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  1. KM school has quite a few cases apparently
  2. tynwald will likely be even dumber after tomorrow.
  3. that's a shame, i was looking forward to the end of all this disruption.
  4. WTF

    Mountain Watch

    on its way to the first one apparently, you can't make this stuff up.
  5. hidden figures is a good film, worth a watch.
  6. if they were double jabbed i don't believe there is legal need to isolate anymore so no police required.
  7. when your artwork is that bad it looks nothing like the actual subjects that's what you say.
  8. i was thinking 'Off The Fucking Head' .
  9. there's no need for you to keep showing us how its done on a daily basis.
  10. are there any other possibly relevant questions you don't want asked ?
  11. try here https://www.manxforums.com/forums/index.php?/topic/66873-sewage-something-stinks/page/11/&tab=comments#comment-1549354
  12. only 2 , 2 of my kids have had it and numerous friends, i gave up counting , a bit like government once they were overwhelmed with the numbers.
  13. the same people that were in charge when he was in attendance at a guess.
  14. bender ( from futurama to avoid any snowflake wanting to be offended at some non actual homophobic slur )
  15. can't say i've seen uphill skiing / snowboarding ,
  16. so what's the process for getting hydrogen fuel into a car ? how eco friendly is that ?
  17. true enough, and sadly the norm for this little Isle.
  18. ok, wasn't that the crap josem spouted somewhere ?
  19. hopefully just a minor TIA .
  20. H&S is more stringent than it has ever been , not just for motor racing but for pretty much everything, to say that it is casual for the TT/MGP is not correct, it may not be what others think it ought to be but other than no racing on the mountain circuit they don't seem to come up with any workable/practical suggestions. just how much cotton wool are we expected to live in ?? where's my waste of time face mask........................................
  21. WTF

    Manx Care

    it's probably less of a mess than it would have been , spin, spin, spin, spin, it can always be worse.
  22. the H&S isn't that casual, there will always be risks and after something bad occurs then that is looked at and dealt with if possible, at the end of the day no one can predict or stop a mechanical failure that sends a rider down the road, i would guess most crashes are rider error due to pushing things hard which is part of the sport.
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