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  1. Correct. A nation where the UK police were getting 999 calls when some KFC restaurants ran out of chicken.
  2. Aren't they the people behind this project...?
  3. So glad for Tim Baker MHK and Georgie Revill that planning permission was granted for Ramsey Courthouse - unlike the proposed tourism accommodation development at Glen Truan, which was vociferously opposed by some locals.
  4. Surely the Minister? Buck stops with him but probably advised by his Chief Executive.
  5. Don’t worry. Given their track record I imagine the final development will be some bland looking grandstand with a big room at the back for ‘functions’ and a slightly reshaped pit lane. The knackered outdated scoreboard will need to be replaced which will give rise to some huge social media campaign from road racing fans demanding its reinstatement. It will then be reinstated. Hotel on site? Yeah right..
  6. I’m guessing that in a nutshell, MGP organisers want more taxpayer cash and to be left alone with the organisation of the event?
  7. I missed the evidence for this..
  8. Met Brown once and found him to be slightly reminiscent of a character in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. He was a better orator than Quayle though. I can’t believe I’m saying that though..
  9. I actually believe HQ is the worst CM we've had. He lacks any kind of vision and leadership and comes across poorly when being interviewed by UK media on 'international issues' representing the IOM. God knows what he's like in 1:1 with Westminster types. I don't see any improvement evident in the IO and am actually more fearful of the future than I was before the last election.
  10. Alternatively known as ‘nutters’.
  11. An awful lot of people elected for ‘community service' over here. They’d be better off picking up rubbish too.
  12. Is this part of the Locate strategy?
  13. Is this available to all IOM hotels or just Premier Inn?
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