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  1. Spotted this on the cycling forum, if you've got a bike and a sec fill it in, might lead to more facilities:



    I have been asked by the DOTL to provide an idea of MTB use on the Island. Thats DH/XC/Just for fun! This is for an application for funding for the next stage, a feasibility study.


    Please read the below and maybe it will happen (sorry about the free mountain bike bit, I was going to put free beer!)


    Please do this (you don't have to be logged in).


    1.Highlight (hold left mouse button down and drag over all the questions below).

    2. Then right click then click copy.

    3.Click this e-mailtrailbuilders@manxmtb.org

    4. Then left click and paste the questions in on the e-mail.

    5. Send it off!as soon as you can.


    I need to supply the Govt with the stats as soon as possible.


    Isle of Man mountainbikers




    Do you own a mountain bike?




    How many times do you ride a week?




    How many people do you go out riding with?




    Are you into cross country/freeride/downhill/general fun riding for fitness (as many as you want to pick)?




    Do you go away and if yes where to and how many times a year?




    Have you ridden any of the trail guide routes on the www.visitisleofman.com website?




    Have you ridden the red Viking and/or Blue kipper routes?

  2. Back where it used to be then! Or was that where Feegans is now?


    Was never there as I remember? It was first in the Galaxy next to bushies, and then where McFarlanes is now.

  3. Oh grow up Slim.


    Declan - this has been an excellent thread, don't turn it another of your bickerfests. Don't you think you're expecting a bit much from councillors? They are just normal blokes who could be bothered to stand, most of the seats were uncontested iirc?


    Thanks Albert, not really thought about them editing letters. Piss poor to do so and change the content in the way that's being suggested. Shit medium for getting your point across anyway, who reads the letters page of the local papers?

  4. Equally worrying is that money was spent installing CCTV cameras whose images turned out to be of no use whatsoever.


    Think there's a lot of really shit cctv around Douglas. I was robbed in the strand centre right under a camera, and the image was so shit it was useless. The police of course know how bad it is and tried to get some images from the privately owned in store cameras which are of good quality, but I was in the general area.


    Don't mind CCTV myself as long as it's limited to public areas where it's very clear you're being observed and it's use is justified. It's for stopping crime, and supporting prosecutions, not for anything else.

  5. I am happy to confirm that Steve Babb paid for his own campaign. Isle of Man newspapers edited my letter which had read " Though they appear to criticize the executive, in more than one case, they were happy to have their campaign and manifesto funded by the Party..." This statement is true.


    The rest of my letter I stand by.


    Nigel Dobson


    Local papers editing letters for publication is well out of order. Is this a common practice? Have you taken it up with them?

  6. I'd thought IoM was lagging quite far behind - certainly much less advanced than Singapore or Japan with Gigabit broadband. What about cost of HSPDA connectivity - is there no better place?


    Guess it depends who they're comparing with. We certainly compare favorably with Dublin, Jersey, Guernsey, BVI, Bermuda and Caymans, which are all still pretty expensive and slow for internet access.

  7. A really major question is why Manx politics is attractive to people drawn from retail and trade and seems so unattractive to managers, entreupreneurs and professions needing advanced qualifications - does a single MHK have a higher degree - oh heck - the bishop, but then again he's in Legco?


    Popularity? A local shopowners going to be known by the voters, where a manager at a bank dealing with offshore clients isn't ever going to get any kind of local exposure.


    Also, who'd want to do it? Last thing I'd want to do.

  8. finished it last nite ( thanks to Ray for jumping in and helping out ), great campaign ( the last few levels are amazing ). Had a few games on Hoarde, now that is a fun online game-mode...


    Looking forward to trying it, glad it's not shit. Really want to make the most of fallout3 before getting gears, and left4deads out next week!

  9. Okay, a lot of people think this is about political correctness. Therefore, would someone explain how this has anything to do with political correctness because I think I missed that part.


    The BBC's reaction (or over-reaction) is the PC part, in my view.

