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  1. It says a lot about a place when its power station is the best looking building erected in the past 25 years.
  2. Yes Beth was a great interviewer and certainly the most challenging for our political representation. Perhaps being married to a senior civil servant put paid to this aspect of her career before it threatened to put paid to other half Dan’s!
  3. Twitch


    Looks just like what you can experience at Cregneash...
  4. Does the Island actually need a permanent structure for events that cover 4 weeks a year? Street circuits around the world, such as in F1, cope with temporary grandstands, pit area and hospitality. Don't build one. Would save millions of £. While they're at it lose that embarrassment of a scoreboard. Made of wood, times painted on, manned by scouts. FFS just scrap it and get a decent electronic one wheeled in when needed. However I expect we'll get a structure with a price tag fit for a Premier League football club and retain the scoreboard.
  5. Try Salzburg, fantastic place and the Christmas market is well worth visiting.
  6. Featured in the local news bulletin today https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/call-for-female-diversity-in-fashion-advertising/ All very laudable, but local? Does daddy David have some bank accounts here?
  7. I agree the whole thing has been a cock-up but the works were originally proposed to take 3 years. Reducing to 2 years was probably unrealistic? http://www.iomtoday.co.im/article.cfm?id=36224&headline=It will take three years to finish work for £20m Douglas Promenade revamp&sectionIs=news&searchyear=2017
  8. He enjoys the support of climate change deniers/Tommy Robinson supporters/anti-vaxxers based on his recent pronouncements on these matters.
  9. Twitch


    Begs the question why were they awarded the work if they had no direct experience in this specialist field?
  10. No idea to be honest but fair to say that currently it’s not really a positive message to say we are effectively closed to ‘normal’ tourists for 2 weeks in peak season.
  11. Max, given that in most other parts of Europe the last 2 weeks of August are deemed to be peak periods due to school holidays, then couldn't we expect to attract some non-motorsport related tourists if there was no FOM?
  12. Does anybody have the details of the survey from which these figures are calculated? They can't/don't measure the actual figures of course... Also, to justify a new Grandstand, what is the realistic growth potential in the next 20 years for the events (TT and FoM)? If new capacity is not added (travel routes and serviced accommodation) - and that's not looking likely in the short term - then how much growth is achievable and what £ impact could that have?
  13. Correct. A nation where the UK police were getting 999 calls when some KFC restaurants ran out of chicken.
  14. Aren't they the people behind this project...?
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