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  1. why did you tell your MHK what Freds views are ?
  2. WTF

    Firm closing

    did they make him an offer he couldn't refuse ?
  3. head of marketing has been in touch and this is the provisional artwork , no sign of an Umlaut though so it may need nationalising in some other way , maybe pickled cabbage ???
  4. WTF

    Firm closing

    Roxanne wasn't on about your looks.
  5. i would guess that the chilli eating comp saw that tent at its fullest over the entire weekend.
  6. everything else is so it's hardly a surprise.
  7. translation ;;;; we will look at what somewhere else does and copy them , just like we do with almost everything else.
  8. WTF

    Firm closing

    i do hope Roxanne has a sense of humour.
  9. WTF

    Firm closing

    i bought the video .
  10. the people employed for 'us' make sure nothing improves if it affects them , and to improve for non CS persons it has to affect them ,
  11. many of the current clowns and CS experts have been there for longer than a couple of years, they may have had different job titles but they were shit where ever they were,
  12. you'd think they'd use 2 lots of wind monitoring equipment and get it done quicker
  13. WTF

    Firm closing

    you don't look old enough to have been frequenting pubs in the mid 70's
  14. drop it off in pully and the salvage issue will take care of itself.
  15. they will all be hazardous with high winds an EV's on board
  16. if you remove the seaweed nothing is eating the sewage if feeds on.
  17. go the day before on an earlier flight, the evening flight to gatwick has more chance of not happening than happening.
  18. PPE came down a lot in price when we didn't need it anymore .
  19. to be fair though, making himself look great anywhere is an unachievable task.
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