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  1. Agree Max, if it had been a typo on an official answer to a Tynwald question then surely the 'error' should have been publicly acknowledged and corrected at the earliest opportunity.
  2. Don't worry Max, the new Manx Development Corporation will be here soon to save us all.
  3. He's on Isle of Man Advertising's payroll now, home of James Davis, aka host of IOM Government TV. May have something to do with it?
  4. I think the fact that Jersey has 5* hotels and sporting facilities helps. Can’t see the Lions slumming it in the Comis Hotel. We’re just not equipped for this.
  5. Correct https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/rugby-union/56224044
  6. The establishment of the MDC is basically an admission that Government agencies have been failing big time at regeneration and redevelopment for many years. This attempt at a solution is likely doomed to failure as it will require the cooperation of the same agencies and civil servants responsible for how we got here in the first place.
  7. He can't function without David Ashford MBE in tow..
  8. If he, or Isle of Man Advertising, is getting paid to do this expect none of those type of questions to be aimed at his client.
  9. He was floundering. He can thank Allinson for bailing him out on a couple of occasions.
  10. Probably wasn’t worth going through a procurement process to secure the project given their familiarity with IOM Government.
  11. Looks like Beamans must have some kind of retainer with Isle of Man Government... I’m sure they’re worth top dollar.
  12. Have you been hacked Max? 😀
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