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  1. WTF

    TT 2022 ??

    the same as what happens with all the unvaxed locals that are going to the uk and coming back, fuck all, take a deep breath and get over yourself.
  2. maybe not, but out of all those who are not vaccinated how many do you think actually travel anywhere and more importantly want to come here ?
  3. but hardly surprising , this place really is fuck up central.
  4. what they do tends to have a similar life expectancy
  5. venue issues i agree with, maybe it should be up nobles park ?? more parking and more room.
  6. you can probably get an oil boiler and tank fitted for around 4K ish , then your running costs are about 2/3 ? that of gas with NO standing charge, depending on your usage the swap will likely pay for itself in 4 or 5 years. the catch is that not all properties have the space for an oil tank , if you're in a flat, even your own, you're pretty much stuck with gas or electric heating
  7. there were tables and chairs for people to sit on pretty much filling the space available in the middle area, there were just more people than tables and chairs , not much they can do about that really unless you have less stalls and more chairs. nothing to stop folks bringing a foldable camping chair along if they want either.
  8. but there are plenty of eateries around those areas competing for trade now with real overheads and douglas rents and rates to pay, billys bangers served from a converted wheel barrow won't help their businesses and draw in customers.
  9. WTF

    Minimum Wage

    odd how the minimum wage here is less than England considering the cost of living here is higher
  10. oh, at least i got the 'dim' bit right , i'd rather that little worm was in front of judge Dredd.
  11. david who ? dimbleby ?
  12. my driver said he hadn't been paid in a few weeks.
  13. who's doing all the crying in Jurby then ?? this guessing game is getting boring.
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