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  1. Heard on the BBC 'Today' programme this morning that the UK Government is contemplating both reductions in VAT and in fuel excise duty as part of its planned 'anti-recession' tax reductions. This should mean lower fuel prices here if/when these steps are announced.


    Lowering VAT would cause some serious excitement here trying to get the books to balance.

  2. By contrast the IoM political system has made relatively little progress towards public service government, and still favours the kind of patrician politicians and patronage of the horse transport era, particularly given the lame tame media.


    There may be useful analogy with distinction between open source and proprietary systems, but considered on a scale between 'proprietary government' and 'open government'. In terms of stability, reliability, bug-fixing, cost, trust and so on there are advantages to a more open-source model.


    Think you're being a touch unfair. It's a mixed bag, but we don't do so bad for a small government. The Govt RSS feeds are pretty good, Tynwald is digitally recorded these days and broadcast live online and on the radio, income tax and other services are online.


    Hardly cutting edge, but to say there's been no progress is incorrect.

  3. It is offensive and disgusting stuff no matter how you dress it up.


    Do you think anything that is offensive should not be broadcast?


    I think Ross has a point, but I'm not surprised it went out even if he did flag it as iffy. It's simply not that bad, particularly in the context of the show and what's been on it before.

  4. Adult Posters - 28 Dickheads - 0





    We've just seen an election where the main focus of the battle was online, the internet was hugely influential in the US presidential election not only keeping people better informed than the press and television but also giving them access to comment and opinion that nobody would have access to in the past. I'm amazed you can claim people aren't better informed after what we've just seen.

  5. Nowadays most people get their news from the telly - snippets and soundbites. You have to read a newspaper (or e-version) for comment, background, depth and so forth. You only have to look at the tabloid circulation figures to be dismayed at what's happening. These days some folks are definitely better informed than they used to be, but the majority aren't.


    Um, you heard of the interwebnet PK?

  6. I amgree Douglas Beach , especially below the high water line should be a ble to be used by all, and waht is the point of banning dogs from a park except by lead on footpath..ermmm ban them totally or not at all.


    Douglas beach is ace at the moment, because the dog ban is seasonal, it's actually being used. Instead of a desolate waste, there's folks walking and enjoying it.

  7. I was told that in a couple of places that whole rows of houses had their boxes out for collection this week, not for emptying, but for the boxes to be taken away :(

    the idiotic thing is that we now have a carrier bag in the garage to put things in, the boxes are out in the rain cluttering up the garden (and the blue cover is collecting a 'belly' full of water), the net is barely big enough to stretch over the top and usually flips off a few times before you can get it to stay put.


    Shame innit? The boxes aren't ideal, but they're a start. Hopefully the next step will be some kind of discouragement based on how much non-recycled waste you produce like a charge by weight, once the kinks have been ironed out of the kerbside recycling scheme.


    The instructions are to remove lids from plastic bottles and squeeze, but they pup up again to full size.

    What do you do with cans which have a widget ? cut them open with shears or just jump on the whole lot to flatten it, widget and all ? (think for the effort I may just collect all the ally and sell it to the scrap man when I have a load or melt it down into a block)


    Widgets are fine, just ignore them.

  8. Condemnation without investigation is the greatest form of ignorance ;)


    And belief without investigation is better? I watched it, the guys a loon, no evidence of any of his fantasies presented at all. Utter, utter nutjob and if you believe any of that horseshit, you're just as bad.

  9. I am stuck trying to find the family....any clues?


    The guy mentions 3 places, they're in one of them :)


    Oh the door to their area is in the floor, and iirc, partially covered. Threw me off for a bit too.

  10. 1 Degree in 100 years. It seems to me that that would be well within a plausible range of natural temperature fluctuation but, leaving that aside...


    On what background do you define that plausible range? Do you know the difference .01 degree a decade would make vs .1 degree? What's your benchmark?


