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  1. Misunderstood mate ,just misunderstood!1 It's their ""culture "" see!!
  2. I will agree that technically the establishment had grounds to charge him ,but he was nowhere near sabotaging the prosecution of the muslim scum as most had already been convicted even though the establishment has tried their level best to keep the lid on the activities of these interbred evil bast*rds for decades . As for cretins ,the only ones I can see are the deluded leftists including quite a few on here who continue bury their heads in the sand and parrot like repeat over and over again the mantra, that Islam is a religion of peace even though overwhelmingly the evidence proves otherwise!
  3. Oh Dick !! It's taken you a 9 pages and you come in with that piss poor effort! Here's 5 questions for you to answer if you can! 1. What's your views on your Mooslime grooming gangs raping kids as young as nine and being helped to get away with it for decades ? 2. Were the kids ,parents and whistleblowers who consistently raised the issue and were ignored "Waacist" because they dared complain against the behaviour of our peaceful friends ? 3. Do you still think that their instruction book and it's teachings has nothing to do with their behaviour? 4. Do you think Islam compliments and improves British culture ? 5. Are you really as big a pr*ck as you appear to be?
  4. But they didn't did they and were highly unlikely to! Can we get away from the semantics of his arrest please and move to what he was protesting about ,which was the gang raping and trafficking of British children as young as 12 yrs old in multiple Towns and Cities over decades ,crimes that were wilfuly ignored by the British establishment . What was it that Maajid Nawaz said? He have liked to have seen the perpetrators receive the same swift punishment and the children receive the same swift "justice" that was meted out to Tommy Robinson ! I think that said it all. They've persecuted the guy for years and thought they were being clever at Leeds ,but it looks like their own heavy handed stupidity and haste to silence him may well come back to bite them on the arse. I'd quite confidently state that if there were a credible opposition to the scum in government at the moment people would vote for them in a heartbeat, people have just about had enough you can see it ! Interesting times I think.
  5. Lots and lots ! To be honest I though the Manchester bombing was going to be the turning point ,you could feel the anger in the country . And then some stupid leftist bitch got up at a memorial concert and started to sing "Don't look back in Anger" and the MSM had their get out of jail card!
  6. Ok John I'll concede most of your points even though for me the law is an ass and just words ,as I say to be used by the skilled wordsmiths to get to the required outcome morally right,just or otherwise ! I don't accept that the police and the establishment had the best interests of those children at heart as there is plenty of documented evidence going back decades of Police forces and social services nationwide ignoring the complaints from families and the children (In some cases the police branding them prostitutes) for fear of being seen racist and fear of a Muslim backlash due to cowardice . Many of them should be in jail for neglect of duty and cowardice ,yet not one prosecution! Yet here you all are rejoicing in the jailing of a very brave man who has been fighting against these scum for years . And it's not going to stop as long as the police and authorities pander to these animals !! In fact it's not going to stop it's going to get worse . Wise up Peeps!
  7. Just clarify for me John was it not a sentencing as the Muslim scum had already been found guilty?
  8. After fairly recent experiences I think I can quite confidently say that the law is a tool used for control and can be whatever the establishment want it to be .
  9. As you say John it depends on if they plead guilty ,so my mate Tommy was either lied to or given bad advice if he pled guilty ,he knew the establishment wanted him out of the way so why would he plead guilty when he had access to his own solicitor ,it seems very odd and that's being kind! The guy has been harassed by the plod for years(Well documented) obviously because of his stance against an aggressive warlike ideology that is incompatible with British values and the powers that be don't like it so why would he offer himself up on a plate?
  10. Used to be Mr Sausages used to be! Just like our political system used to be the envy of the world.
  11. You''re probably right ,so why don't you go back to your darkened room to continue playing with yourself!
  12. Yet another well reasoned post from the clown!
  13. It was reported widely online(Where I got my info from) at the time that she was told he was being released and not needed ! The whole set up stinks to high heaven !Protests around the world in support of this guy yet all MSM completely bunkered down and not reported in the UK . Plenty of information online though ,which is where real news seems to be these days! You can support the establishment all you like John which is fully expected , but there will be civil strife in the UK the way things are going ,just a question of how long. Just for interest John ,could you give any other examples where people have been arrested charged and jailed within 5 hours?
  14. And what did Yaxley-Lennon go and do? 9. What did he go and do? As we know now, he went and committed a contempt of court by reporting on court proceedings. He did so in a way that expressed his “views” on the guilt or otherwise of the defendants, creating a substantial risk of serious prejudice to the proceedings by jurors seeing or becoming aware of his ill-informed ramblings. If this wasn’t enough, he was also in breach of reporting restrictions which he accepted he knew about. He was therefore, it seems, in contempt twice over. This could have led to an application by the defence advocates to discharge the jury and start afresh, potentially meaning vulnerable complainants having to go through the trauma of a trial all over again, or even an application to “stay” (bring to an end) the proceedings altogether. Importantly, Yaxley-Lennon admitted that he was in contempt of court. And he was committed to prison for 10 months, with the suspended sentence of 3 months activated and directed to run consecutively. Exactly as he’d been warned." And what did he go and do ? He listened to a duty solicitor who advised him to plead guilty .I believe , I don't know why he pled guilty because I'm pretty sure if he thought he was going to jail ,it would be not guilty and he would have walked on bail ,as it was I'm guessing that he was advised he was being released ? After all that's what was told to his own solicitor by the police .That he was going to be released and there was no need to attend ! Obviously somebody was telling porkies ?
  15. How could his actions have skewed the trial ? They'd already been tried and were up for sentencing ,total bollocks and if you f***ers can't or wont see why he was taken out of circulation then I feel sorry for you all!
  16. Just as they wouldn't approve of Paedophile racist gang rapists I suppose?
  17. I'll say it again ! The names and alleged crimes of the Muslim peadophile gang rapist scum(Because that's what they are) had been well publicised in the MSM media ,including the BBC and local newspapers long before Tommy Robinson read them out live on air outside Leeds crown Court. Please point me in the direction of the ban on reporting as I'm happy to be proved wrong!
  18. Robinson stepped back from EDL years ago after ,in his own words "It was infiltrated by racist elements! His beef is with Islam which as far as I'm aware is not a race. He also has no connection with the Lunatic who killed Joe Cox that has been proven unless you know better . I hate say it PK but your posts are almost " Woody fact" like in composition today and lazily typical of the so called Intellectual left !!
  19. His arrest has prompted protests worldwide in the past week but has been almost completely shut down by the UK MSM . The wilful ignorance of most on here is astounding! You'd almost think they were too scared to to take their heads out of the sand.
  20. Wonderful,just wonderful!! Take the red pill and look behind the curtain mate and maybe stop swallowing the MSM pap that they're feeding us all!
  21. Several thousand marched through Manchester yesterday not reported anywhere except online as far as I know with the March culminating in All Saints Park , the MSM not even trying to paint concerned Brits as Racists anymore ,as it no longer works . Click on the ""Racist"" Tommy Robinson at Facebook and educate yourself to what has been going on worldwide since he's been arrested!
  22. I found that clip pretty disturbing to be honest! Don't know if you can view it properly John as I'm not the best on the Internet!
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