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  1. WTF

    Enterprise Development Scheme.

    its the monkeys and typewriters scenario, eventually he got something right.
  2. WTF


    on the engine at a guess.......
  3. WTF


    sure they've gone now, but it was a lot less than 20 years ago in my case.
  4. WTF


    if you went to a local garage that was on peel road they'd say you needed a grands worth of work, the testing centre would say just adjust your handbrake. the garage were done a few times IIRC for not doing things they claimed they done and charged for. they also liked to do things for the sake of it rather than they actually needed doing. they tried it on with me once and when i asked for the UK number for the manufacturer to find out why the original had lasted 36000 miles and the one they replaced it with needed changing after only 18000 the story changed a bit and there was some confusion and the apprentice had made a mistake. they liked to blame apprentices when in court.
  5. WTF


    is there one for agricultural ?
  6. WTF

    Manx Radio

    was it 'fire starter' ? if i was doing anything on the radio ( good job i'm not ) i'd play the intro to that song every time he was being introduced or mentioned.
  7. WTF


    it depends how much an MOT is, 3 MOT's will probably cost more than the vehicle licence duty on 10 old bikes and 4 cars if skelly does the pricing
  8. WTF

    Are Screwfix coming ???

    not enough trailers for that. screw fix and BnQ are the same group, it is just different livery, don't expect it to be some great trade deal place, it won't be.
  9. WTF

    Prosecution becomes Persecution by Government Policy?

    IIRC someone selling bags of not illegal white powder claiming it was illegal white powder to the punters was charged with fraud or intent to defraud or some such crime. it isn't a case of pretend and it's all ok, a bit like guns in that respect.
  10. WTF

    Well done Mr Skelly

    the thread title made me think he'd finally learned to piss standing up.
  11. WTF

    Manx Radio

    regardless of what the OFT came out with according to stu, manx radio slashed it's cost of advertising with them very soon after energy FM started broadcasting. it must just have been a coincidence.....
  12. WTF

    The next MMR?

    darwin will sort it.
  13. WTF

    Rob Callister

    his face does look familiar, maybe he works in tesco
  14. WTF

    Rob Callister

    apology accepted, don't do it again.
  15. WTF

    Rob Callister

    i've already asked that, keep up....................