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  1. Sorry to keep banging on about the pension fund, but:


    If I fall behind with my N.I. contributions I am rewarded with a barrage of nasty letters from the government giving me 7 days to cough up or face the full force of the law. At no point do I get a letter telling me that some dodgy Icelandic bank has been appointed to take care of mine & everyone else's future pension


    The appointment of the managers was publicised in the courier like all other government notices, and on their website. I'm pretty sure that S&F were appointed before the buyout by Kaupthing. Interesting point though, if the same happened in a private fund, I bet you'd have to mailshot the shareholders.



    Six financial companies were in the running for the lucrative job of administering the pension fund (standing at 400 mil before the crash), the company that won the job of administering the largest government fund had recently appointed the ex-chief minister of the aforementioned government as chairman of it's board

    He who pays the piper calls the tune


    Yeah, that's how it works around here eh?

  2. Problem is that it has run out of space as the OS partition is only about 5gb and is full somehow. I'm not sure how as there's barely anything on that I know of beside the OS, but due to my lack of savvy on how to use linux I have no idea:

    1) what I can trim down from it to clawback space


    Logs is the biggie often, check /var/log


    Spool directories too can get clogged up, var/spool


    Update packages are another problem often, you using some sort of automatic update system?



    2) How to even do a filesearch to show up what is using all the space


    Use the 'du -h' command to see use in directories. Use 'man' and check out the options, there's a few useful ones like the depth:


    'du -h -d 1' shows you one depth of subdirectories for example.


    3) If it's possible to merge the 3 partitions into one to give me the full use of the rest of the drive.

    In short, I have no idea!


    Yeah, but that's daft :)


    If nothing else there is a large file (about 1gb) called Core (or possibly kcore) - I'm wondering if it's a dump file of some sort that can be zapped?


    That's not an actual file on the disk, so it's not taking up any space.

  3. The amount is the same but the terms are different and do not involve potentially waiting many years. In simple terms - the bigger the economy which backs it, the better the guarantee.


    I don't follow the logic. The FSCS is funded by levies on banks the same as the IOM scheme. The UK is bigger, but so is the total number of deposits in the UK. There's no guarantee of payout times in the UK either.


    The UK could potentially guarantee any sterling amount since it prints its own money - although it has not made any open ended commitments. I suppose you mean Ireland. Worth noting that the Eurozone govts have now pledged that no Eurozone bank will be allowed to fail. I guess that pledge needs a bit more explaining.


    They're still political guarantees, they've been made as reassurances. Printing money? You seen Iceland's situation?


    No UK private savers have lost their money with UK licensed banks during the current crisis. That will speak more than any guarantee to most people. Even if all of the money is ultimately recovered.


    That's true, although some have lost out as I understand it particularly those with accounts through wraps etc.

  4. This of course would only work if the decision makers actually buy into the fact that they don't know best and to actually act on the advise and not their own fantasies.


    I think a video would be in order here. This perfectly illustrates the type of consultation that goes on in Government offices, The guy on the left is your atypical consultant.



    Er, have you read any of the reports and strategy that's gone into this?



  5. No its not ,these so called Eco-cars are as useful as a hole in the head until they have reached a pre-determined temperature range at which the vehicle systems can work effectively and efficiently,


    The Prius is a transitory technology that needs early adopters to buy into at a premium to then bring the technology forward and the costs down for future mass market products. Yes, it's environmentally and financially dodgy today and there are better alternatives such as very high mpg small cars around right now. But without the likes of the prius the technology wont be refined. It's a necessary evil.


    so until the operation of the recycle scheme gets all the kinks and creases ironed out it wont work very well, but admittedly I expect it will work to some degree but not to what they are expecting


    Again, you have to make a start. Without this kind of recycling, you wont achieve the volumes that'll mean recycling can be made more viable in the future.


    Once again I'll ask, what would you propose is done. Not bother at all until some magical catchall solution lands on our lap?

  6. The main reason for locals and indeed people living abroad using Manx and other offshore Banks has been to avaoid UK Income and possibly more importantly UK Inheritance Tax. Now that the UK limits have been substancially raised on Inheritance Tax that is of slightly less concern to the medium sized depositor. So why should anyone with more than £50k continue to use IOM Banks. Indeed even with under £50k

    do you really want to have to wait years to be repaid should the worst happen ?


    The 50k limit is the same as the UK, a sensible realistic gurantee. The countries who've made promises of full guarantees have done so for political reasons, and there's no evidence that they can make good. I'd stick with a 50k guarantee that exists rather than an unlimited one that's only on a politicians speech notes.


