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  1. In our house its very much the same! I use to be able to use a remote, now I fumble changing from BBC to ITV!!!! Now that is sad. And I don't know about anyone else, but everytime I seem to get hold of the "remote" people in the room are shouting "No just press this, or you should just do this"! I think men must get taught at a very early age that all remotes belong to them!!!!!!
  2. My mum use to work in The Crescent behind the bar. And she was also the model that opened up the Aquadrome! Does anyone remember "The Theatre Royal" in Douglas, it was up the side street oposite where Carrfore is now. They were the days, the Nicki Dow and the place up by shoprite, can anyone remember what that was called?
  3. NOW CALM DOWN! It was only a quick topic about flavours of ice cream, toffee is mine, like to chew on something.
  4. Trading standards are already involved, I think she would be best to take the tv back to the shop and get her money back. Thanks for your advice
  5. have a family member who has tv that is broke (still under warranty), and she has been waiting for over a week to get an engineer out to have a look, woolies haven't been to good
  6. Has anyone ever bought a telly from Woolies and have you ever had any problems if it breaks down?
  7. Halladane Fisher - have really good tiles, however, if you're female don't go in, not very female friendly
  8. I was expecting it to be mad, the traffic wasn't bad at all! What was all the fuse about?
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