  10. Did someone forget to switch identity before posting?


    Says someone who's clearly familiar with sock puppeting! I count at least three people in this thread who think what they're posting is inflammatory enough to switch identities, lets make sure we don't put the forum owners at risk eh?

  11. So, now that Seven pages of forum has discussed resignations when there are more pressing subjects to discuss. I will leave the forum with a final thought..... As the executive were not voted in by members of the party or in fact anyone. What made one of the executive members resign ... did he smell a rat too?


    Typical politician, leaving before anyone replies to what he's said!


    In retrospect, do you think you were all a bit hasty in joining a political party that was apparently so badly run?

  12. A bbc presenter phoned a taxi company and asked, off air, for a white, preferably female driver to collect her 14 year old daughter. She was sacked from her job.




    Was she being racist? Or was she just protecting her daughter? That protection was mis-judged, but is that the same as being racist? How come asking for a woman wasn't stated being discriminatory but asking for a white driver is?


    Or on the other hand you could say she's not only being racist, but she's potentially raising a racist too, but did she despite that deserve the sacking? Do her off air dealings with a taxi company justify the BBC's action?


    I'm of the opinion that she was certainly wrong, misguided and someone should set her straight, but a sacking is a step too far.

  13. I too really enjoyed it, i think without the mic commands there wouldnt be alot to shout about, but its not to gimmicky and i thought it was good.


    Think i will pick it up in a couple of months when its half price.


    I'm a bit the same, plays a lot like World In Conflict on the pc, pretty simple, moving units around in a sort of rock paper scissors style attack system. Liked the voice thing, worked very well for me, but not sure it's worth full price based on that.


    Like to see that in other games though, be great for a game like Overlord, lazing back on the sofa ordering my minions about. Just like Manxforums, but in game form!

  14. Slim - I can imagine some increase in spending, but I can't see how people already in debt with big mortgages could afford to go on even bigger spending sprees than they've been doing already with previously overly-easily obtained credit.


    I think you're right, but it would still raise spending which has other knock on benefits, particularly in an environment where spending is falling rapidly.

  15. The Maldives(pop 300,000) are so concerned about climate change destroying their home with rising sea levels that they've started a fund to buy a new home in the future. The Maldives is only 2.4 meters from sea level at it's highest point, so you can understand their concern.




    We should flog em the calf of man! It's loads more than 2.4 meters tall. The weathers a bit pants compared to their tropical islands, but I'm sure they'd get used to it. We could even through in the sound Caf as a sweetener, be nice to have it re-done with a tropical theme.

  16. I've just got to Megaton, but it keeps crashing when I go in certain buildings, different each time... try again tomorrow :)


    Are you on a legit version? I've heard some of the warez releases have had problems, and have released patch fixes. I've not had a single crash with the game.


    If you are on a legit version, you might want to try the reloaded warez release, in case it's the safedisk causing the crashes (if often is).


    Not condoning piracy blah blah, but sometimes the releases work better. I bought spore, and its safedisk DRM wouldn't work on my computer, so I had to download a dodgy copy just to install the damn game. Daft.

  17. I quite liked the beta. Its not good while on the cr4ppy guns but soon as u get to the good stuff and the sights.. love the pack of dogs at 7 kills.

    Its like a new online cod4 in different places with different guns (which funnily enough is exactly what it is). Which is good enough for me. cod4 online got boring in the end.


    Found the dogs really annoying when you're on the receiving end. The vehicles are pointless too. Nowhere near as good as cod4 for me.

  18. Anyone else tried this? For me it doesn't seem to hold the same vibe as previous RA games. Too much upgrading and you can't even zoom out very, which makes viewing the battlefield rather tedious. They need to take it back to basics, no flashy units, just plain and simple.


    Is this another play for a few hours and put away?


    Gave it a quick go, but wasn't really taken for the reasons you said. I think I've been spoiled a bit by Supreme Commander in that other rts's seem very limiting now.

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