compare that to a circuit and you will see what i mean.
  13. no, it was a pit lane exit line like them fancy boys at the MotoGP have on them circuit thingys, in a pretty desperate attempt to keep the TT relevant dressed up as a bus lane.
  14. so even the safe crossing of pedestrians and school children is less important than some idiots on bikes chucking themselves at the scenery for 2 weeks of the year. Makes you wonder how they thought painting that 'Bus' lane over glencrutchery road was going to work if they can't have a zebra crossing on the course. its like an Alan Partridge idea for a tv program.
  15. or a jetski just wasn't big enough to get the backpack on this time.
  16. someones getting fired there for sleeping on watch (assuming its not a mechanical).
  17. anyone know if our much vaunted film and tv department have had any location scouts over, amazon shifting their filming away from NZ they've got to be looking for locations that haven't been used for GOT or other fantasy series. might be a way to recoup a couple of quid, but then that would mean them actually doing some work instead of fecking off to some film festival somewhere to hand out a couple of flyers.
  18. and the Grand Prix that was definitely on, up until it was pointed out that it wasn't.
  19. i wasn't meaning yourself tutting over a copy of the DM BTW, but there's a lot of people in the UK who will, my father in law being one of them.
  20. for a great swathe of the UK public of course it matters, you can't tut behind your copy of the daily mail if there's no one to blame.
  21. Got to get the blame game ready for the autumn winter, Reading and Leeds festival this weekend, i bet the BBC reporters are sitting on the gates LFT's in hand testing the youths as they come out of the gates. DM headline will be 'Boris blames left wing youth's hedonistic summer on case numbers rise'.
  22. personally think we should go full independent tell the OECD and the EU to fuck off and go full on tax haven, big concrete wall over Douglas bay and berth them big bastard yachts, a motor race round Douglas and a big primark. Market ourselves as 'Monaco - but shitter'
  23. right now the senior CS and Comin are in cloud cuckoo land trying to make international travel as difficult as possible because that tosspot at the bank told them we all had £120K stashed away and they want us to spend it at home.
  24. this kind of bullshit is why companies employ PR agencies and people in the hopes that drivel and nonsense of this type never gets past the 'discussion at meeting' stage. i'm not sure you could be any further out of touch about your local housing market than this guy, but then is he really arsed about the local market, i doubt it.
  25. so Ann is advocating a 'trial' for all those who have given a dose of vaccine, does Ann's grifting pals know where all the money's coming from for the new prisons to house all these arm murderers or who's paying for the trials in the first place. Considering most of them are healthcare professionals i assume Ann's essential oil treatment will fix that compound ankle fracture when she falls on some ice in the winter, since there won't be any paramedics or A&E staff, theatre staff available as they will all be banged up. Its when you write scenario's like this down you realise how fucking ridiculous it is, still if Ann's shelling out for ebooks, crappy newsletters and paypal donations I suppose they will be happy.
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