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  1. Hello m8!

    On the wind down now ,probably head to vietnam

    nxt wk for 10dys before home .

    Been very busy with CCF maintenence and house building projects for dump people , TotallyF**ked last week it's no fun grafting all day in the heat, try to work out how to send you some Photos1q

    all the best H

  2. The natural evolution of the manx crab

  3. You're not who I think you are are you Malcy?

  4. The net is tightening


  5. as someone who spent 5yrs fighting a legal battle against the d.o.t. (and won!) I can tell you my friend, that you are wasting your time trying to bring your grievences to the attention of the local media you'd be far better off going directly to the uk media! good luck with your'e struggle

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