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  1. Getting anybody anywhere TT week whether inside the course or out is a nightmare when the roads are closed, and having the hospital inside the course was a good idea allegedly.
  2. WTF

    Political Comeback

    we do have weapons grade idiots though.
  3. WTF

    Political Comeback

    that could be a good thing going by at least the last 4 CM's
  4. all departments except health seem to need to use the budget up so they don't lose it year upon year, this just suggests they have too much budget in the first place.
  5. Gladys is never irrational , so no need to, you thought wrong.
  6. If people really gave a shit there'd be no drinking or smoking allowed, that would save more people than a covid vacine
  7. i don't think 'match' was meant as a comparison
  8. gawne got the slough resurfaced for half a million a quid in a couple of months, maybe he wasn't quite the useless cunt we all thought, oh hang on....
  9. that's just the greedy ones who want to spend more in life than they're actually worth. as for herd imminuity, that is what you are left with once all the waifs and strays have been wiped out, those that are left are the immune herd, you can't can't give immunity to everyone however much you want to.
  10. WTF

    Political Comeback

    lets see how much money he wants to see spent on all the things he was whining about money not being spent on once he was ousted.
  11. "The 46-year-old arranged for payments to be made into her husband's bank account without his knowledge". it is sounding like the corkills holiday cottages all over again. i wish someone would put a grand in my bank account without telling me.
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