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  1. No your not mixed up with RB, Its cus your so anti-ps3 you dont know what your talking about.


    Even Japan is anti-ps3 lately, I don't even need to be, last weeks sales:


    • Nintendo DS - 57,847

    • Wii - 26,314

    • PSP - 25,671

    • Xbox 360 - 11,291

    • PlayStation 2 - 9,848

    • PlayStation 3 - 8,275


    Outsold by the shitty old ps2, lolz!

  2. On the other hand, you can pick a second hand guitar up for the same price and learn to play it properly.


    Chalk and cheese really. I used to think the same thing, I play guitar (badly) and wondered what the fuss was about. But it's a game, not a guitar sim, and if you treat it as such, it's great fun in a different way from actually playing guitar.

  3. Hmm, I'll have to weigh up between the difference in cost then.

    I think HMV sell the Wii one for £40 with guitar - dunno about PS3.


    Presume playability is the same though?


    Yeah not much in it. There's some faff with the wii version as you have to mount your wiimotes in the guitar. The 360 has the nifty wireless guitars that work a treat.


    Isn't the ps3 version wired? That'd get on me tits I recon. You know GH world tour is imminent, might wanna wait?

  4. The benefit of not downloading songs of course is that you save money not constantly buying songs and you spend more time perfecting the 70+ that come with the game.


    I've heard some shit and illogical arguments in my time, but that one really takes the bikky :)

  5. I was wondering that. Do you mean for storing extra tunes you download or something?

    Takes SD cards doesn't it? Not as good as a HDD but should be adequate I'd have thought.

    If the PS3 ones costs a lot more and that's the only difference I'd probably go with the Wii version.


    You can't use the sd cards on the wii for downloadable. Silly, and I think they're going to fix it, but thats were we are currently.


    I'd really think on, the dlc is a big deal to the longevity, theres been some ace stuff I've added to my 360 version, lots of it for nowt.

  6. What difference doe the PS3's harddisk make to the Guitar Hero game?


    The ps3 and 360 versions have a load of downloadable content, quite a bit of free stuff and loads of stuff you can buy like Muse and the new metallica album. You can't do that on the wii.

  7. Planning on getting this since everyone I know that's played it says it's ace. Is there any reason to get one version over another though?

    I was going to get the Wii version as HMV are selling it cheap at the moment apparently but I'm not sure if it would be any better on the PS3 for any reason.

    I'm guessing not since it's not really a fancy graphics type game but there might be more to it than that.

    Any ideas?



    Yep, ps3 because it has a hard disk. The wii just doesn't have the download power (yet).


    Course, 360 is the best overall :)

  8. I've just put £50 on at Betlose.com, that all this is an IPCC conspiracy to quickly cut world emissions. The fat cats have now taken enough money out of the system and are happy enough to sit back for a few years, whilst the rest of us in the meantime are being convinced by world governments that events are out of their control and we're being led by the nose into recession <_<


    Every cloud... :)

  9. We try to concentrate on locally sourced ingredients at Driftwood and our menu is mainly fish, but recently we decided to put homemede burgers on the menu for the lunchtime trade


    These have been very popular and we now do them in the evening as well. They are made to order with fresh mince from Campbells with just a few herbs & spices and free range egg to bind them with


    Oh smart. I'm taking a few mates out for lunch on friday, I'll come in!

  10. ... steep falls for Royal Bank of Scotland on talk that it had approached the UK government over a possible capital injection. Shares in RBS tumbled 30 per cent to 129.4p.


    Down 40% now, Lloyds TSB down 20%, HBOS 22%, not a great time to be into banks.


    I just looked at my pension fund price, argh.

  11. From a visitors point of view. many elderly persons visit IOM and travel insurance is extreemly prohibitive, if you have a ore-existing condition. My parents enjoy visiting IOM but would not be able to get insurance because of their health. This will make many visitors think twice before coming to the island.


    They'll get emergency treatment, and then travel home for any ongoing. It's not that far...

  12. Fortis Bank next to be "nationalised"

    I wonder if that will have any impact on the local Fortis offices.....


    As I read it, only the Dutch parts of the bank are to be nationalised. The offshore part is being sold.


    Not sure where the various local offices fit in.

  13. dipper well




    Many ice cream places and some cafes/bars have them. Also often used in the biergarten to ensure fresh water for rinsing stuff. Not a proper tap as the headlines suggest - more a slow, constant stream kinda thing. Still, sounds good as a story.


    Lots of urinals operate in the same way eh?

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