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  1. my thoughts as well. , do it on a sunday when peter kelly is at church. a couple of 360's will have that as a pile of rubble in a couple of hours.
  2. but what sets him apart from the others ?
  3. nothing works here, it's all buried in red tape and jobsworths.
  4. it fits in very well, shit vent on shit prom with shit tramlines and shit pedestrian crossings with shit parking all being done by shit workers under even shitter management.
  5. the pretty pictures for the prom looked good too down at the sea terminal................................
  6. the 'dockers taxes' have increased a lot in the last few years.
  7. just the same as you don't now, and what of the unvaccinated who cannot have the jab for genuine medical reasons ? do they get to travel or not ? will they be differentiated from the abstainers ? we don't have all this shit with who's had a flu vaccine
  8. but some peoples natural immunity is better at dealing with the virus than some people who have been vaccinated from a symptoms point of view and maybe even from a contagious point of view, in which case does that make the unvaccinated person a safer person to society regarding covid.? and , would anybody want to know if it did. ??
  9. some people smoke 50 a day and live into their 90's, some die at 40, we are all different, what affects you may not affect me
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