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  1. if he had limited the ban to non resident initially he would have looked better, but boris didn't tell him to do that.
  2. big mine outside of peel then.
  3. there's no shortage of fat knights already, those poor horses.
  4. WTF

    Manx Radio

    many charities provide a public service.
  5. a change in the world order may not be a bad thing.
  6. no, they allow people to write what they want within reason to not just you.
  7. not enough fixodent in the quayle household years ago
  8. is howard spitting his falsies out every sentence now too ?
  9. everybody is following the rules aren't they ? like fuck they are, every man for himself as usual.
  10. WTF


    i also see that government guidelines as to what hospitality industries can receive help keeps out anything below 3 stars , home stays, B&B, campsites and a few others you'd expect to be getting help, they are only interested in helping the big hotel owners that have already binned the usual zero hours contract staff anyway., better than hearing the welbeck moaner on the radio every 5 minutes though.
  11. WTF


    yes, cos insurance companies are tripping over themselves in the rush to pay out to people
  12. WTF

    Future Mann

    the loss in fuel duty and parking fees will hit hard if everyone stays working from home.
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