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  1. I was getting a loan a few years ago and got chatty with the helpful guy sorting it out, the day the money cleared he said it was one of his last loans as he is leaving the company, I wondered why he said he was going to be a bus driver! better money! couldn't believe it lol.
  2. **FORD PUMA** 1999 1.7 16v Melina Blue 44k miles Car engine is standard . Front meshed Spoiler Tinted rear windows Good Runner and looker with a bit of poke in it for fun! Being sold as upgrading to a new car. Looking for £2995 ONO - NEW PRICE If you are interested or know of anyone interesterd , please email me Taken@manx.net, PM me or give me a call/Text after 5PM 491014 Thanks! Liz _________________
  3. Yer Good Pics, Im actually in Melbourne at the moment and the Hype out here for the Grand Prix has been good. The Commonwealth games stole their thunder a bit, or so they say out here but the race itself was no let down! and great I didnt have to get up at some stupid hour to watch it! Good result, Poor button, but made a good end!
  4. As somone who has been through all the stress and strains of self doubt and weighing up pros and cons of surgery for years I finally picked up my balls to do something about what i was not happy with, and Im a much happier person for it. You live once so you may as well live a little bit happier if you have the power to change things. Im all for certain surgerys . I had no horror storys, and my results please me no end. The only painfull part was ppl on this island speculating and wispering about you !! Its your own body after all
  5. Taken

    Safe Sex?

    AH okay never thought of it in quite that way!
  6. Taken

    Safe Sex?

    It´s alright for a bloke to not care he doesn´t have to bear any consequenses - he can still get STDs ! man-stud, woman-slag is so sodding old, its ridiculous - yep so old i agree but still used and said!
  7. Taken

    Safe Sex?

    ' Why's a girl carrying condoms and different from a bloke' The same kind of thing for when a guy 'gets around' hes a stud and when a girl does shes a slag. Silly really, i think its good if lads and girls both carry them around, then it doubles how many times you can sleep with them ! lol The Kitty Ive seen lads carrying them .
  8. 'Maybe those who seem to be getting over excited about how badly they have been treated should stop and realise how insignificant their plight is in the context of many other things and lighten the xxxx up.' Applies to ALL I think
  9. yep but its generally not that bad over here, I agree, I doubt you would get abuse walking too and from the bus staion on a normal working day like this lady was getting walking to the train, Friday and sat nights on the prom it goes without saying that ppl get loud and not so nice etc
  10. Archangelican- feel your pain!! the regulars did the same to me as well... I guess it gets them through their days! Well done regulars , another successfully pi**ed off newbie!
  11. Oh okay Ans thanks! i dont have reports switched on
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