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  1. Tamiya Keen Hawk buggy. It's exactly the same as the more famous Dark Impact, using the same the DF-03 chassis, just a different shell. I painted it up as an homage to the infamous Tamiya Hotshot and added a genuine Hotshot front bumper. It's also hugely upgraded over the stock model. Essentially, all the easily damagable plastic parts have been replaced with anodised aluminium replacements at some expense as they had to be shipped from Japan. The shocks have been replaced with original Tamiya anodised ally ones, which cost £70 alone! The crappy motor it came with has been swapped out fo
  2. As thrilling as this is (I'm a simpleton that just plays retro games), I'll be putting it on ebay this weekend.
  3. I'll fire it up later and check the TOS. No idea about those two in particular, although game compatibility is extremely high as far as I know. Especially with the cracks available online, not that I'd condone such a thing of course. I never had a problem with anything I tried to run. There's a thread discussing it here - http://www.atari-forum.com/viewtopic.php?f=86&t=14675 Edit - I think it's TOS 1.06 going off Desktop Info, although it doesn't explicitly tell you the version. Short of opening it up or running a system info program I don't have that would be my guess.
  4. Bit of an odd one this, but I'll try it here before ebay. Boxed (box is tatty) Atari 1040 STE computer with all cables a mouse and a joystick. Comes with a load of blank disks and one or two proper games. I bought this for £90 last year on ebay to relive my childhood memories, but as always, I'm not finding the time to use it. I was about to ebay it but thought I'd try here first. Yours for £50 to save me the hassle of ebay. I will even throw in a Win XP laptop with a program on it that allows you to make your own floppy disk programs from disk images available online. I'm not cond
  5. Hello! As per the title, does anyone have an old laptop running Windows XP knocking about? It must have a floppy disk drive built in. A USB one won't work for what I want it to do. Otherwise the specs don't matter, as long as it works. Not fussed about battery life on a laptop of the age I'm looking for. Anyone have something suitable gathering dust?
  6. As above - Freesat HD PVR with 320Gb hard drive, in decent condition. Not a lot else to say about it really, other than it's this one - http://www.trustedreviews.com/humax-foxsat-hdr-freesat-pvr_TV-Recorders---Set-Top-Box_review Works fine, only selling due to an upgrade to newer model. GONE
  7. Rise from your grave! I sold these to a family member and they have recently(ish) ended up in my posession again - they had very little use after they left my hands, and indeed I've had them again for almost a year and haven't used them at all in that time. I was going to set them up in my spare room, but I'm never going to get around to it. I'd like them to go to a home where they'll be appreciated, and I'll still throw in that old Sherwood amp for nothing if anyone wants it, although there are no guarantees of how much longer it'll last, and I'm not sure how well the remote works the
  8. Ages since I've had an Android device, but I'm considering picking one up. Is this any closer to being sorted?
  9. As above for Playstation 4, in fine condition. £30 collected from Colby area, or I can post out for £32. Will also straight trade for Injustice PS4, or original Game Boy/Game Boy Color games if you have any interesting ones knocking about in the back of a cupboard somewhere. SOLD
  10. Were you forced to buy some kind of bundle? Put some time into it last night. Pretty impressed for a launch console. I missed out on the psn fun from friday and mine worked flawlessly, Resogun, contact and world of warplanes or watever it's called downloaded quick and none of the install bollocks. I like the clean interface that's focused on gaming much more than the now cluttered clusterfuck that's the 360 dash and it all feels much snappier than the ps3 one. Voice works ok, the camera is smart, playroom definately shows potential just needs more to do. Really like the streaming. We
  11. Game had some in this morning. I walked in and bought one.
  12. Riiiiiise from your grave! I still have these and I want them gone, so I'll take £80 for the lot. £20 for a tidy wheel with a good tyre...... SOLD
  13. Nope, but the Werner Herzog one was utterly hilarious coming straight from the horse's mouth.
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