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  1. WTF

    Mountain Watch

    the motorists probably still think they are VC lights.
  2. when skynet comes out next year poles will be redundant.
  3. yes, nobody spoke thick arrogant cunt so it couldn't be translated for howard.
  4. when the best is shit it probably isn't worth bothering with.
  5. blah de blah de blah, either the hand brake was faulty or the driver didn't put it on, any driver should know what the hand brake is for and how to use it, i guess we are lucky the driver managed to understand what the steering wheel did without being shown.
  6. WTF

    TT 2021 ??

    Alf's a liar.
  7. they might be now, but i suspect they were out and about before hand. just out of interest, how many people have died from the flu this year ? is it still the usual numbers or are some flu deaths being classed as covid ?
  8. no, it will have been ripped up again to do it properly.
  9. they need to make sure all the water can get down the valley to flood the houses again.
  10. that's a shame, there's nothing better than a pink crack.
  11. WTF


    yes, it could be put to good use in Tynwald.
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