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  1. WTF


    Is the BK mr king? I never had him till st ninians. We were stuck with that cunt coole ( spelling ) for swimming . Plenty of big red footprints on chests
  2. WTF

    Right wing Terrorism

  3. WTF

    Bullying at school

    i remember years ago there were complaints of bullying at the QE2 which was always denied by the staff . when camera phones came out a recording of such bullying was taken, the schools response was to ban camera phones
  4. WTF

    Man sentenced for fake gun

    and tights, did he have the matching tights?
  5. WTF

    Lack Of Road Safety Strategy...

    i know what 'special' means when referring to MHK's
  6. WTF

    Manx Radio

    manx radio ear pieces may have a use, unlike the manx radio mouth pieces
  7. WTF

    Manx Radio

    the coffin dodgers who still use a 'wireless'
  8. WTF

    More death and destruction

    what stopped you ?
  9. they had the nads to say this is it, tough shit. and any legal challenges could be swilled around the courts ad infinitum like opposing lawyers letters in a divorce until the money has gone.
  10. WTF

    Manx Radio

    the chains come off the chains come off or was it his chains come off his chains come off, funny as fuck either way.
  11. WTF

    Police Cars

    it is on what pass roads these days
  12. WTF

    I am very perverted, apparently!

    its the TV cams you need to watch out for too
  13. WTF

    Man (Child?) to face rape charges!

    is this more carefully not said stuff then ?
  14. WTF

    Child abuse school owner has case quashed!

    they are 2 different sentences. the he refers to someone who came over for the scenery, probably the person in the photo.
  15. WTF

    Child abuse school owner has case quashed!

    dilli never actually states the man in the picture looks like a paedo. you have made that association. it may be implied, but not stated. edit; yes, i think it's funny. going for a while now to do some work, let us know what the samaritans tell you.