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  1. I disagree John, it's 100% about who owns the child,parental rights etc! He's a question for you ! Who made that child ,the parents or the state?
  2. Hopefully ,worst British PM I've ever seen ,she doesn't seem to stand for or believe in anything without being told to!
  3. He'd have been out of there and on his way to Italy as per the parents wishes woolley. If he died in Italy then the parents had done all they could in accordance with their beliefs. Interestingly nobody seems to have picked up on the fact that Alfies parents had an audience with pope Francis ,so were obviously religious people . Pope Francis himself stated that only God should determine life or death ,this in my opinion set the scene for a Faith v The State battle.
  4. You don't fill me with confidence Thommo! ""He was dead but being kept alive"" ?? They took the child off the machine and he lived for a further 5 days despite being put on a ""death pathway"" . If the Parents had decided to let little Alfie die after taking advice from the medicals ,fair enough ,but they wanted to try something different and were blocked by the Hospital (who in effect claimed the power of life and death) even though they had the support and means to do . Similar events have occurred several times of the past few years regarding children where in at least one high profile case the UK medical teams were proved wrong . It's obvious that the legal powers of the establishment need to be curbed as we are heading down a very slippery slope ! Only God should have that power of life over death , the medical staff should concern themselves with saving lives nothing else
  5. I think you've ever so slightly over egged it there John, he was not dead and you know it!
  6. Then they should have let the Parents take their child ,but they didn't ,they took the decision out of the Parents hands for whatever reasons although there were other avenues open !!
  7. I'd argue that the legal proxy were the parents up until the point the doctors disagreed with them! Doctors arn't always right!
  8. Please post your link to where it was said claimed the only sense Alfie had was of pain Gladys. In some of the updates given by his father he was saying that his son was comfortable and responsive . "Misguided Ignorance" ?
  9. Well after looking into this a little bit it seems that the Parents were the legal guardians of Alfie and had the right to move him for treatment /care call it what you will . In order to overule those parential rights the Doctors at Alder Hey had to get the backing of the courts . Alfies parents fought to keep their child alive ,the Medical profession fought to let him die in direct contradiction to their own hippocratic oath. Doctors take that oath pledging to do no harm to their patients , so I don't really know how the judge could justify overuling parential rights and to put a child on a pathway to death and claim and it's in the childs best interests?
  10. Really good debate going on now live on LBC regarding this! Who owns the child .the parents or the state?
  11. The real tragedy is that the establishment claimed jurisdiction of a child ahead of their parents and people are actually supporting them in it !
  12. Let's leave your hatred for Farage and the Brexit angle out of this shall we ,please! 99% of Modern politicains are not worth a wank so why focus on the one .
  13. He didn't give a medical opinion ,you've just made that up ""What a crap time we live in when oiks like him have a platform at all"". Not a believer in free speech unless it's the right speech I take it?
  14. No it's not,it's very obvious what the issue is and why it's gathered so much attention worldwide!
  15. Jesus wept! A child has died under contentious circumstances all you lot want to talk about is a bad word .
  16. Too late now it's out there ! I thought BB's comment was cold but on reflection my response was over zealous and I've apologised , that's good enough for me . I'm certain that we have all been(Well most of us) in situations where loved ones have become ill and passed on ,it's not an exclusive experience ,so forgive me if I don't bow down to the Holier than thou virtue signalers on here , My own family in recent years has been through some real shit storms and I can't thank the medical staff involved enough for their professionalism and patience ,but my stance remains the same as regards poor Alfie .
  17. Why do you refer to cost to the system ,in this particular case the parents have had offers of help from various quarters and a lot of money has already been raised by public donation. The NHS ethos i think was that whenever possible people with mental health conditions were to be treated at home for various reasons cost being one of them , I'd say little Alfie qualifies under that basis alone ? This case now appears to be purely one of the medical people and Lawmakers involved in this saving face and whether my assertion is correct or not ,that is how it appears to a lot of people watching in . Having said that I acknowledge that the NHS on the whole is run by fantastic dedicated professionals and we have all been grateful for it at one time or another ,but they are not right 100% of the time . As for "Futile"? The medical professionals can advise(and they may be right!) but each case should be on it's merits and only the parents should have the final say ! In this case they expected the child would die quickly and as far as I'm aware 4 days later he's still hanging on? You would have thought that after the organ harvesting scandal Alder Hey and their senior management team would have learnt their lessons ,but obviously not and have now brought down upon themselves and the NHS shitloads of unwanted and negative publicity worldwide . In fact Nigel Farage gave an interview to Fox news yesterday saying that Doctors are not always right and that the wishes of Parents in a free society should be paramount the State should not own our kids ! I agree with that sentiment.
  18. Is BB the father of Alfie? Quite obviously not,therefor his opinion is no more relevant than mine ,yours or anybody else pontificating on this thread .The final decision should have been the parents . I'm sure BB may well have had to make hard decisions regarding loved ones ,but by the sounds of it at least he got to make them ,but I will concede that if I've crossed the line with BB I will genuinely apologize .
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