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  1. balin

    Setanta Sports

    58 mins gone and it's back on. FFS.
  2. Anyone else getting a "No satellite signal being received" across all the Setanta channels? I know it's belting down with rain but I'm not even getting the odd bit of reception. Not the first time occurence neither.
  3. I've often thought that confiscation of the 'phone and SIM as well would probably be more inconvenient. Make them get a new number too.
  4. balin

    Funeral Tunes

    Canario by ELP Pallbearers dancing down the aisle to it.
  5. Hey Cronky Of course you can join me..... it's your round.
  6. With apols to the Bard... TB, or not TB--that is the question: Whether 'tis Noble’s in the mind to suffer The slings and arrows of outrageous expense Or to liquidate against a sky of troubles And by opposition end them. To fly, to fly-- No more--and by a trip to say we end The air-links, and the thousand natural shocks That cash is heir to. 'Tis a consummation Devoutly to be wished. To fly, to sleep-- To fly--Maybe to dream: ay, there's the rub, For in that flight of death ManxAirlines dreams may come When we have shuffled off this inadequate runway, Must give us loss. There's the respect That makes calamity of such blindness For who would bear the taxes and fuel surcharges of time, Th' oppressor's wrong, the proud man's missed his connection The pangs of despised absence, the law's delay, The insolence of office, and the spurns That patient merit of th' unworthy delay, When he himself might his trip to ospickle make With a bare bottom? Who would kippers bear, To grunt and sweat under a weary life, But that the dread of something after Euromanx, The lost airplane, from whose bourn No traveller returns, pizzles the willy, And makes us rather bear those delays we have Than fly with others that we know little of? Thus conscience does make pillocks of us all, And thus the native hue of an unscheduled overnight stay Is sicklied o'er with the pale cast of angriness, And enterprise of great pitch and moment With this regard their flights turn awry And lose the end of the runway -- Soft you now, The fair Hyacinth! -- Nymph, in thy orisons Be all my sins multiplied.
  7. Stuff like this, however unwanted has to be rehearsed. Worst case scenario? is that an aircraft impacts on the island. Identification of those lost will be a major issue and an unwelcome job. Has this been rehearsed?
  8. Works for me. We'd use it reglar. Will you look to recruit/train instructors from the IoM? Set up school slalom/GS leagues?. Proper capital intensive tho'. You'd have to be looking for a minimum of 200m long, more would be better (and as wide as poss..... parallel slaloms come to mind) and then some as a main slope along with a nursery type area +/- bumps/jumps/bigairbag/kickers for it to have a widest appeal. IIRC, the last effort to set up such a venture was not far from where the new Ospikle is. Knocked back on light pollution grounds methinks. Wonder if Zoe Gillings might be interested in some sorta presence? If you build it they will come Edited to add: ....... and a bobsleigh/luge type do pls
  9. and other stuff..... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_4L1fHkJaDM http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gTTfvKowbfE If you do nowt else, watch the first 2 mins of this..... ... and apols if replicating previous posts :-)
  10. I guess if you look at it as a p88s-take and accept it as a laddish jolly jape it works well. There's more flesh on show on some of the Sky music channels TBH. Can't say I'm fond of the simulated s888ing but it does put me in mind of the "Confessions of a ..." films so mebbes there's a tie in to the theme of the ad. in that respect. Anyroad, hats off to Scruffs Workware. I've googled 'em and they're getting shedloads of exposure for little outlay. I reckon the target audience will not be offended too much If Stockport Grammar are currently tendering for any building work, they might swallow their pride and ask her back to handle the necessaries.
  11. Ms Bergen said Clinton Davey had known the drug was highly addictive and dangerous but sold it to make money. Mr Davey refused to name his source of the drug, prompting the Saskatchewan judge to reject his defence - that Ms Bergen had taken the drug voluntarily. ________________________________________________________________________________ Wonder if she'll live long enough to reap the benefits of her legal action. Voluntarily of course.
  12. Cashtal Yn Ard between your legs
  13. Bbbuutttt...... you'd have to leave before your contracted hours to be at the boundyroute at 5pm And miss all those who sit at their desks 'til 5-30....... prolly to let the traffic congestion die down because you're used to driving on the wrong side of the road :)
  14. ....... I turned left without indicating today. No-one noticed.
  15. http://www.dhmo.org/ the swines are already putting this in. Compared to fluorine, this is like water.
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