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    At least they have now learnt to pronounce his name, was waiting for this. the only other medalist I want to see is Jess Ennis. She is a little star.
  2. zephyr


    100 years and we have another Gold. Next time a full Manx team to lead Cav out, he may be a bit old by then (31) but we could do it with all the youngsters coming on. Let 'Pokerstars' have the old summerland site where they can build a velodrome with offices elsewhere on the site.
  3. Yea but in Manks there is no X.
  4. You bunch of people you. Manks as a spoken/written and taught language should be held up in the highest esteem. We have a guy from Aus wishing to speak Gaeilc. He didn't realise he was going to come across so much shit on a forum. If you English speakers wish to dis-assiciate yourselves from us then thats fine, but don't put people off learning the language of Mann
  5. Work is a four letter word Trouble it has come my way Redundancy it looms Doom has raised it’s ugly head I’m fucked it’s fair to assume I’m going down to Douglas To sign on right away I’m going down to Douglas Where all the deadbeats play I thought I had myself a job To last my whole life through But that’s been taken from me I’m screwed what about you? I’m going down to Douglas To sign on right away I’m going down to Douglas Where all the deadbeats play I’m goin to get my rent paid My leci bill as well I goin to claim the social And bleed you all to hell
  6. Cypman, the MEA use a warehouse opposite where Malew engineering used to be but it is rented by G4S. It's not on Balthane
  7. I did sign on once back in 1977 ish, because I had left my employment I couldn't get any money for 6 weeks I found a job in 5 weeks. It was at the Douglas carpet factory (if you are old enough to remember) but I have never taken a penny from the state and I don't intend to start now.
  8. Nah I won't sign on. I prefer the option of working for what I have, not being given it for sitting on my ass and watching shite on TV
  9. G4S have a warehouse in Ballasalla The MEA doesn't.
  10. Listening to the radio today there were people who were commenting on the amount of staff in the showrooms 24. They didn't take into account the 6 of us in repairs and only 1 employee in the warehouse, the rest in the warehouse are G4s employee's
  11. Yes I do but I would much prefer to be employed
  12. Bollox. I know the company won't appreciate me saying this but I am one of the people being made unemployed. I and my work colleagues have tried to give a good service repairing appliances that have broken down. I am gutted at losing my job, do I now go to the Government and ask for hand outs to help with my rent and bills. or because I am of the generation that doesn't sponge of the state do I set up by myself?
  13. The appliance repair workshop shuts the same time as the showrooms.
  14. This morning whilst driving along the Gansey I was overtaken by a silver Honda hu da va. There was at least five cars behind me and two in front, I heard this roar of a car and watched as it passed me by. There was a for sale sign in the rear window but I couldn't get the details cos it passed me so quickly, I ain't going to buy this car because the engine is obviously half raced (well thrashed anyway) You know when you look at a car overtaking and think, well I hope you meet another vehicle coming the other way, Well he didn't but I still thought. You have to leave for work earlier, stop
  15. I asked the neighbours and only one of them had seen the van and heard the diatribe. Are these the same people who are wandering around PE in grey Hoodies?
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