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  1. Why oh why do people insist on standing up and twitching though - we had perfectly good seats, but the view was spoilt by wobblers. Lots of people on crutches too - now THAT'S what you call a loud PA system, when it breaks bones...


    It's a god damn pop concert not a church service you miserable old fuck!

  2. I'm calmly pissed off :)

    Don't worry about it. There are people on here who would still complain even if they won the lottery and it was paid out in £10 notes 'instead of £20s'. It's what MF is all about.


    Good! Let them express their fustration! That's what this is for!

  3. Anyway.....back to the bands last night - thought the "Stones" were fantastic! Have read through the posts and totally agree, good effort by Street Heritage-stop knocking things for goodness sake, this could be something really big in the future, Glastonbury started as a folk festival!! Perhaps at a different time of the year - watch you don't clash with the festivals in the UK - over 3 days and have bigger names and more variety of bands and DJs. Go really mad and have a classical night - perhaps have one big tent and a couple of smaller tents for different types of music. Start each day at 1.00 p.m. and go through to midnight. 1,2 or 3 day tickets.Have more things going on in the surrounding area (as at Glastonbury) - side shows etc, try and get more people involved. They surely will have a de-brief after this finishes, get the opinions of people who attended and take them on board.


    Fuck me, people only posted suggestions for improving things, like you did. I'm sick of the attitude that people aren't allowed to post their thoughts on this board. What is the fucking point of it?


    Please set up a 'lets all agree with each other and have a self congratulatory hug' board shall we? Then all you carebears can fuck off there and let the rest of give an honest account of our experience in peace.

  4. I was out all day when I was a lad, down the river at tromode or dicking about on the goosey by ballakermeen. These places are gone now, where's a kid to go and faff about in douglas these days?


    My kids aren't allowed out at all on their own, more to do with a fear of the traffic/their safety than any sort of paedo worry. You do see some very young ferral kids in town though. I saw a lad who was 4 tops scootering down victoria street on the road the other day, scared the tits off me I've got to say.

  5. yeah ... caus bar staff are responsible for the amount of tills that are there? soz .. just that we have had so much abuse this week from dickheads. some lovely people as well though :)


    Who's blaming the barstaff? It's the organisation that was bollocks, not the staffs fault.

  6. I wasn't the only one offended, there my best friend and 2 other people with me, they felt equally offended by it.


    Were you actually offended?


    I'm getting quite sick of this attitude where someone will claim they're offended because:


    a: You think you should be

    b: Because you disagree with something


    The USA, for all it's faults, is lightyears ahead of europe in this regard. We're heading faster towards total oppression of opposing views simply because it's illegal to say something that someone might disagree with. We've even seen it on this forum, we've had people sued and people threatened with dismissal because there views posted differ with someone in a position of power.


    Stop jerking the knee, and ignore the jerk. Give us all a break from YOUR oppression.

  7. what do you suggest we do??? we can only work if there are customers there!!! if they're not getting past the tills then we can't do anything!!! you can only operate as many tills as are provided and we served people immediately as they got to the bar!!!


    Put more tills on, which is what happened. Calm down :)

  8. Does any one know what time the roads are due to be reopened after this afternoon's racing? I have tried to do searches on the internet, but as I am not too good at finding information on the net, I thought perhaps someone here would know.




    roads closed to the public


    todays running a couple of hours behind I think, so will prolly be nearer 6. Best bet is pop the radio on.

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