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  1. it will be for sale in a few years when she loses her charging parking space then...
  2. like candidates for the house of keys , at least these wankers only turn up every 5 years.
  3. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/property/article-11491027/Isle-Man-water-tower-planning-Grand-Design-sale.html
  4. the thing is , some people/households can manage with the bin they have being collected once a fortnight so it isn't an issue to them , but other people/households are in the position that they have been doing all the recycling they can and they still need their bin emptied weekly. government want to raise the population but we can't deal with the rubbish the current population creates. another aspect that i have not seen mentioned is the H&S aspect, bins collected weekly weigh X amount and bins collected fortnightly are now being 'trash compacted' by the residents to get as much in as possible and bins will now be weighing X x 1.5 or whatever. the increased physical strains on the refuse collectors will see some off work with injury and claims for compo may well ensue.
  5. i guess they will only clean half the beach ?
  6. WTF

    Firm closing

    i've seen mark grace lurking around the old lloyds building
  7. i thought most government emails were the persons name . joe.blogs@gov.im
  8. as nobles whine about the risk of filling up TT week when there are a lot less than 155 people in need you'd have to say no.
  9. i haven't paid my last bill and wont be till they unfuck themselves
  10. it might be time to start taking tupperwares to tesco and decanting your shopping at the checkout leaving their packaging in store for them to deal with.
  11. they were, just not that far flung i'm afraid.
  12. those pictures from amadeus seem to highlight a world paint shortage
  13. buried of course , how is the question.
  14. it might as well be a campsite for all the use it is as an airport.
  15. yes, but a skip isn't going to be outside your house either so for most people transportation would be factor anyway, we could be having rag n bone persons with transit flat beds soon that do the picking up ??
  16. isn't that what the amenity sites do now , some sites have time limits that the tip rats can loiter around so the places aren't grid locked
  17. but where is the 'heritage' from 500 years ago ?? mostly gone to make way for what we had before, and what we had before that and what we have now that we are declaring as heritage that's where , new builds today will be tomorrows heritage ( though modern buildings don't seem built to last these days so perhaps not ) fuck heritage constraints , buildings don't last forever and nor should they be expected to regardless of cost and practicality for todays needs/wants.
  18. this place is full of mathematics experts, they must all work in treasury.
  19. of course, stick around.
  20. possibly a good business to start up at the moment is a repossession and lock changing one.
  21. not under the carpet yet........................... https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-11467317/Michelle-Mone-involved-crime-probe-203m-PPE-contracts-sleaze-watchdog-reveals.html
  22. they did 3 years ago , but not 3 years later.
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