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  1. I seldom see spam since I switched to Gmail. The Google filters seem to be very effective. My legacy and work email addresses; everything is redirected to Gmail now. So the Google filters take care of cleaning that too. Google Mail is great way to aggregate different legacy email accounts so that you get all of you mail in one place. You can use Google Mail with a normal email client such as Thunderbird. And as an SMTP server.
  2. Can you actually connect to that network to make or receive a call ? You can receive them but they would not be able to receive you and therefore make a connection. Would they ?
  3. What if you get a mains spike or a local lightening strike and it simultaneously zaps all the drives in the always on backup solution ? Can you really trust surge protection devices? Suppose the device itself fails electrically and zaps the drives. Don't you need backup backup ? And doesn't the backup backup need to be backed up too. I seem to remember being taught that the various generations of backup should never be switched on at the same time or simultaneously connected to the same electrical circuit. Something like that. It does seem like good sense.
  4. Hope not. Starbucks coffee is shit. Yes. But don't they normally have free wifi internet? Do any of the existing places have that?
  5. (Even) the Examiner isn't this dotty. I'm 99.9 percent certain that this is a joke thread. The 0.1 percent is too scary to imagine.
  6. Is that a statement of definite fact or an opinion; that the UK housing market will turn and that this will result in structural problems for sterling? What does turn exactly mean in this context and how can I measure it? Ditto structural problems.
  7. It's older even than Cliff. Certainly as far back as Dashiell Hammett and Raymond Chandler. That would be about the time it was current. Now it would only be an affectation. Like calling someone old chap. Or speaking Molesworth.
  8. Steve Gibson reckons that the Wireless Client Update for Windows XP with Service Pack 2 should have been included as a critical upgrade rather than as an optional download.
  9. Don't these updates at the Apple site fix the problem for you ? I have 10.3.9 0sx but all the updates only seem to work with 10.4+(tiger).... Well you could upgrade to Tiger and buy the latest version of the iLife suite. Or you could buy a new Mac with Tiger and the current version of the iLife suite pre installed. Frankly this sounds like the perfect excuse to spend some money. You should be happy. Lovely shiny new Mac eh.
  10. Don't these updates at the Apple site fix the problem for you ?
  11. http://www.google.co.uk/search?hl=en&q...earch&meta=
  12. Photoshop CS3 is still only available in beta. The Intel OSX version is super fast - but unusable in practice because the brush sizes don't work. So the tools only show up as cross hairs. It's a Universal Binary - you can run it under Rosetta. Then the brush sizes work but it's super slow. I'm very much looking forward to the full release. But I hope they wait till it's finished. I just used it for a few days on a Windows machine. The highlights for me so far are; the new Quick Selection tool and the new dialogs for adjusting selections. The Quick Selection tool will sometimes help you do isolations which would previously only have been possible by using the Pen Tool to create a path (and then making a selection from that). Like all smart tools it won't always be appropriate and you'll be back to the Pen Tool before long. Lightroom + Adobe Photoshop Elements will be an adequate / better solution for some people I reckon. Depends how much of Photoshop you are using. Adobe Camera RAW just gets better and better too. My processing basically gets better every time they release a new version.
  13. It's weird when the right is a conspiracy nut and starts selectively quoting Noam Chomksy. Maybe this should be merged with the 9/11 thread.
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