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  1. How can somebody own something?
  2. So now I can't use the same headline as IOM newspapers... ffs
  3. An image macro from Mr. Bland, who'd have thought it? It now reads the same as the headline in Independent. No doubt you'll be writing to them to tell how "clueless" they are too.
  4. The play-offs give a number of clubs something to fight for until the end of the season, but there's a good argument for doing away with them and just having the top 3 teams qualifying. They'd never make premierships go through play offs to get in the champions league. It's fair enough that they celebrate - promotion to the premiership is a big deal - but what's with the trophy?
  5. Politicians are answerable to the police if they break the law. Until we know what the documents were then there's little point speculating. Edit - I cross posted that with vader's.
  6. The:Troll, now he was funny...
  7. Roxanne, BSE, thi, smiler, phildo and lucy were usually entertaining but I suspect they've all retreated back to their den of iniquity. Everyone else has just blurred into a blandness.
  8. Well you suspect wrongly. But no doubt you've made your mind up and nothing will change it, so there's not much point in debating it further. I do dislike dogs, and I find it funny that there is an article in the paper all about a dogs grave. But not just any dog, a 17 year old brown and white dog called Lady who died from a stroke 3 years ago.
  9. Stav. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Yes, that's the headline from the link, which anyone who clicks it will be able to see. If the thread has reminded you of something, well, that's unfortunate. I could just as easily have gone with the thread title to "Stroke Victims Grave Vandalised" or "Lady's Grave Vandalised". Incidentally, the headline from the Manx Independent was "Heartbreak After Grave Is Smashed" - no mention that it was a dog's grave until you read the article (which contained the irrelevant facts that it was a 17 year old brown and white dog that died of a stroke 3 years ago).
  10. Poor Lady. Poor little brown and white, 17 year old Lady. They'd had her since she was a puppy, and she died of a stroke. 17 years before they stroked her! How cruel is that?
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