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  1. Spotted this on the cycling forum, if you've got a bike and a sec fill it in, might lead to more facilities:
  2. ai_Droid

    Route 66

    Was never there as I remember? It was first in the Galaxy next to bushies, and then where McFarlanes is now.
  3. ai_Droid

    Route 66

    Old Driftwood/Sanctuary on victoria road. MF burger night anyone? I'm sure CB will give us a discount!
  4. Declan - this has been an excellent thread, don't turn it another of your bickerfests. Don't you think you're expecting a bit much from councillors? They are just normal blokes who could be bothered to stand, most of the seats were uncontested iirc? Thanks Albert, not really thought about them editing letters. Piss poor to do so and change the content in the way that's being suggested. Shit medium for getting your point across anyway, who reads the letters page of the local papers?
  5. Think there's a lot of really shit cctv around Douglas. I was robbed in the strand centre right under a camera, and the image was so shit it was useless. The police of course know how bad it is and tried to get some images from the privately owned in store cameras which are of good quality, but I was in the general area. Don't mind CCTV myself as long as it's limited to public areas where it's very clear you're being observed and it's use is justified. It's for stopping crime, and supporting prosecutions, not for anything else.
  6. Local papers editing letters for publication is well out of order. Is this a common practice? Have you taken it up with them?
  7. Guess it depends who they're comparing with. We certainly compare favorably with Dublin, Jersey, Guernsey, BVI, Bermuda and Caymans, which are all still pretty expensive and slow for internet access.
  8. Popularity? A local shopowners going to be known by the voters, where a manager at a bank dealing with offshore clients isn't ever going to get any kind of local exposure. Also, who'd want to do it? Last thing I'd want to do.
  9. Spanna and I have been far too loved up lately, so to get things back in order: 1: Gears of War 2 2: FIFA 09 3: Fallout 3 4: LittleBigPlanet http://www.chart-track.co.uk/index.jsp?c=p...p&ct=110015
  10. Looking forward to trying it, glad it's not shit. Really want to make the most of fallout3 before getting gears, and left4deads out next week!
  11. What do you propose, we import our politicians?
  12. ai_Droid

    Too Pc?

    The BBC's reaction (or over-reaction) is the PC part, in my view.
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