    Does anyone, I wonder have any information which could confirm the accuracy of thermometers 100 years ago and whether these ancient devices have been calibrated against modern thermometers. Also, are the methods used to measure sea temperature (e.g. immersion depth, immersion time, location of measurements), possible effects on water temperature from modern, heated, engine driven survey vessels, etc, compared to 100 years ago?


    Accurate thermometers have been around more than 100 years, they're easy to calibrate after all. The current reports do have include an adjustment for accuracy, particularly in the early years.


    The people who compile these reports are experts in their fields.

  11. Great news.


    Posted in the other thread. It's only good news for borrowers if the rate gets passed on. Sadly, the boe tracker deals have started to dissapear, and the SVR's are still high because the libor rate is high still, though dropping.


    If you're a saver, its dire news.

  12. Sheesh, that's a big drop. Luckily I have a few fixed term savings at 6% but it's going to hurt savers


    And make no difference to borrowers, as the SVR's wont budge with the libor rate being so high.

  13. I think I get what you're saying - that it's perfectly acceptable for Manx consumers to be shafted every which way by retailers, just because they can.


    That's capitalism baby!



    It would be interesting to know if the costs levied against this and other island / remote communities are, in effect, being used to cross-subsidise or combat lower profit margins elsewhere. Would that be illegal?


    In Guernsey Unleaded is 72p a litre, because of the lower tax they levy. I guess there's no easy way to tell if the margins higher, I would guess it is. In the UK the supermarkets have blown away any margins at the pumps, the petrol stations are all about getting customers into the supermarket car parks so they spend money in the stores.


    I'm in favour of more tax on fuel, not less by the way. It's running out, we need to use it less and a rise in price has proven to reduce consumption.

  14. PK My ex-colonial neighbour thinks the world has gone mad now that a Black Kenyan is President of the USA, he still can't accept that a Black Kenyan is President of Kenya. He came out with the lame 'Black House' comment recently too.


    I've been reading some very entertaining US evangelical forums where the posters are literally crying and claiming that this is most definitely the beginning of the end.


    Conservapedia also offers some gems, eg:


    "Obama is the first person having ties to a known terrorist to gain control over America's nuclear weapons."

    "Doctors from the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons have stated that Obama uses techniques of mind control in his speeches and campaign symbols"


    And my personal fave:


    "Obama would likely become the first Muslim President, and could use the Koran to be sworn into office"

  15. Skeddan,


    In principle, you're right that concerted consumer pressure could have a beneficial (to us) impact on prices at the pumps. However, this doesn't address the fact the we are being overcharged for fuel. Assuming, for argument's sake, a differential of 10p per litre between the lowest price here and that across (which seems to be more or less the norm), this equates to a differential of 45p per gallon and for the life of me I cannot see how it costs that much extra to transport and store every single gallon here.


    Whilst I stand to be corrected on my view, the arguments that have been put forward so far to support the current price differentials have been weak, lacking in substance and, in some cases, specious.


    I don't get what you're saying? Are retailers somehow obliged to only sell based on their costs?


    You're living in fantasy land, retailers charge as much as they can get away with, same for all retailers. Petrol costs more here because it's a closed market, you can't drive to tesco and buy cheap stuff, simple as that.


    The only way to deal with it, other than regulation, is to vote with your wallet and stop buying the stuff.

  16. What am I missing?


    I've never found the need to downgrade to any version of Windows on my EEE. I'm assuming you're all wanting to play some kind of games on the thing?


    'downgrade' heh, a linux fanboy?


    I persevered with Linux for as long as I could. I removed safe mode and upgraded packages from new repositories and had it running a fair bit better than default, but still there was issues. The suspend often failed, powering down often left me with a flashing cursor, so I had to pull the battery to get it to switch off, and I had driver issues with bluetooth, and the wifi kept randomly forgetting my password.


    Reluctantly wiped and installed xp, and found all the problems went away, and the machine boots faster. I also found that XP can be tweaked better to make more of the small screen, found the default desktop to be quite chunky.


    Linux has come a long way, I'm a big fan of it for many roles, but it's still not up to XP standards for the desktop.

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