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  1. 6 hours ago, PottyLisa said:

    Do you think I'm someone else? Is that it?

    I personally couldn't give a shit if you think I'm a man or a woman. Also you seem obsessed with the idea that I'm a bully?  Explain that please.

    Explain it or fuck off with your baseless accusations and your aggressive bullshit.

    Internet 'tough guys'! Jesus fucking wept!

     You're not even funny you clown. You know and pretty much every member of this declining forum ( A declining forum in no small part because of vacuous dickwads like yourself!) that your username is a denigrative  one,  given to a  once regular well thought of  poster on this forum many years ago.Yet still you persist with this pretence of  innocence and not knowing what the problem is?  You sad muppet.

    As for Internet tough guys? Ring me any time you're ready f*ckwit ,which realistically is not going to be anytime soon is it Mr!

  2. 22 hours ago, PottyLisa said:

    The break didn't do you much good then.

    And for the avoidance of doubt, I was referring to Tommy as being a little fella, not you.  I would never dream of personally insulting you in such a way.  Regardless of the implied threats of violence against me, which you still haven't given any reason for??  And you wonder why I engage with you in a such a way?  I can't really come to any other conclusion than you're a lunatic.

    I concluded the first time I saw your user name and lack of subject in your posts, that you're a snide and bully and I've seen nothing to prove otherwise.

     Your modus operandi appears to be ,run in have quick snipe then run back behind the curtain .

     Why do you bother you've nothing to say and pretend your a woman  how f*cked is that!

  3. 1 minute ago, mojomonkey said:

    Or maybe he's just a criminal. I can see what your opinion on him is and don't think that is going to change. You have your opinion and I have mine, I don't think we'll change each others so I suspect we'll be best off agreeing to disagree.

     Sounds fair enough to me.

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  4. Just now, mojomonkey said:

    Isn't that a really bizarre way of judging someone, only up to a certain point in time? Up until 2000 Harold Shipman was a model citizen.

    Not  really ,people can change !!

     I mean look at Tony Blair ,one minute he's a cross dresser called Miranda next he's the British P,m !!

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  5. 1 minute ago, mojomonkey said:

    Criminal convictions

    Robinson was jailed for assault in 2005, has convictions for drugs offences and public order offences, was jailed in 2012 for illegally entering the United States using a false passport[99] and jailed again in 2014 for a £160,000 mortgage fraud.[


    Maybe you've done worse, I certainly haven't.

    i have , and like I said  only one offence before the formation of the EDL  tells you something.

  6. 9 hours ago, P.K. said:

    I doubt if Yaxley-Lennon will get a US visa as he was jailed in 2013 for travelling on a false passport - to the US.

    They don't like that sort of thing especially when he had already been refused entry for drug offences and so forth.

    IMHO he's not standing up for underage girls or whatever, we have a legal system that does that, so he's standing up purely for Yaxley-Lennon and his racism.

    If anyone's been taken in I would have to say it's you. A pity after the very admirable stand you made.

     He's flawed P.K. nobody's disputing that ,but only one offence on his rap sheet  prior to the formation of the EDDL in June 2009 .Which is worthy of consideration I think.

    I've done far worse and I'm sure you have .

  7. 8 hours ago, PottyLisa said:

    @homarus will be delighted his man crush has hit the big time! Well done little fella!

      Go on then I'll bite !!

      I did swear I was done with the blinkered FW;s on here give or take a few good posters . But I do log in now and again just  to confim that I made the right decision to step back and  to lament how far downhill this forum has gone from it;s halcyon days where it really shook the Manx establishment  and had them running scared . Now it's overrun with fuckwits like yourself with nothing to say but happy to fire out juvenile insults ,safe in the knowledge that your identity will never be known.

     But yes you're right, I'm very happy that Tommy Robinson has made the big time and appears to on the up especially after the case against him being thrown out of court due to abuse of process by the establishment a decision backed by all the spineless fuckwits on here who saw nothing wrong with the treatment meted out to a very brave man,standing up for thousands of underage girls raped by animals and whose crimes were ignored because of their ethnicity  Fuckwits who conveniently ignored commenting on  the subsequent court case when his conviction was quashed  and he was freed.

      You're right  though I'm only a little fella ,but I'll tell you what ,the offer to meet up  and have a chat still stands you cowardly sack of manure  .

          How sad can you be hiding on this forum and pretending to be a woman ?What a  vacuous bellend you are.

  8. 4 hours ago, PottyLisa said:

    I might be waiting a while.

    Looks like he's flounced and taken his nasty little opinions with him.

    The absolute baby.  Typifies those who revel in hatred, can dish it out but can't take it. Farewell prat.

    You're  a cowardly  snidey imbecile  with no arse and nothing to say as I've said on numerous occasions , but keep on waffling son and maybe if you go on long enough you can convince yourself that you're not really a bag of wind and piss.



  9. 8 hours ago, PottyLisa said:

    What are you going on about you absolute bufoon of a man.

    First you come on here proudly admitting you've been taken in by that conman Robinson and if that doesn't make you look dumb enough you start having a pop at me in such a way that makes you sound like a paranoid freak!

    You're an embarrasment man.  A complete and utter shambles. Now, off you fuck if you must.

    Just for your information dickhead ,there are two f's in buffoon and that's one more than I give about you and your cowardly online blustering shit. Also there are two s's in embarrassment which is also one more than I give about you .

     By the way the offer still stands  ,give me a call and we can discuss you vacuous prick.

          Hope to hear from you soon !:rolleyes:



  10. On 6/29/2018 at 8:52 PM, Mr. Sausages said:

    It's not the best chat up line.

    It wasn't a chat up line it was a statement of fact Mr S.

     No time for cowards even less for  piss taking cowards . Mr Potty can post all the snidey shit he wants on here but he's got no arse and nothing to say.

    It's  such a shame  that this forum has degenerated into pretty much a left wing echo chamber after the heights it once reached,so I think I'll take a step back and just  watch the cowardly intolerant mutual arse lickers on here destroy whats left of it.



     And with that ,over and out !









  11. 35 minutes ago, PottyLisa said:

    You're very aggressive.  I bet they love you in Cambodia.

    Still, Tommy would be proud of you. :thumbsup:

    Not at all ,I'd never post what I'm not prepared to say face to face buddy , but clearly  your username  says it all about you . 

    You joined these forums using  a name designed to offend ,therefor I think the definition "dickhead" suits you really well .

    Snide or coward  would fit equally well ,but I think dickhead just has the edge!


    BTW !

           They did love me in Cambodia!

  12. 9 hours ago, PottyLisa said:

    Ahh, I didn't realise.  I wonder how the locals have taken to him. I wonder if there's a Cambodian Tommy Robinson.

      You're a prick mate , and I base that statement on a post you made way back trying to belittle a regular female poster .

    I,ve no time for your type  and you very rarely contribute anything of note on these forums  apart from snidey comments and as such  are merely a carbuncle on the arse of humanity .

    Apart from that you're alright.


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