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    Anyone know how the Peel - Douglas road is doing? Is it passable now? Heard there were long tailbacks for a while...
  2. ThieBane


    Actual blizzard in Peel and everything
  3. ThieBane

    Schools Closed

    But yes - they really are. Been on radio and everything...
  4. ThieBane


    Just had a colleague phone in who turned back at st johns, couldn't get through. Hum. Maybe wait for a while then... cheers.
  5. ThieBane


    Thinking about heading out from Peel this morning. Doesn't look too bad so far at least in Peel. What are conditions like along main road?
  6. So - it's the wife's 30th in January and I'm looking to have a surprise party. I want to have it in a hotel so we can have the ubiquitous disco and maybe even some dancing. I'd also like to book a room for us to stay over. We've got friends coming from across, so they may want to stay too. I have a list of requirements which I think will make the whole event something special. The thing is - are there any hotels over here which could meet all the requirements. I ask your advice and experience: 1. Decent quality function room 2. Above average rooms - I'm pretty fussy about hotel rooms so I'd like something special. Not too worried about cost seeing as how it's a big birthday and all 3. Good quality catering. No frozen mini pizzas and spring rolls from Iceland @ Shoprite 4. Good breakfast 5. Helpful staff 6. Decent lounge bar so if there's a bunch of us, it's a good place to hang out. Any thoughts on the above welcome. Or should I just give up now... )
  7. We have a 26" Toshiba LCD TV for sale. It's in excellent condition and comes with a remote control and a handbook. It has 3 SCART inputs, an RGB input and a VGA input. What it doesn't have is a stand - hence the reason for sale. It will sit perfectly well on top of any flat surface, but we have a 2 year old in the house and it's too much of a risk to have him pull it on his head. So - reluctantly we're selling. £150. Email me manxdan@gmail.com for more info...
  8. O2 currently running unlimited data (subject to 'fair usage' I suspect ) for an 18 month contract at 30 quid a month or above. Seems quite fair really. They also offer the iPhone at £159 - rather less than the MT price. Bet MT don't do visual voicemail either. Oh yeah, and the iPhone 3g doesn't support MMS. Which was a bit of a surprise.
  9. Sorry - sorry - just to clarify. Dave Kelly - was this the same 'Joey' Kelly who went to QEII and walked around with a permanent gurn? The same legend in his own lunchtime who used to spin the discs at the Pumphouse (downstairs at the Creg Malin, stupid)? The very same Dave Kelly who tells people he's been DJ'ing in London (for that read 'I put 50p in the Jukebox at the Crown & Swan when the big boys had gone'). The same Dave Kelly who has a chip on his shoulder the size of a small African country - 'I coulda been a contender' The same Dave Kelly who rolled every single piss poor provincial DJ Cliche into one oversized marvellous parody. The same Dave Kelly who still rolls up the sleeves of his bomber jacket to the elbows. Oh Davey - you are the man. xx
  10. OK - as usual didn't make myself clear. Am on the MT simple contract, so I pay 15 quid a month, am not locked into contract and get reasonable amount of texts and minutes plus my data. If I go to an 18 month contact with MT I pay ~ 35 quid a month and get my iPhone for 220 quid. Which equates to an extra 20 quid a month on top of what I'm already paying = £320 + the £220 for the phone which makes £540. Or I could upgrade to a Simple 1200 contract to get my 16Gb option at £420 p/m and £49 quid a month. Ouch. iPhone PAYG on O2 is £391 - so a saving in my warped maths. Question is - does an O2 phone work on the MT network with an MT SIM without being unlocked???
  11. OK - so, MT have finally got their act together and started to offer the iPhone - after Sure Mobile, even though O2 in the UK are the authorised distributor - but I digress. Point, is, I notice that the O2 Pay as You Go price for the handset is still cheaper than MT's price, so wondered... if I bought the iPhone from O2, would I be able to use it on the MT network without unlocking it - seeing as how O2 and MT are owned by the same people and all... anyone have any actual knowledge (as opposed to speculation) about this? Yes I know I could unlock it or jailbreak it, but looking for minimum hassle option here... Cheers TB
  12. Interestingly if you read the MEA inquiry evidential documentation, the authority was investigating wind power in 2001 and Mike Proffitt was tasked with putting together a plan for it. Events kind of took over, and now Mr Proffitt can be found peddling alternative energy - including wind power - around the world with his new company.
  13. Yes, PRS do appear to have jurisdiction in the IOM - although as far as I'm aware, no-one's tested it. Anyone fancy having a go? I do remember years ago when my mum owned a pub here, we were threatened by the PRS unless we got a license. Also, as has been pointed out, they are robbing swines. You pay for your CD/MP3 and then you have to pay again to play it on your PA system. Also - the radio stations pay the PRS people to broadcast the music, but then if you want to play the radio in your shop - you have to pay AGAIN! Outrageous.
  14. The issue is - IMHO - that the charges passed on for 'processing' credit or debit cards are totally at odds with what the companies are actually charged by the card providers. This has been brushed over by the OFT in their report. OFT Investigates booking costs I think on average Visa / Mastercard charges are around 0.8% to 1% and maestro fees slightly lower. can't remember exactly, been a while since I saw the fees. So if you buy a ticket costing say a hundred quid, you should really be charged no more than a pound, rather than the appalling six quid you're charged on a 38 pounds return ticket which I've recently been charged.
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