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  1. Good post Quilp ! As for not wanting a martyr ?I wouldn't be surprised if they did . Bottom line is they're petrified of Islam and maybe they'd like the mob to take care of the problem for them,who knows?The world is so fucked up these days.
  2. I'll look forward to that PK ! I should be about ! By the way he wasn't filming in Canterbury crown court ,he was outside on a public highway.
  3. Well,well,well ! It appears that Mr Wright might be right. Latest online news reports that Tommy Robinson has been transferred to a 71% Muslim prison in the midlands overnight ! If true It's almost like the establishment want to see the death of a brave man and riots on British streets ,the bastards! They're certainly sending out a clear message to any person looking to stand up against them the scum. This Tory government is well on the way to becoming the most hated administration in living memory . All good for UKIP though if they can get their act together. I look forward to seeing which one of you deluded leftist cowards comes out with the next smug remark from behind the comfort of your computer screen !
  4. I'd agree on that , the fact that Islam and it's backward ,agressive uneducated sheepshaggers are causing mayhem all across Europe is a godsend to a dying EU and the incompetent UK establishment that wants to stay part of it!
  5. Fair enough, how about we meet in the middle with 84% but I'd say it's still a disproportionately per percentage of Pakistani men,when you consider that they make up about 2% of the population of the Uk ! Wouldn't you ?
  6. Only a matter of time!! I always use to call it the "Marchioness" !
  7. You talk about focus John ,and nobody is disputing that the majority of rapes are carried out statisically by white males. but as they are by far the majority in the UK and when caught are rightfully hammered,the same can not be said for the Muslim gang rapists who have been protected and their crimes hidden . Something like 95% of grooming and gang rapes of underage white girls is carried out statistically by Pakistani Muslims males who represent only 2%? of the population of the UK it's a massive problem and all roads lead back to their book ,so I can't see how you can argue that they're being scapegoated ! The bastards have got away with murder for decades.
  8. Not really ,the problem with Islam will only increase with their numbers as has been proved all across Europe . But you are right as regards protest focus ,The rich elite are still unaffected but the workers are being hammered into the ground !
  9. MSM in it's printed form is dying I'm happy to say, and now the Establishment is trying it's damnest to control the narrative from the Internet !
  10. He hates Islam and what it brings you clown! Yet more lazy uneducated half truths from the educated leftists!!
  11. And who exactly the f*ck do you think you are, all lairy ?
  12. I havn't seen any pics to be honest but I'm sure if they exist they'll be all over the MSM.
  13. I wouldn't mate because usually you trot out the standard condescending Left wing Liberal bollocks, like many on here who seem to have an elevated opinion of their own intelligence for some unknown reason ? As an example refer to post above !What a crock of sh*t!
  14. Some right knuckle draggers there ,especially those vicious far right wing old cunts and the girl who spoke about her son and his 2 friends who were mown down by a "Drunk driver" and his friends of certain ethnic persuasion ( some who legged it after being given bail) and then told by the police that the guy was British born, along with a host of other lies !! It turned out that he'd only been in Britain since 2010 ? Civil war ahead methinks ? What a fucking mess the political class have made out of Europe and the UK with their Multi- Culti bullshit! The globalist establishment nearly got away with it ,but it only takes one fly in the ointment and we all know what the fly is!
  15. Err!! Actually it wasn't ,despite all sorts of MSM and establishment misinformation with about 25 thousand in attendance I believe ? Most probably would have been more only for the misinformation campaign.
  16. And if double decker bus killed the both of us,with you by my side the pleasure the privilege is mine!
  17. Is that Dick ,biting like a shark?
  18. Correct, Offing them in Syria and Iraq isi much more convenient than having to target individual council houses in the UK I suppose. I don't know about death throes though ? They seem to be putting their young in Bin bags younger and younger these days.
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