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  1. It's important to factor in population size. When you look at deaths per million and compare to Norway, Finland, Denmark, etc, the statistics for Sweden make for terrible reading.
  2. The genetic factors that are responsible for the taillessness can have an impact on the spine and nerves, although this isn't always the case. In certain cases, it can lead to serious spina bifida-like complications. These genetic factors are autosomal dominant, meaning that if one chromosome has them and the other doesn't, the kitty will still be tailless. Tragically, when two Manxies breed and the fetus has these genetic factors on both chromosomes, it is generally unviable. There's a nice description of this on the wikipedia page for Manx cats. The detailed genetics of how and why this happens is poorly understood, so this is a great opportunity to learn more about Manxies and how we can best look after their health.
  3. Researchers from the Isle of Man, York and the University of Missouri want to measure all of the genes in the genome of the Manx cat. This will be the first time anyone has measured the genome of a Manx cat and by comparing the results to previous studies of the domestic cat, they hope to learn about cat’s tails, cat physiology and feline diseases. This project is currently looking for support and they have launched an Indiegogo campaign. A donation can give you a range of perks, including wrist bands, t-shirts and the opportunity for your cat (if it’s Manx) to contribute DNA to the project. If this sounds interesting, please check out the campaign page and consider contributing. Thanks
  4. So how many people made a submission to this?
  5. Hi folks. If you agree with the petition, please feel free to copy the posting and email it to anyone you think would also support the cause. All the best. Steve.
  6. RADIOS BILL MAY SCUPPER RNLI LIFEBOAT crews fear being scuppered by crippling new charges for using their radios from Ofcom, the communications regulator. The RNLI could see the price of using its VHF emergency frequencies rise to £250,000 under plans to charge the full commercial rate. The charity, which saves hundreds of lives every year currently pays an annual £48,000 at a discounted rate of 50 per cent. It relies on donations and fears the move will have a disastrous impact on fundraising. Peter Bradley, RNLI operations staff officer, said: 'It's a lot of money when you think in terms of lifeboat days and little old ladies collecting pound coins.' 'We could buy several inshore lifeboats for the same amount.' 'The Government rely on us to provide this search-and-rescue service, at a cost of £124 million a year, but they want to charge us for doing it!' Ofcom has set out plans to bring 'market forces' into maritime and civil aviation communications in a policy it calls Administered Incentive Pricing. £250,000 represents an awful lot of charity collections, even more so in the current economic climate so, if like me you feel strongly enough about this, please sign the petition below. http://petitions.number10.gov.uk/RNLI-RF-licences/ More details at: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/uk_news/scotlan...nds/7662989.stm
  7. Just got back from T in the park. Anyone know who were the folks flying the three legs? They seemed to be up at the main stage all weekend. In fact, they were so well positioned that the camera men had to keep finding new camera angles to shoot the Kings of Leon because the he kept disappearing behind the three legs.
  8. Agent smith. How crap. Cret, Swap you.
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