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  1. WTF

    Ice Rink

    waste of time, we will be all locked down by crimbo so no one will be out to use it.
  2. he should be helped with the former.
  3. i would think it just banned you from driving on a public highway, joey dunlop never had a motorcycle road licence but was allowed to race one. getting banned takes your licence off you, what you can legally do without a licence should be unaffected.
  4. just cos you are banned from driving doesn't make you banned from owning a vehicle.
  5. out with the old. in with the younger.
  6. what did you do before the police then ?
  7. the real quiz was should it have read 'leave later' or 'leave at 8.30am' probably both wrong in the end.........................
  8. i didn't call you a twat, i asked how do you spell twat.
  9. Anybody that thought government would pay for a proper job needs help.
  10. i see the local rag says there is a big increase in posted drugs getting stopped at the sorting office since lockdown, it just shows how much stuff was coming in by boat and/or aircraft before the lockdown....................
  11. plenty of folks trying to get in there via the mountain road .....................
  12. were the police in the audi going to work then ?
  13. WTF

    Mountain Watch

    it has nothing to do with the tests, everybody that crashes with speed involved wasn't driving like that when they passed the their tests, you can't exceed 50mph while you are learning. passing a test doesn't stop you being a knob the next day.
  14. WTF

    Mountain Watch

    no, it would just add another charge to the prosecution of the driver.
  15. They cut the infill slabs to line up properly, you are probably criticising the best bit of work on the prom at the moment. 😁
  16. WTF

    Donkey Track

    nor has the pavement near the 11th milestone on the TT course, it needs mowing now.
  17. the hospitality bill is going to up by the looks of things
  18. are there any 3 legged 1 eyed dogs in the constituency ?
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