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  1. /quote]


    There is no replenishment strategy

    And there never will be as long as the D.A.F.F is populated by a mixture of " shipped in University educated idealistic fuckwits" who know everything about Theory ,graphs and statistics but nothing about real life in the fishing industry .

    Along with our very own M,H,K's who just a follow instruction from these people and who are unable to act in the best interests of what is left of the Manx fishing industry.


    The blind leading the bland I.M.O. :)



    My solution would be! sack the lot of them and with the money saved invest in stocks of lobster ,turbot ,scallop and other prime fish .

  2. Sorry Frances, I grew up in Pulrose and I've never met anybody that thick in all my years !



    My theory is, that " theman" is one of a number of a "government moles " recently planted on this forum in order to diminish the impact that M/F has been having on local news in the last couple of years !


    Hence the increase in pontificating wankers , trivial threads etc,etc, :D




    Anyway apart from that !

    If you ever slag "Pully" again I will find out where you live and burgle your house, ============ innit? :cool:

  3. Could the site be offshored to servers in multiple jurisdictions without libel laws?


    I don't think Manx Forums sees itself as a crusading site. And why should it?



    On your first assertion I think you'll find M/F has been known to pick up the baton on occasion , therefore you are incorrect !



    One swallow doesn't make a summer, old chap.


    Wish I knew what did, mind you.




    Well seeing as you don't , sticking with factually correct posts until you do would be a start old boy!


    Would it not? :rolleyes: H

  4. pictures,pictures,pictures,pictures,pictures,pictures,pictures,pictures,pictures















    Sorry too thick to download! :(

  5. Heading into Douglas tonight about 4.30pm and came across a Flatback wagon carring a J.C.B. at White City! The driver had obviously misjudged the height of the load he was carrying and managed to bring down large sections of the overhead power cable used to power the Trams .


    Pretty messy!

  6. Could the site be offshored to servers in multiple jurisdictions without libel laws?


    I don't think Manx Forums sees itself as a crusading site. And why should it?


    If people want a forum which deals in potentially libellous material, it's easy enough to set up. I would suggest hosting it in Russia.



    On your first assertion I think you'll find M/F has been known to pick up the baton on occasion , therefore you are incorrect !


    As for your second assertion I think we all agree that nobody wants any potentially litigous material posted .


    However I personally would not like to think that factually correct ,interesting debatable posts have been stopped because of fear of prosecution /persecution .


    If all I wanted to read was state censured drivel , I'd start reading Manx Newspapers again !





    H :D

  7. TBH one of the main reasons for posting this thread was the removal of a topic by the mods, regarding certain members of the "Great and the good" of this Island :rolleyes: even though it was a factually correct post !


    By all accounts the same people (or agents acting on their behalf) have threatened legal action against members of this Forum in the Past, so I suppose it's understandable that the Mods will err on the side of caution!


    In reality , my post is really about the abuses of power and privelige that have gone on unchallenged and kept carefully hidden for a lot of years on "The good old Isle of Man " !

    Whilst decent hardworking people with the integrity and courage to seek justice on this Isle , have had their health and finances destroyed by these arrogant and unaccountable scum on many occasions :)

  8. The question is! What sort of person are you ?


    If you really believed in something would you break or stand your ground?



    I personally . hate confrontation and would back down to anybody and everybody if there was nothing riding on the outcome.



    But having said that , if I were come up against a bully , whether it be financial or physical, I would dig my heels in and stand my ground!


    Would you?


    Discuss :cool:

  9. This could be fun - it definitely seems to wind people up. :D


    That would depend on your definition of fun. I can't see the enjoyment of scoring cheap points on grammar and spelling. You're in danger of displaying classic troll characteristics. (lol, lol, lol, lol............)


    While I'm waiting to go out this is definitely better fun winding you up than staring at the TV ! :P


    Try switching it on :rolleyes:

  10. I used to work for " Malcy Teare" about ten years back and at the time I clearly recall him telling me that I would be able to buy all the houses I wanted a few years down the line.

    He also said, that when I bought them it would take me a week to wipe all the blood off the walls !


    I really feel sorry for anybody who has been forced to take out morgages to buy the overpriced shite that has been passing for " Quality Housing"


    on this Island for quite a few years now! Funny? Don;t make me laugh! <_<

  11. I've been told it was DAFF workers, who spilt a load of lime in the river, was also told the number killed was close to a 1000. Pub talk only, mind.


    I heard a similar "unsubstantiated rumour" , only my skeet came from the angling fraternity!


    The version I heard was that workers contracted to D.A.F.F. cleaned their cement mixer out into the river !


    The question is,who do they prosecute ? Is it themselves?


    Anyway if the rumours are true , those responsible are only continuing the government trend for major enviromental f**k ups ;)

  12. Doodle.




    10 points to anyone who can cause a newsworthy story over the weekend involving noodles.


    A friend of mine,[ ahead of a buisness trip to China last week] was invited to a well known Douglas Eatery to sample the chefs new " House speciality" Chinese noodles , which were in fact noodles of the the common Pot Noodle variety :D


    Simultaneously a further consignment of pot Noodles were being sent to China ahead of friends impending visit, to be fed to him at regular intervals during his stay :D


    There are some awful sick people out there !





    Aint that right "Cheeky Boy" ?

  13. I'd like to complain about my old driving instructor as well !


    He always used to take me through "Athol street" at least twice in an hour, sometimes three between the hours of 1 and 2pm on a weekday.


    Which prompted the question from myself !


    Am I carrying out the correct manoeuvre Mr Dale?



    Eh, what's that son ? " F**KIN HELL" ! Look at the Tits on that! :o

  14. I have it on good authority that it was in fact Champ who was responsible for Andy Kershaw's decline from one of Britain's most loved media superstars into a shambling alcoholic fugitive from justice. Champ, disguised as a St. Bernard paid regular visits to Kershaw, claiming that the barrel around his neck contained nothing more potent than Irn Bru (sic) when in fact it contained 80 year austrian brandy. The swine!





    Isn't that the picture where Andy takes " Champ" up to Victoria Road to kill all those fuckin Vermin?

  15. Hi, does anyone have any experience with bringing over tradespeople from the UK?


    I am doing up a 4 bed victorian terraced town house and have had all the quotes in, plumbing, re-wire, roof, windows. That's all fine, a bit over the odds but can cope with that, come to expect it.


    I asked for a quote to plasterboard and skim every room, replace all the skirtings / door architraves, a few roof joists, a couple of lintels and a few other non major joinery bits. Trying to get someone to turn up was the first hurdle. I've had two through the door and today the first one came back to me with a quote of £75,000. I nearly fell over. Reading between the lines and picking up a few clues from what he said "that's what people pay here" for instance, is leading me to believe that they pluck their figures from the air. I got a load of bull shit about "well you don't know what you're going to find, wet rot / dry rot etc" At the time when he came in everything was stripped off and revealed so there were no hidden nasties.


    I was thinking of putting an ad in the Liverpool Echo and getting a team over for a couple of months. Has anyone done this and if so what was your experience? I don't want to do Manx workers out of a job but I'm not going to be ripped off either.



    " P+P plasterers " good quality finish and the lads worked hard even though they were on the hour !

    they charged a reasonable hourly rate or can give you a price , if you want thier number or any pointers P.M. me

    good luck with your project

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