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  1. The one where he phoned up a 78 year old member of the public and thought it would be amusing to insult his granddaughter. His other shows have and are pretty poor also. He is a washed out drug monkey who has never been at all talented.


    You saw a radio broadcast? Impressive.


    I wouldn't call an actor who was booked to appear on the show 'a member of the public' either. Sensationalise much?

  2. How does newsbot work? I assume it's someone's job at the BBC to flag any news story that may be of interest to the Isle of Man, and then write the headline making the connection (there's no mention of the Isle of Man in the article so it can't be automated).



    Newsbot watches the 'isle of man' rss feed from the beeb, and yeah someone at the beeb will flag a story. Presumably it's at least partly automated, or nested, so clarkson is also now flagged as IOM and we get this kind of stuff in our page.


    As to the story:


    "In a statement, the BBC said: "The vast majority of Top Gear viewers have clear expectations of Jeremy Clarkson's long-established and frequently provocative on-screen persona."


    Pretty much wraps it up for me.

  3. The untalented unfunny Woss and Bland are so shallow that a few days ago I couldn't imagine them having any fans above the age of puberty. However after such a breathtaking display of puerility by your good selves I'm starting to have second thoughts...


    What Russel Brand performances have you seen?

  4. Cool thanks.


    I tried slaughtering them all the first time :rolleyes::lol:


    Great thing about Bethesda games is that you can do that if you're an evil shit, but you may or may not complete the quest. Ace.

  5. Has anyone completed the "blood ties" quest?


    I have found the family but I can't give Ian the letter..I can't hack in or pick the lock and they won't let me in...do I just need to wait until i have better lockpicking skills?





    Yeah, done that one. It's a case of talking to the boss until he trusts you, be understanding about his blood lust, then he'll give you the password to where Ian is, and you give him the letter

  6. went for a wander, didn't find the god, but did bump into a bunch of slavers and then after an epic journey found a place called " the oasis "! I've noticed now i'm at level 15 there seem to be a lot more robots wandering around? I know the game doesn't level as per Oblivion, but maybe parts of the wilderness do? <_<


    It does seem to rubberband the difficulty a little bit. Not as bad as Oblivion, you don't suddenly get bandits in all the best gear, but they do go from chineese pistols and knives to laser rifles and shotguns as you level up.


    Level caps only 20, so no rush levelling really, you'll hit the cap before the end.

  7. haven't even found dogmeat yet ( incidentally that's the name of my dog in Fable2 :) ), i'm sure i'll find him soon enough!


    Let me know if you need spoilering up :)

  8. i've pretty much maxed out my sneak and small gun skills, added the critical hits, commando, gun-slinger and scrounger perks ( which nets you feckin loads of ammo ). I've also got about 60 stimpaks ( I just eat food found in the wasteland and drink blood! :rolleyes: )...


    Dogmeats not bad for finding ammo too, but he's a pain in the arse at all other times.

  9. I'm a bit shit at it, i've been assigning all my skills and perks with quite a wide spread, i think the trick is to pick a couple of traits you want to be excellent at and concentrate on them.


    It's all valid I recon, you just end up with a different experience. Full stealth here, with all my points going into sneak, lockpick and mellee. I can't repair, hack, or get any health back with stimpacks, but I can sneak around undetected and crit constantly when I wollop people, it's lots of fun.


    I'm finding it quite hard to get caps or any decent weapons tbh but I guess i just need to steal everything in sight :lol: I've also not ventured that far from Megaton in the scheme of things.


    Twatting people seems the best way. Just go out wandering, don't rely on fast travel too much and you'll get loads of weapons. Raider and merc armour is a good source of caps, I find if I pile it all up at a fast travel location after I've cleaned an area out, then just beam back and fordward flogging it.

  10. Once again, a post that highlights this as a personal taste issue, and not some sort of global rule that was crossed.


    I see Brand is getting good reviews from his US tour, so I'm glad to see the small minded twots haven't stalled his career in that country, though the 'retarded cowboy' joke came close biting him on the arse.


    This is a relevant bit of standup from a little while ago, a brand standup discussing knee jerking in the Sun:


  11. Im still pondering buying this... I never played the first 2 and originaly thought it was a FPS.

    I played a few RPGs a long time ago and never liked them and havnt been back since so havnt played the likes of oblivion either.

    Maybe I'll borrow a copy of oblivion or fallout 2 before forking out £40.


    It's nowt like fallout 1 or 2, they were bioware infinity style games, like Baldurs Gate. Fallout 3 is more like oblivion.

  12. You really can't tell the difference can you? Sad.


    What's sad is that you can't spot what you've become. I bet all modern music is shite too isn't it? Wagon Wheels are smaller too? Do you remember when this was all fields. You made our own fun back then!


    You had to get up in the morning at ten o'clock at night half an hour before you went to bed, drink a cup of sulphuric acid, work twenty-nine hours a day down mill, and pay mill owner for permission to come to work, and when you got home, your Dad and your mother would kill you and dance about on your grave singing Hallelujah.....

  13. I've been doing the main story so far, i'm just going to finish the 2nd part tonight then I'm going to go exploring.


    The VATS combat system is so so good. Shotgun to a super mutants right arm to disarm him and then another to the head. Boom!!


    And the graphics are just so damn good. The story is just so damn good and pretty much everything else is so damn good.


    Still haven't touched the main quest, about 36 hours in now. Just having great fun wandering around and finding stuff. It's a bit of a shame it is just oblivion with guns, but then I loved oblivion, so thats cool really :)

  14. I don't think this is a censorship issue. It's an invasion of privacy issue. I don't want scum like Brand ringing up me or anybody else and telling me, and the world, that he has had carnal relations with my granddaughter. It's not freedom of speech, it's freedom to defile.