    In my opinion no country can make unlimited depositor guarantees and afford to back that up in the event of a large scale banking collapse.

  7. If you want to give your kids a treat why don't you learn to cook you lazy bastards


    You could give them a healthy meal for a fraction of the cost of a stodgy greasy pizza and the money you saved could go towards buying them a a Nintendo instead of fucking crap crayons & paper


    What a bizzare thing to say from a chef! I can cook, I love to cook, but I still like to go out and so do my children, surely you can see the difference in your trade?


    Besides, I saw you in the Alpine not so long ago with what must have been your Grandkid? Why don't you learn to cook you lazy bastard? :)


    Lonan: Yep, just as a treat, once or twice a month.


    GD4ELI: It's colours. They're freshly made pizzas more like italian resteraunt pizzas from places like paparazzi, not frozen stuff.

  8. Nothing wrong with the idea or the principle (Isn't Lee54 just so-oo reminiscet of manxchatterbox etc?)

    In fact, how about finding some old buildings that aren't being used (there's a big one on Victori Road at the moment!), employ architects to do the planning, tradesmen to do the important work, and an army of volunteer parents to help in turning them into first-rate youth centres?

    Who knows, you might even be able to take it further and get the parents to help run them.


    Love that idea. It'd make a great music/rehearsal place wouldn't it? A combination of little rooms for solo practice or tuition plus some bigger rooms for bands.

  9. Strangely enough, AI droid seemed to give Driftwood a big 'thumbs up.' Perhaps you should have a word? :rolleyes:


    We both, cough, like driftwood I was just using it as a reference to price. You can go to a caf and get a tinned soup reheated for a quid or you can go to somewhere like Driftwood and Greens and get something freshly prepared for a few quid more.


    I think greens have done well not to raise their prices, their salads remain good value. Some of the mains have gone up though yeah and have put me off too, but I'm pretty sure that's a reflection of the increased costs because there's similar rises all over.

  10. I am a chef and not an accountant, but it would seem fair to assume that if the funds managed by KSF were managed in the same way that their own deposits were managed the we could be in the shite


    You're confusing deposit accounts with asset management.


    Basically, with a deposit account you give the bank your money and they create an account for the full amount and if you're lucky you'll get interest at an agreed rate. Your funds are (generally) not at risk of loss or decline in value, you don't buy anything, you just have a deposit.


    If you appoint an asset manager, he'll take your cash and invest it on your behalf. He may bank some, he may invest some in equities, whatever, he'll buy stuff on your behalf with the hope of making you some money. Instead of a balance of cash you'll instead get a count of units, and the overall value will change based on the value of whatever those funds are invested in. This is all done in the funds name, not the managers name. He's the manager, he's giving advice and performing the tasks, but he doesn't own the dosh.


    There may be some fallout if the funds were partly desposited in KS&F accounts, but I'll bet the bulk of it was in equities etc so won't be affected.


    Of course, they'll be utterly goosed in value like all our pension funds over the past few weeks, but that's not KS&F's fault.

  11. Well for starters the childish name calling could stop? :rolleyes:


    I am entitled to my opinion just as much as you. Maybe I am jaded due to past dealings with the establishment; maybe this will really add something to the environment....maybe.


    But to cover myself, I will add "I told you so" here for later reference, feel free to do the same on your side of the fence.


    So every initiative the manx government undertakes will be a crap failure, regardless of who's involved?


    When this was last raised, Dudley Butt took the time to post in reply to the exact same defeatist comments:


    Incinerator – None, repeat none, of the present recyclate you put in the bring banks goes in the incinerator. The paper goes to Shotton in North Wales, where it is recycled, and comes back on a wagon to provide newsprint for IOM Newspapers. A closed loop of recycling, the best possible. Usually that is cost neutral, and for the last few weeks, a very small profit has been made.


    Aluminium cans are recycled, with cost benefit. Glass is taken to Corletts at Peel, where it is recycled – as “sand” for paving blocks and as “ecosand” for paviour bedding. Not the best way to recycle glass, but better than nothing. There is value in glass if sorted into colours, and that is the aim.


    Taking glass and cans out of the incinerator stream will actually increase the calorific value of the rest of the waste going through the plant.


    I'll ask again, what could they do that you'd actually be satisfied with?

