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  1. Given the DOI track record on this scheme plus yesterday’s findings of the inquiry into the tragic accident at the St Johns ‘crossing’, then DOI should just STFU.
  2. Gotta love fake doctor accounts
  3. +500 headcount in Government since 2016 suggests he's provided them with an increased credit limit. Especially for DFE.
  4. Looks like he's upset somebody though.
  5. Just out of interest how many visitors did TT attract in say, the 1970's, versus what it got in 2019? The costs of holding the TT are only going one way, while the TT numbers - thanks to lack of capacity on ferries and hotel beds compared with yesteryear - seem to be relatively static and with limited scope to grow.
  6. It was probably John Bercow.
  7. Baker, Harmer, Thomas, Poole-Wilson, Sharpe, The Bishop, Allinson...
  8. Govt is Gef obsessed though innit? the KBH agency is the controlling entity of Gef.
  9. DfE. Looks like Gef the Mongoose’s parent company got the gig to bring it to fruition.
  10. Crikey. He sounds like a real Howard Quayle-type character.
  11. Sounds like most of them won't even be making it into the office in the near future. How they'll manage Flexi time rules when working from home will be interesting.
  12. He's been let down by his civil servants, his Department is too big, but ultimately he is accountable. He needs to be voted out.
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