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  1. Is this available to all IOM hotels or just Premier Inn?
  2. Twitch

    Where is Reynolds?

    In the interests of raising much needed funds for the Airport perhaps Jacksons could sponsor the little car ride that is slap bang in front of the Utmost branding.
  3. Quite so, but I still don't have the confidence that our Chief Minister offers the most robust defence of the Island and is simply a nodding dog when it comes to the UK.
  4. Not looking great sadly with this administration running things.
  5. Listening to Howard trying to justify this I’m not convinced he knows what he’s signed us up to.
  6. Well this old luvvie is in hysterics at the grammar in that story.
  7. That’s how the Festival organisers spell it and been that way for 45 years..
  8. Chief Minister declares climate change emergency. Answer: Do some workshops with Tynwald Members and set up a Committee to report back in December. Lol.
  9. When there was no funfair at TT 2009 wasn't there a huge outcry from the 'Manx public' with mass wailing and much criticism of the Government? Personally I can't stand it, but would expect a similar increase in pitchfork sales should it ever be stopped.
  10. Twitch


    To be fair, you'd not get much time for a chat on a 500m tram ride.
  11. Twitch


    Great minds...
  12. Twitch


    Wasn’t the pool at the Aquadrome a couple of metres short of being eligible for international competitive events?
  13. I shudder to think what the details of the TV deal are.
  14. I'm still struggling with the fact that taxpayers are stepping up another £100k to broadcast the races. Is there any other sporting event in the world where the organiser pays the broadcaster as opposed to the other way round? Plus the Radio TT ad revenues should have been enough to offset the costs of broadcasting. Even the commentary (of a poor standard in my view) is predominantly done by existing MR news staff on existing AM transmitter. What a joke.
  15. Twitch


    The Forums software obviously agrees with me as it published the same post several times...
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