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  1. if only they'd had a stinger to stop white van man from making his quick getaway
  2. Maybe prince harry can suggest a few designs
  3. they should be armed and dressed in riot gear 24/7 too, just in case .
  4. no, they are the ones that waited for years and went private out of desperation or died while waiting.
  5. I imagine the police will get through a few more tyres.
  6. WTF

    Manx Radio

    It costs us a fortune no matter what so no change there then.
  7. WTF

    Manx Radio

    When they realise how many will say goodbye they wont be so keen.
  8. I dont dissagree, i just dont see a stinger getting deployed in the timescale of any pursuit over here, it will be all over before its begun.
  9. No. With a stinget you have to hsve someone ahead of what you're chasing. If anyone wax ahead they could just block the narrow road at a cattle grid with their vehicle. How they expect to get a second vehicle ahead of the target vehicle in any reasonble timescale before they run out of road is a bit of a mystery.
  10. Are there the staff ? 1 car chasing and thats the shift taken up.
  11. When was the last police chase?
  12. WTF

    Manx Radio

    Quite a noticable improvement then ? .....
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