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    TT 2021 ??

    You’d have thought the new Internet of Things Manager in DfE (c £50-60k) could have offered up something for the article.
  2. Wishing you a full and speedy recovery Chris.
  3. Surely sent to his ‘constituency office’ address?
  4. The fact that our sizeable Public sector was completely unaffected financially probably has something to do with it.
  5. Twitch


    They’ll certainly receive the standard hysteria on social media reserved for any incoming person. So ‘yes’, would be my guess.
  6. I believe Biden has Irish ancestry. Ireland is quite close to the Isle of Man.
  7. Don't ever post that bit on Facebook...there'll be riots..
  8. It seems to have been delayed as most of IOM Government were attending the launch of the new IQ Apple Store in Victory House. Free booze and canapés! Wouldn’t want to miss that!
  9. Baker committed to 31st March completion date didn't he? Link
  10. Even more incredibly it’s been achieved without awarding their health minister an accolade.
  11. Agreed though it seems it’s an increasingly smaller part of its output that could be classed as Public Service broadcasting.
  12. He’s always walked like that, to be fair.
  13. Twitch

    TT 2021 ??

    I wonder if thought has been given to a temporary pit/grandstand infrastructure as per other street circuits? e.g Monaco, Albert Park. Start erecting it in March then take it down post-MGP.
  14. That happened on Ashford’s watch and he defended the ‘cut and paste’ job from Wigan.
  15. Not bad for being told what to do. Any honours for the clinicians?
  16. A shame Bloomberg haven’t heard of us then..
  17. Twitch

    TT 2021 ??

    I'm not anti-TT by any means but I think there needs to be a long hard think by those responsible about its long term future. Even if TT2021 and beyond take place, sponsor money to support the major teams and privateers is likely to be in much shorter supply; shortage of marshals is becoming an increasing concern; the costs of attending TT as a spectator will increase as accommodation option decrease. And my biggest concern is the increasing likelihood of someone having a major off and fatalities caused by machine and rider ploughing into a crowd. We've had one situation on 2007, one with seri
  18. If this presentation summarises what they’ve achieved in 4 months we’re not in a good place for the future.
  19. Have they got to the bit yet where they say what they’re actually going to do?
  20. I guess with the end of the summer holidays now upon us the NSC flumes are open for business?
  21. Are there accounts, stats etc that we could refer to?
  22. Though it’s not the public who’ll elect the next CM in all certainty. Personally the thought of this guy becoming CM fills me with dread.
  23. Given the timing probably the latter?
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