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  1. It definitely doesn’t help matters...
  2. There’s a big shortage of teachers atm. I’m sure the profession would be eager to welcome you into it...
  3. So how does that negate the teachers’ efforts to change this? Why aren’t others making a stand?
  4. And here lies the root of the behaviour problem. There’s a time and a place for ‘messing about’ and in lessons isn’t it. There are usually 29+ other young people in the same room, most trying to learn, and while your boy might get his work done, due to the messing, an awful lot of time is wasted and others will follow his example and mess too...
  5. The trouble has been that over the last 30 years, teachers have taken on more and more responsibilities and tasks, curricular and other, for the good of the pupils and because they took pride in their job, wanting to do their utmost best for them. However, these ‘extras’ (overtime, I think you call it), have become the norm at every level of the profession and between these and coping with disruption, it has become an almost impossible job.
  6. I can’t say that many teachers would be in favour of corporal punishment, even if it was permitted!
  7. IOM today (front page preview) are posting that the long-awaited report into losses in the Manx film industry is out. Does anyone have a link please?
  8. FWIW, I didn’t watch the video - the comments from the crazies underneath were enough...
  9. Do you have inside information, Ooooh? I do now think we are in the same situation as the UK, i.e. let it rip through the younger/unvaxxed population and taking a gamble that it won’t mutate and come back and bite them on the arse.
  10. a) like most people, I’d like to be prepared if it was all going to kick off again, especially as I’m in a job in which close contact can’t be avoided, and I have a very frail parent to care for, and b) I’m nosey 🤓. Thanks for asking!
  11. I’d love to know which, if any, of these cases are the result of a repeat test after initially testing negative then experiencing Covid symptoms...?
  12. Also, If you have any meds, your NHS number should be on the prescription slip from the chemist which accompanies them.
  13. Looks like mini Gymbabe will be living at home for the foreseeable!
  14. @rachomics, I feel an awful lot more confident, ‘going forward’, with you as part of the EAG rather than without. Hopefully, with the conditions set that you mention, the new CoMin will listen! Good luck.
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