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  1. yes, but it isn't actually up to anyone to inform them.
  2. did a new battery cure the situation ?
  3. howie at the front and ashie at the back so he didn't have to learn a new position.
  4. it was circling cos it cant go anywhere.
  5. i think you'll find they were necrophiliac conventions
  6. there's fuck all intensive about the islands farming !! the abattoir can barely tick over. i guess there's intensive subsidy and grant grabbing, maybe that's what's the reference was referring to ? mellon by name melon by nature.
  7. you've seen the values the IOM constabulary place on drugs, even MEA prices can easily be swallowed up with those mark ups.
  8. i hope you learned your lesson.
  9. looks like the NHS managed to give Tom the virus then ?
  10. WTF

    Top Shop closes

    you liar, she never shares biscuits.
  11. nothing like including the weight of the ice in the price per kilo.
  12. WTF

    Top Shop closes

    i think you need another 4 pints.
  13. don't forget demanding the pension supplement they're not entitled to as well.
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