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    World Of Warcraft

    PVP is the best fun ever. You don’t need to be on PVP server either, if you want to level in relative peace you can do so on the PVE servers, as you can raid the opposition there were some mega battles at the Crossroads on the beta server I was on (you just get the choice whether or not you want to get involved). Just got my copy and thank God its holiday's next week.
  2. Most flirtatous, most flabbergausted
  3. Cops or social I presume.
  4. Real player havent offered it so far this year either so lets hope.
  5. Action Dan was my favourite at first but he seems all burnt out now think they all tried too much. I actually prefer BB with the bars up at least it was a laugh when they were doing late night raids and trying to pass stuff through the bars. Anyone know if America or Africa are on this year? Did some trawling for America but could'nt find nothing.
  6. Massive Fornicater thats as bad as I can go (swear filter)
  7. Always thought the man was a big xxxxxx but well done that man for saying that. Caring Society
  8. Well you were tops at Manxonline and you had your own fan club
  9. Ow I have made member (spammer I am) You newbies
  10. Ah I know it , only problem is is does not offer the same kind of community spirit and the debates dont seem to flow so much.
  11. What you mean of all the members? If thats what you mean dont think it can be done because of data protection.
  12. Yeah saw that that was the best BBLB bit this series. As for people asking Emma to record a record I suppose it cant be any worse than Peter Andre or anymore set up.
  13. I just feel she is using him totally. She has little to offer so if she is shagged on tv that will be her claim to fame kinda like a poor mans Jordan. When shes hugging him the eyes are panning to check the moving cameras are focusing on them.
  14. Cant say I like either but my vote is for Dan he never did anything the week before the augument and I felt he was making a show of the negotiator thing. At the moment Stuey is my fave and I like Victor in there cos he's such a pratt. Its so dead at the moment though Jason has lost it, Ahmed is back to being the invisible man.
  15. Films or general chat I presume you start then you decide
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