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  1. I've said it before , you could pick up a decent condition second hand boat, side loader for several million Gov set up own business (I heard rumors that was in the pipeline a while back?) ,get rid of non performing CS and re allocate wages etc to pay for crew and sundries,let the S P concentrate on the freight! Free foot passenger and domestic car travel excluding tt and away we go! A lot less risky than gambling 80 mill!
  2. Phil Gawne and DEFA's finest hour ! look at that cute little face ,poor little bugger.
  3. Got to agree with this, and I'd like to see all the names of the people who are involved in brought into the open . If they think it's a good idea to spunk 80 mill of taxpayers money on a gamble they should have the balls to put their names to the project!
  4. You're obviously a gambling man Alex! Either Gov involved or stand to make out of this which is fair enough I suppose ! However I think is says everything about how worried the government must be, to think that this massive gamble is the best solution they can come up with to try to bring revenue into the economy. We do need more people to visit the Island and spend but I can't see how quick 4 hour tours to Peel Castle or the sound will benefit us that much ,when put up against year on year maintenance and staffing costs after the initial outlay.
  5. So they're approaching Tynwald for budget funding ,but haven't quite worked it all out yet. Nice!!
  6. Obviously been very well thought out .Cruise ship passenger logistics need working out - Harmer - Manx Radio.html
  7. It's the Viking heritage!
  8. He's ex plod so what do you expect ? Having said that I'd have told the pedantics on here to f*ck off about 16 pages back!
  9. Still solely about adequate policing for me B4mbi ,so to get visiting boats to land/berth nightly for checking purposes is still the answer as far as I'm concerned. As regards this latest bollocks ,just more coulds shoulds and mights as per usual,I think we'll get better idea of how far DEFA and our Gov are prepared to go to protect our fisheries ,once our Scottish friends make their appearance at IOM courts shortly! Cant wait!
  10. So we're now back full circle to the original proposed cruise liner berth at the Victoria Pier after doing a full tour of Douglas harbour trying to fit it in somewhere. Ah well, at least they've identified a safer place to put it,even if it will mean wiping out most of the marine life in the vicinity for several years once the blasting gets underway ! Here's a lovely little picture just to give us a flavour of things to come!!
  11. Waste of time ,you wouldn't answer .
  12. Probably because they take one look and realize they're wasting their breath.
  13. Hey,hey mate don't be so defensive I'm on your side ,I'd like to see hundreds of the f*cking things!!
  14. How many cars booked so far Derek?
  15. Yea ,should be some really cool shots of supercars going over the iconic stretches of the TT course and generate great publicity . Just like Jeremy used to do ,before our esteemed fuckwits pissed him off!
  16. All water under the nunnery bridge now quilp !
  17. We tend to go quietly about our business to be fair ! Unlike several of the blow in's on here!
  18. Stereotypical elitist blow in, 100% backing up my point!
  19. 1. Unquantifiable but reasonably easy to ascertain. 2. If you're Manx you will have a better understanding of how tough life could be on this Island before the financial sector arrived and how important it was to maximize all avenues to create revenue. A monkey can see that we are heading for harder times (as evidenced by multiple threads on here) and need to diversify. The relevance of being non Manx ? Simple really ,you don't have the memories of the hard times .And in a lot of cases you will blow out when the shit hits the fan just as quickly as you blew in ,in the good
  20. Enterprise minister? The man is a walking disaster and needs beaming up ASAP!
  21. Still all for it me, I'd love to see something different, like it or not supercars are eyecatchers and will attract attention . So many crabs on here ,both manx non-manx complaining about the cost to the taxpayer ,but at least this initiative has some chance of bringing in revenue and publicity, unlike the policy of overstaffing the CS and spunking millions on people who produce nothing but hot air !
  22. And why wouldn't you if you were unemployable anywhere else ? Not that I'm tarring everybody with the same brush of course ,it's just sad that it's allowed to go on unchallenged.
  23. Oh Dear ,just a little reminder of what can and does happen when people underestimate the power of the sea! A 'catastrophic failure' led to Holyhead Marina destruction and it will cost millions to fix it - Daily Post.html
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