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  1. I’m more of the opinion that the gradual opening of schools is to observe and assess if there is any effect in letting a reduced number of staff and children mix in close quarters, before opening to all pupils and staff. If there were to be a school-based outbreak, it would be more manageable to contact trace etc.
  2. gymbabe

    Manx Care

    Apple, is there really no hope that Manx Care will succeed?
  3. Me too! Don’t know whether I’m more excited about the jab, or the fact I get to visit the Big Smoke...
  4. I’m not sure what the ‘Peel Pilot’ was meant to achieve on the ground? Despite the surgery staff being ever-helpful and accommodating, where possible, especially with my elderly father’s care, I’d still like to be able to get an appointment to see a doctor sooner than is possible at present. Even a telephone appointment involves a substantial wait. At the same time, colleagues I work with, from different areas of the Island, don’t seem to have this problem.
  5. If we are all going to have to bank online, including the elderly, then the Isle of Man bank app really should have a facility to deposit cheques (like the Lloyd’s app provides). An app can’t be a half-way house with some services online and some where you are forced to physically go into a (far-distant) branch - tricky, if you’re in your 80s with mobility problems.
  6. Oh yes, I quite forgot. You claim you can read, write and spell. Pity about the punctuation and grammar...
  7. Textbooks? What are they? Try a term or two in Reception, mate. Or Year 6. You’d be running for the hills! (In the absence of emojis, I’d like to insert a LOL)
  8. SJR, there is a real shortage of teachers on the Isle of Man, especially in secondary schools, so please, if it’s such a cushy number, join our ranks! I’m sure the DESC would be glad to employ you, as having been to school yourself, you’re obviously an expert...
  9. Ooh! A troll of the highest order! I take my hat off to you sir...
  10. They now charge for all business listings, even those in with all the rest of the landline numbers, so for that reason, I’m out.
  11. gymbabe

    Parish Walk

    I don't mind the roads being closed, tbh, but I wish that the signs with the times and dates on were big enough to see when driving past! Same goes for the Rally notices. Nightmare!
  12. Hussey is also a man who doesn't work for IOMG any more, so he can say what he likes without fear of reprisals!
  13. On many roads, the DOI try to work miracles and attempt to make water flow uphill to grids.
  14. I dont know much about how they were produced so I certainly dont know that they are fantastical. I'm willing to listen to arguments about how specifically they are flawed but I'm not seeing much besides assertions that they must be overly optimistic. If you are right and they are completely over-optimistic and the fiscal position turns out to be much worse than anticipated do you think that all the resulting pain should be managed through reneging on promises made on pensions or do you think that cuts to pensions should only be one element of dealing with that? Personally I think any e
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