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  1. You're never going to get a particularly big audience at a Deacon Blue concert. Most people will instinctively know that. So I don't think it's about people being crabby or nonsupporting. Deacon Blue haven't been away long enough to have come back into vogue in an irritating campy ironic way - like the big 80s and 90s pop acts. And they were never particularly big originally. Nor were they cultish or later recognized; so there isn't a growing murmur of people who wished they'd seen them orginally. That isn't to do them down. The Deacon Blue audience were probably really pleased to see them. Their management and the event organizers would have had fairly realistic expectations as to their relative popularity. No doubt the money paid would have reflected that. The organisers could have paid more and booked an act which would drawn a bigger crowd. But maybe they worked out that it was economic to hire a less popular band for less money.
  2. Or maybe that was just another of Desmond's alternative possible realities.
  3. I seldom see spam since I switched to Gmail. The Google filters seem to be very effective. My legacy and work email addresses; everything is redirected to Gmail now. So the Google filters take care of cleaning that too. Google Mail is great way to aggregate different legacy email accounts so that you get all of you mail in one place. You can use Google Mail with a normal email client such as Thunderbird. And as an SMTP server.
  4. Converted into flats apartments
  5. simon


    getting out of a tenancy agreement
  6. Can you actually connect to that network to make or receive a call ? You can receive them but they would not be able to receive you and therefore make a connection. Would they ?
  7. Most of the map would have a pin in it if you were to map every place where a film has been made in Britain or the British Isles or the Atlantic Islands (or whatever the latest politically neutral and correct term for these islands is). The BBC is one of the things that are still any good.
  8. What if you get a mains spike or a local lightening strike and it simultaneously zaps all the drives in the always on backup solution ? Can you really trust surge protection devices? Suppose the device itself fails electrically and zaps the drives. Don't you need backup backup ? And doesn't the backup backup need to be backed up too. I seem to remember being taught that the various generations of backup should never be switched on at the same time or simultaneously connected to the same electrical circuit. Something like that. It does seem like good sense.
  9. Hope not. Starbucks coffee is shit. Yes. But don't they normally have free wifi internet? Do any of the existing places have that?
  10. (Even) the Examiner isn't this dotty. I'm 99.9 percent certain that this is a joke thread. The 0.1 percent is too scary to imagine.
  11. Is that a statement of definite fact or an opinion; that the UK housing market will turn and that this will result in structural problems for sterling? What does turn exactly mean in this context and how can I measure it? Ditto structural problems.
  12. There is a point to drinking bottled water - since the stuff from the taps sometimes smells and tastes of chlorine. EDIT: unless that changed
  13. Alistair Cooke. [i feel certain that John Peel and all past and present members of The Fall would agree, Declan]
  14. If been having intermittent problems with this site since yesterday - only when using the MT dns server settings.
  15. Programmes (it's 3 parts) like this justify the licence fee. I don't believe that this sort of intelligent television would get made under a subscription model. This series is part of a really important tradition of television which addresses the value of trying to make us think about ourselves and each other.
  16. If he's the man he says he is then he wouldn't deign to post here.
  17. It's older even than Cliff. Certainly as far back as Dashiell Hammett and Raymond Chandler. That would be about the time it was current. Now it would only be an affectation. Like calling someone old chap. Or speaking Molesworth.
  18. The man who was his own rhyming slang. You're both equally hilarious.
  19. Microsoft RAW Image Thumbnailer and Viewer for Windows XP
  20. You can use a wireless repeater to extend the range of your wireless network. Here is a useful page about wireless at the Microsoft site: 10 tips for improving your wireless network
  21. Steve Gibson reckons that the Wireless Client Update for Windows XP with Service Pack 2 should have been included as a critical upgrade rather than as an optional download.
  22. Do all of the local brokers deal with all of the insurance companies ? I know that they don't for vehicle insurance. So they can't always provide the cover you want.
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