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  1. i suggest you get a similar camera for selfies.
  2. WTF

    Where is Reynolds?

    by moving the fire station they can build one with big enough doors so next time they buy a new appliance it will actually fit into the building.
  3. WTF

    Where is Reynolds?

    flatten king bills and janets corner so we can get an airbus 380 in with those 2.5 million passengers ?
  4. if she'd have stepped out in front of a lorry driven by Dilli would Dilli be happy to be held responsible for the incident ?
  5. WTF

    Car Leasing

    pence per mile based on 'fuel' only is the last bit of the story and the only bit that makes . when you factor in the initial extra cost over a similar spec petrol or diesel car, renting the batteries ( renault ) or having to replace them in a few years it just isn't worth the outlay yet. the extra cost of the vehicle alone is an awful lot of fuel money to put into a car doing 50+ mpg that performs just as well in the wet , cold and dark with the wipers, heater and lights on unlike your battery version. and don't forget that when electric does become mainstream, eventually, government will tax the fuck out of it to replace the lost fuel duty income and internal combustion engine road vehicle licence fees.
  6. seems he is being held responsible for her actions though.
  7. yes, if the hottie yoga tart was on the bike and ugly beardy weirdy was the pedestrian the cyclist would have won no question.
  8. WTF

    Knife Crime

    so life for everything then ?
  9. WTF

    Knife Crime

    Why increase the sentence?
  10. WTF

    Rob Callister

    how do you spell towel ?
  11. more positive spin ?? https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7159711/Driver-shoots-past-police-car-125mph-Isle-Man-road-isnt-pulled-over.html
  12. We cant have the island taking away money from the dodgy dealings in london can we......
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