    It wouldn't happen to you, because you weren't booked to take a call on a famously raunchy comedians radio show.


    I note the grandaughter and a bunch of other people have said in the paper that they've had sex with Brand, presumably that's ok?


    Brooker has a good piece in the guardian that fits you perfectly:



    "If something as sublime and revolutionary as Python came along today, the Mail would try to kill it stone dead, and it'd rope in thousands of angry old idiots to help, all of them bravely marching to the Ofcom website to register their disgust. What a rush. Feel that pipsqueak throb of empowerment coursing through your starched and joyless veins! You've crushed some fun, and it feels good to be alive!"


    That's you that is.


  15. Sadly I think we'll see a few more of these types of headline over the coming months.


    There was actually a crowd of people looking at the vacancies window at a recruitment agency today.

  16. I sort of agree, but if the debt had been kept un-packaged it would have made the identification of the bad loans so much easier. The credit crunch has been all about banks refusing to loan money to each other as they had no reliable way to value the paper they were being offered.

    That has pushed interest rates up and has had a very real effect on economic activity. Yes there was over expansion of credit, but also the way that expansion was packaged has doubled the problem. Both parts are important, and I wouldn't understate the way debt has been packaged: the Lehman's collapse was more to do with debt instruments than debt itself!


    Yes, agreed. There was a chap on newsnight, can't remember who, who put the ongoing problems following sub-prime down to complicated derivatives that nobody understands, including board members, ratings agencies, auditors and regulators that were off balance-sheet.


    So that creates mistrust between the banks once it's exposed. Add to that the unregulated insurance market in underwriting these deals and everyone realises how exposed they are and the money freezes up.


    To fix it? Simplify the derivatives and regulate the insurance better. But you'd be fixing the symptoms, not the cause.



    Robert Peston's blog today is more sober than usual. M King is clear that the property bubble is the real problem, but says he could do nothing about it. Time for GB to give back some teeth to the BoE, including authority to dictate capital ratios and the power to revoke banking licences (the threat would be enough).


    Exactly, that's the root of the problem, they loaned too much based on cheap inter-bank credit. Then the cheap credit stopped and the assets they loaned against crash, and everything else falls over exposing other issues.


    The biggest failing of the BOE in my mind is not considering house price inflation into the consumer price index. How daft is that given the way falling property prices have influenced so much. Anyone know why they're not in there?

  17. I only caught the tail end of it, and I didn't hear who was speaking. Whoever it was said that the FSA should have known what was happening, and should have done more to protect government money. They should fall on their swords, failing which, the contagion would spread to government.


    Of course, I can't see any reference to it on any of the news websites.




    Come on, this was a surprise to everyone involved, including the staff of the bank itself!

  18. Its worrying that they have no clue. First they admitted it was £2.7m, then it was £10.7m .. what next week?


    As I understand it, the £2.7m was deposited directly in bank accounts, so you'd expect treasury to know about that right away. The rest of the money was managed on behalf of government, so they wouldn't necessarily know what that was currently invested in. Turns out some of it was in cash, in the bank.


    Pretty dire though, particularly when you add that £10m to the value the fund will have lost over the last month on the markets.

  19. But in the case of our friendly neighbourhood drug dealer, he's simply providing a service to people who want to buy.


    I think you need a serious dose of reality if you think the production, importation and dealing of class a drugs is victimless. Yes, as I've stated before, much of that is because they're illegal, but that's the environment this guys been arrested in, not some free living nirvana that exists only in your head.


    To my mind it's unconscionable that a rapist can go to prison for less time than some geezer selling coke to people who like getting mashed at the weekend - but that's what's happened here.


    Do you think that's how it works? A criminal gets ushered into a room, they look up the 'rape' column and give him 5 years, and shout 'next'. Read the sentencing guidelines, it's bloody complex with a lot of considerations which is why these cases take so long.


    Come on John Wright, giz a hand here :)

  20. Fair points Droid, although my current job has a history that probably goes back to the court jesters of mediaeval times. I'm one of the blokes people can laugh along with or throw rotten fruit at. Talk radio is cheaper than therapy and I believe fulfils an important role, certainly in the Isle of Man.


    Then I hope you agree that 'intangible and undesirable services' is largely a matter of perspective? Certainly when wealth management companies are making money for their clients they're considered desirable. You're not an outsider either, you want credit to buy cars, you need finance to provide the cash to transport the fuel around the world to allow you to drive it, you have insurance to cover the risks associated with driving, etc etc.


    Interesting you compare yourself to a court jester, a position without any real value on the market so is funded by the state!


    You're right of course - the entire financial industry isn't rotten and corrupt, and I expect parts of it provide a useful service. But (as an outsider) it strikes me that a lot of it is simply about gambling with other people's money. Nothing to lose for the players. The link between risk and reward should be reintroduced so that if you get it wrong, you lose your shirt rather than walk off with a golden handshake.


    I think you're over-simplifying, though I agree that the decision makers should be more accountable, and I believe they will be in the future.


    Gladys I think you're overstating the importance of the reselling of debt. That the debt existed is the real problem, not it's re-packaging in derivatives. Borrowing became very cheap post 9/11, and a bubble formed. When house prices started to tumble in the USA, that's when it popped. The scale of the problem is down to the risk management and lack of understanding of some of the instruments, but that's really not the core of the problem in my view.


    I hope we're all beyond just needing to fulfil our basic needs too, it'd be a sad age that we just went back to that.

  21. Anyway ai_Driod it's been nice arguing with you - espcially on an emotive topic - as you, and the other contributors, have managed to keep it more like a debate and less like a slanging match. A very rare feat on a forum. ;)



    Likewise, do call again :)

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