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  1. I know it's a long shot but worth the punt...


    pm me if you've got a couple spare.


    Cheers :)


    If you get offered more than you need, pass em on, I'm looking for 2 more too.

  2. Droidy, you can try & be like me as much as you like but, I don't think you will ever manage it :geek:


    Your right, I'd have to get a large portion of my brain removed.


    Like I said in the thread about the governments bail outs "Can they afford it?"



    And you were told to keep up. The Government, as it stands, aren't paying a penny.

  3. I have 3k sitting in my ksf account. dont think I can move it so dont know what I am going to get. As far as I am aware I am entitled to 75% compenstion up to 15 - SO I am well below the 15k.


    75% up to £20k.


    been reading on iomonline some peoples stories - one couple had put their life savings in the other day as they are abou to move to OZ - now they are goosed.


    Some awful stories on the earlier thread that Albert linked.


    I have thought about breaking into their offices and stealing 3k worth of kit - any helpers? we could get all sorts, pens, cups, coffee, carpet, chairs.


    You'd have a job, all the staff are in there today as far as I can tell.


    Sorry to hear about your savings, and I think it sucks that borrowers who are in a large part responsible for this mess are being rewarded with a drop in interest rates, and savers are getting it up their jaxie. That's bent. Hope you get something back.

  4. HAAHHAHAHAH thank goodness I dont work in a bank or poxy finance company, right enough we dont have it easy in the old Engineering sector....but at least what we have is real...I am really sorry for a few people (the ones I like) but the greedy and the bolshy - Im laughing my head right off at you oh, I am getting so much pleasure from the fact my ex-boss will be shitting himself and squirming like the horrible nasty little worm he truly is.


    Like I said, 'sorry' to all the nice people this is effecting.


    I wish I was 'nice' like you.


    Allan Bells just confirmed that £2mil of taxpayers money was deposited with KS&F.

  5. Is this the one with the shitty avatars that will be a novelty for 5 minutes but in the end will just slow everything down?


    The avatar stuff is meh, though my kids will love it. There are some nice new features in addition though. I play a fair bit online with mates, and the party system is a great addition. It's a pain in the arse communicating and arranging a group that might play more than one game, and the party system looks like a great fix for that.

  6. I dont think its just the Island's banking sector that are to be effected...this isnt an IOM problem. The effects are going to be felt worldwide....hopefully the end result will be a cleaner banking system, based on transparency and liquidity. Sadly though there will be a lot more pain felt before we get to the end of this......on reflection though basing an economy on a housing market that was always over boiling was always going to end in disaster.


    Noticed this from 2001:




    Anyone know if any public funds are deposited with KS&F?

  7. By my very rough estimates - if the current levy is £250k (max) and there are about 70 registered banks (number from a different thread - so probably wrong) then provided all 70 pay the maximum levy it will take at least 28 years to cover the £500 million in deposits. Even if the figures are not 100% it just goes to show that the scheme is next to useless.


    Don't forget, if you're talking about the old scheme, the limit is 75% of £20k. There's (now) 40 banks as far as I can tell:



  8. However with ING Direct taking over the deposit side of KS&F i dont think its going to be a problem. Santander did with Bradford & Bingleys deposits last month and thats all fine.


    ING's only taking the UK deposits in Edge as far as I understand it, not the IOM. Could be wrong, talk to your financial advisor, blah blah

  9. When you think of the size of the likes of Zurich, Skandia, Axa, CMI and Canada Life i imagine it to be above the 500m mentioned.


    To corporate investors they were offering some of the most attractive rates and as nobody really understood the Icelandic economy and noone was trusting UK banks, they all went into long term deposits.


    If that's true, we're up shit creek.

  10. How much money is in KFS on the island? I've been reading a few articles that seem to suggest it could be a substantial amount. If the IOM Derbyshire takeover last year and other things are included, and that money is held by them here...could we be talking somewhere around $0.5 billion being involved here?


    Anyone know the real figure?


    The press for the Derbyshire takeover said £300,000.

  11. Looking at the scheme now that there's been a failure, before the change of rules. Maximum liability of the banks is 250,000 a year x 40 licensed banks. So the fund is £10,000000 a year. If the claims are capped at £15k, that means 666 people a year are going to get their 15 grand back.


    Anyone know how many customers S&F had?

  12. Sign up outside today says they're talking to the regulator at 9 today and that it's going into liquidation and that depositors should claim on the protection scheme. I'm afraid it looks like the manx company isn't part of the ING buyout.:


    Following consultation with the Commission, the Board of Kaupthing Singer & Friedlander (Isle of Man) Limited has notified the Commission that it has passed a resolution that the company be wound up.

    In order to protect the interests of depositors a joint petition is to be presented to the Court today for the appointment of a liquidator provisionally. The Commission has suspended the banking licence of Kaupthing Singer & Friedlander (Isle of Man) Limited with immediate effect.

    The Scheme Manager of the Depositors’ Compensation Scheme will meet as soon as appropriate to consider the activation of the Scheme. Once the Scheme is activated depositors will be contacted and invited to make a claim.



    Sorry for the savers and to the staff who I guess won't get any notice or redundancy. Sucks :(


    I feel for anyone for funds in there, I read the IOM compensation scheme last night and the pot is empty. They don't start collecting the levy UNTIL a bank collapses. So it could take a long long time for people to be repaid.


    Not ideal, but as long as there's solvent banks to pay up, better than the other offshores.

  13. Not really - more some shopping that was on top of the camera in the basket and must have hit the shutter at some point - hence the pic being neither straight nor sharp. That's my version and I stick to it Officer


    Fixed :)

  14. I'm too tight to buy rock band, and I'm sure when the new GH game comes out that will also be about £70 so I'll probably end up not bothering, or relenting and getting the Wii version possibly.


    50 on amazon or play, with free postage:





    And FFS, can we not have another bastard 360 vs PS3 vs Wii thread as well please. :rolleyes:


    Where's the fun in that?

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