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  1. Actually Veterans against Terrorism "Scumbags"" who organised this one! I personally think a bit more highly of our veterans.
  2. They'd all been previously identified and widely reported upon in the press John back to you !
  3. Interesting article PK and a good example of what has been proven to be happening UK wide and also why so many Brits are p*ssed off enough to start making their voice heard . Tommy Robinson will be the catalyst I believe to a belated admission that these are racist crimes committed by degenerate scum who add nothing to British society and who believe that raping young white girls is permissable under their handbook because they are non Muslim a pattern seen repeatedly across the ongoing conflicts in Syria and Iraq. Todays march in Manchester will be very interesting I think?
  4. "I" as in independent Dick! There's no helping you leftists!!
  5. Some thick cunts on here ,thousands of underage girls gang raped and hushed up by the establishment for fear of being branded ""Waacist ""and you don't know what the problem is ?
  6. If you're not sure what the problem is I''m afraid there's no helping you!
  7. And the guardian and I reading dicks who fall for the establishment MSM propaganda are clever I suppose?
  8. He was arrested under breach of the peace legislation,fit up pure and simple ?
  9. Last week populist anti Islam reporter Tommy Robinson was arrested on a trumped up charge of breaching the peace , outside Leeds Crown court whilst reporting on yet another Mass Child grooming and rape trial involving children as young as 12 yrs old ,perpetrated by the usual suspects and which was being ignored by the MSM. Within 5 hours he had been sentenced to 13 months imprisonment and taken to Hull prison. Since then there have been mass protests outside Downing Street and again yesterday outside Leeds Crown court by a crowd of over a thousand people of all races,sexes and deno
  10. I think you'll find it was ,there was a PROW pretty much along from Port Soderick all the way down the coast at one time! In the Port Soderick case which was covered in another thread a while back , D.O.T. intentionally over a long period of time let the PROW walkway at Port Soderick fall into disrepair intentionally against their own statutory obligations! Before stripping it's status in order for this deal to go though.
  11. That could turn out to be a real elephant in the Crows nest!!
  12. I understood exactly what he posted , along with most others reading it I would imagine. Are you trying to be intentionally pedantic just for the sake of argument?
  13. No problem they will hide in the new deepwater trench just off douglas breakwater .
  14. I'm not suggesting anything of the sort !
  15. A perfect analogy for what happens when you allow people who follow an intolerant ,supremacist,backward ideology into your country!
  16. Offed ,deemed surplus to requirements, expendable , call it what you like a decision was made not to keep him alive ,by people other than his parents !
  17. She like a black Benny Hill only not funny in the slightest!
  18. If anybody should have their rights to life taken away here is a very good candidate!! Poor old Alfie had 90% of his brain destroyed so they had him put him down ,yet he still made more sense than this dangerous idiot!!
  19. Absolutely nowhere Quilp ! I'm coming at it from an angle that it is wrong for the state to take away the from the parents the choice of whether their child lives or dies , but I seem to be surrounded by medical experts on this topic who appear to have all been privy to what I would say would have been confidential patient information and all of whom seem to see no no issue with the state deciding life or death!! Yet strangely enough the only known doctor on this forum has sensibly stayed well away !
  20. Err!! Because they were carrying out their duties as per their oath!! Once they decide to end life rather than save life they are playing god!! As you yourself say ,they decided on the time of death!
  21. No he was a maniac but at least in his narcissistic delusion he believed his own shit , this woman does not seem to stand for anything .
  22. But they eventually stepped in and decided to end it ,in effect playing god ahead of the parents wishes .
  23. The Doctors and the courts between themselves decided on death .
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