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  1. they probably go down as expenses anyway.
  2. we'll still be a haven for coffin dodging tax dodgers to drain our NHS
  3. catenary doesn't need poles in the middle of the road. just somewhere either side and a bit of a spiders web along the route, it has never going to happen and fuck up written all over it.
  4. That will take some clever catenary , poles in the middle of the prom isnt a goer.
  5. the old thanks for your letter now fuck off response
  6. i bet that 6 years doesn't come into now then..................................
  7. it sounds like nobles hospital admin need to seriously unfuck themselves and get organised , a few sackings would focus some minds.
  8. i wonder how many more honest people don't owe for things they received ?
  9. so you owe at least 5 room charges then ?
  10. i suspect everybody going private got charged for everything down to sugar in their coffee at a commercial rate, whether the NHS ever received their correct share of all of the payments is probably another story.
  11. it could wash away some of the bullshit
  12. you know full well that endeavour to respond means fuck you we won't be replying.
  13. they are good at treating gun shots wounds in nortern ireland, same principal i guess
  14. WTF

    Polly Lolly

    they can stick with gazpacho and bravas
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