  12. I have yet to hear anything about the half billion or so of IOM Govt. funds ( our money) invested in a part of Singer & Freidlander


    The funds are funds, not deposits. Any underlying assets will most likely be in the name of the scheme rather than the manager. There may be some loss if the funds banked with KS&F, but the bulk of those should be fine.


    Edit, looks like KS&F were one of six managers of the government funds:


  13. Lot on the way! Kicked off for me with World of Goo, been waiting for this for a while, bridge builder crossed with lemmings, vid:



    It doesn't disappoint, bags of charm, lots of funnies, great puzzles and a great little game.


    Then Saints Row 2, really liked the first Saints Row even though it was just a gta clone on next gen I had a great tie with it and a lot

    of the cool stuff has been copied for GTA4. The 'everything cooprative' aspect should be good if I can find someone else who buys



    Fable 2, loving the look of the cooperative stuff.


    Then the big love, Fallout3, looks yummy as fuck and I want to hump Bethesdas leg but it's going to be competing hard with Gears of War 2, argh.


    And Cod fucking 5! It's silly really when you see em all lined up and all appearing over the next month some of them had better suck to save me some time!


    Some games will go on the 'would love to but just aint got the time', Farcry 2, Dead Space, Duke Nukem (roflcopter), Ghostbusters, Guitar Hero World tour, Endwar, Mirrors Edge, Tomb Raider, Left 4 Dead...


    So unfair, why don't they spread em out a bit?

  14. As for recycling - any proper recycling is good, but I'd much rather see a reduction of waste in the first place, i.e. deposit schemes and less product packaging. Simple example - toothpaste. Still comes in a cardboard box over here. Doesn't in ze heimatland - not allowed. It's just the tube on the shelf - same product, tons less waste. Works for most stuff you buy - just takes some decisive government action, which is where it fails...


    These things aren't exclusive, and the govn'ts strapline for this is Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, which is the correct order.


    Silentbob: You're just being a negative cock, how's the government going to win here, if every initiative is basically shit because it's the government? The example of the prius is bollocks, this isn't a frontline show of greenery, this is a working initiative that's been well thought out and backs onto existing effective recycling that's gone on for years on the island. We can only grow big enough for more on-island recycling with schemes like this. What the fuck do you want?

  15. But with house prices falling back by 10% p.a. they are now well and truly stuffed. Hah! The only strange anomaly is that the demand for lets rises as repossessions bite. Folks who can no longer get a mortgage for the next 5 years need somewhere to live.


    Stuffed only when they come to sell, which a buy to letter wont be, and long term the prices should be fine.


    Also with the interest rate dropping, buy to let becomes more profitable.


    Why blame people for taking a legitimate opportunity?

  16. Maybe the proper clean bins of just paper might make it across to the UK for recycling, but the majority ends up as landfill/Wee fodder. We dont have a proper recycling depot here with minimum wage people sorting stuff out, we don't have the population to make it viable. And if it is shipped over to the UK and even slightly contaminated, it just gets shipped to a landfill in India.


    If you want to believe everything the Goverment publishes on its website, go ahead.


    You're wrong. I don't need to believe everything on the government website, but I do believe what I've seen for myself. Why don't you ask to go watch it happen yourself before sprouting ill-informed shit?

  17. I've never really understood the concept of buying your council house. It was always my impression that it was a temporary arrangement for those most in need of housing, provided until such a point the occupier could afford to move on and buy a place.


    If the tennants can afford to buy a house, why don't they buy a private one and vacate their current house in favour of someone who needs it?



    Because they're not temporary, once you get one, you're in for good. The occupants circumstances aren't revised.

  18. how do you separate 5 different types of rubbish in 2 containers


    "Residents will receive two 55-litre recycling boxes with straight forward information (including a leaflet and collection calendar) over the next fortnight. A blue recycling box and cover will be provided for newspapers, glossy magazines & junk mail. A green box & net will be provided for clean glass bottles & jars, clean food cans, drinks cans & foil and empty plastic bottles"

  19. I would have thought that the opposite would be the case - people would be afraid to put their money in banks in case they never saw it again and that sales of mattresses would be increasing.


    Most people don't have 50k savings, so the guarantees are enough. Lots of people with small scale savings will make a big difference to the banks.


    Has anyone here actually withdrawn all their savings and held it in cash?

  20. Schools have been sending letters home with the children asking parents to volunteer to repaint school classrooms during the holidays to save on costs to the school, they are also asking for donations of tools and materials.


    What a great idea, I'm right behind that kind of thing.

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