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  1. The lepers got treated better than this. At least they got their own colonies..
  2. Howard's really pushing the envelope in his definition of 'heroes'.
  3. Ashford sounded like he was getting off on it while he announced them.
  4. ..the ferry company he decided to buy for us all. No mention of this in his manifesto, or his Programme for Government. Meanwhile, nearly £200m later...
  5. It's al very admirable and a good laugh of course, but I wonder how the mood would change if we start getting deaths as a result of this thing, combined with further prolonged period of social distancing?
  6. Announcement to be delivered with the gravitas of the raffle numbers being called at the church fete..
  7. Howard Quayle and his comms team need to take a long hard look at themselves into how they are handling this.
  8. As Roger says...Perhaps it's to really for conversion to a temporary hospital to house coronavirus patients...
  9. He's a new age snake oil salesman and don't be fooled by the hippy charm demeanour.
  10. Something doesn't smell right about this...
  11. We already have loads. Any Costa cafe at 3pm.
  12. Just like those who clamour for a GP/F1 track at Jurby, this is just pure fantasy and would never get built. Doesn’t anyone do the maths?
  13. Wow amazing idea. Who’s going to pitch this to Center Parcs Uk to persuade them to pay in the region of £300m-£400m to build a park in the Isle of Man. Of course we needn’t worry about Planning and the fact that a small log cabin complex for Bride got hounded out of town. Nor about any lack of capacity in our ferry service. Nor about the additional costs of getting here compared to a drive on a motorway in the UK. Yeah Center Parcs will really go for this.
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