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  1. r you serious? wont the people who own and work at the pubs lose out to. wont we all lose out if we go out less and interect with each other. and mainly, wont we all just drink at home instead? where we are not govened by prices and drinking up time we are not going to stop drinking or smoking ever,and why should we,what has my drinking got to do with anyone else but me. busybodies are the only ones who talk about spiraling drink cultures,mind your own.
  2. pubs won't survive. our whole way of life won't survive. farting will be banned because it carries shit-germs. you heard it herer frist folks.
  3. kite


    glad you won't be my daughers teacher. she will be at ballakermeen soon and I would rather the disruptive kids with no home life were helped some rather than punished. do you kick a dog to train it? if you do you end up with a mean dog.
  4. kite

    A New Award!

    ever heard the phrase "get a life" ?
  5. is miracle .s5 his website then? robin hudson is it
  6. haha we never used cat of nine tails,only the birch so thats not resolved, or is only in ur head.if u still say leece lodge was prison then thats not resolved neither,because it never was do you actually believe we are all lying about it???? every one has agreed its not a prison! have you seen a picture of it???? its a small cottage on a main road,it could never be used as a prison!!
  7. freedoms ever wonder why we would be saying its not a prison if it was???? what do we care? if it was a prison for kids its better than putting them in the real prison which did used to happen not that long ago. it was not a prision. there is a prison for kids nr santon,or detention fasility or whatever bollox they call it these pc days. but leece lodge wasnt, there wasnot even anyone living there with the girl! there has been a fucken 12 million pound investigation into the brats that were there so we all know exactly what is was and it was not a prison they were free to go or offer themselves up as prossies for all the taxi drivers or whatever they liked. no prison i eva knew allows that! you're website is shit and wrong
  8. what a tosser this guy is,cannabis aint declassified anywhere,just REclassifieid. as it is here! class c not class b. noone has been done for it for years over here,you go on a drug therapy course now instead of being done.same for class a,unless your a dealer. leece lodge never was a prison of any kind,the lass who lived there was free to come and go. cat of nine tails is totally different to the birch and 1981 is nearly 30 yrs ago when it were last used. your site is a load of old shite innit
  9. dentists who used nhs money to buy there equipment should be outed. they get schooling for free, grants for our government for while they at school (uni) and for expensive equiment to set up there practise then refuse to give anything back to us,greedy gits
  10. the nhs one at the hospital cant refuse nhs patients
  11. did you lose any weight?
  12. hold a pillow over his face thatll sort the cough
  13. we use real cream and flavours to!the ice cream here is better than any i eva had in spain or tourism regions
  14. its not exactly a huge scandal unearthed,but they should have used the villa. mebbe they had smokers on the organising committee
  15. kite

    Do As We Say

    its just pussyfooting around,get rid of the governer or keep him,but wasting money changin his name is just silly.how much will it cost us to change all the laws about him and headed paper and all that? hes only a figurehead these days n e way.
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