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  1. so everybody that throws a punch at someone should be charged and convicted for attempted murder then?
  2. atleast there won't be any puddles on the prom with the camber they're doing, just fish ponds in the gutters because the drains are bound to be useless too.
  3. one dumb news outlet showed footage of lebron james instead
  4. about 10 years after it is too late to do anything about it and hold anyone accountable.
  5. and sadly when/if it is finally 'finished' it will be absolutely fucking shit and worse than when they started.
  6. don't worry, someone will lend you a camera.
  7. i reckon your balls are likely worse from a bacteria point of view than a GP's gloved hand, as to sterile i expect your balls to win on that one.
  8. are you sure he didn't just have a hair stuck to his glasses ?
  9. WTF


    just another escaped bio-weapon, nothing to see hear , move along.
  10. the dark ages did have benefits.
  11. i have never been to the pool in question but i assume the changing rooms and cubicles are segregated by gender so is he in the wrong area?
  12. i think we've dragged this thread down low enough for now,, ...................... next
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