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  1. I'm quite happy with it to be honest ,what sort of comment is it to use "Common sense" as a reason to "off" a small child because you can dress it up any way you like but that is the "planned pathway" !
  2. Your arguement doesn't stack up woolley !"Expert opinion has it that further treatment is not in the childs best interest? So it's in his best interest to die then? No cost to the system (although I suspect consideration would have been given to this aspect by the "experts") Funding and a medical team was/is in place to take him to Italy, even though it may have been futile ,,anythings better than being nudged along the pathway to death surely?
  3. Like I said previously John , fine words ,but we're not talking about the ownership of a house or an inanimate object here, it's a small child that was carried in the womb for 9 months by his mother and no doubt was loved the minute he made his entrance into this world . Alder Hey medical staff have done their best ,but have no right to upsurp the wishes of the parents they are in effect claiming the child and saying it's in the best interests for it to die ?. Tell me again how it's in the childs best interests to be denied food and water please ,because I'm a bit thick as you
  4. The last 2 lines cut straight through all the waffle and bullshit. Won't let the parents take him to Italy because he "might"" catch an infection , even though he would be with trained medical staff ,but happy for him to die comfortably in Alder Hey. He's given his informed opinion and that's all it is ,now let the parents choose!
  5. Just let him go with his parents then! But they can't do that because they've already dug themselves into a hole!
  6. Just popped into my feed now,dont know how much truth is in it? Alfie Evans UPDATE ‘Alfie is NOT dying’ Doctor blasts Alder Hey Hospital ‘PRISON’ UK News Express.co.uk.html
  7. Not preaching to anybody Quilp ,but we all can tell stories of instances where doctors have misdiagnosed and I'm sure you'll know more than one working where you do! But that's not the issue , the issue is as raised by more than one on here -Who wants best for baby Alfie his parents or the state who have already decided to put him on a death fast track!
  8. I read a great article earlier today which compared the the UK's decent into Socialism with Cold war Eastern Europe. The quote was that East Germany built walls to keep their people from fleeing socalism and the UK uses the Law to the same purpose .
  9. It is mate and it's clearly evolving into a battle between the people and the state ,as I said earlier there is nothing but negative publicity in this for both the Courts and Alder Hey.
  10. A question asked like a true socialist but never mind . But in answer to your question , I'd imagine by virtue of the fact that they are the childs parents and legal guardians and would have the right to seek a second opinion ? Which by the way is ready and waiting for them !
  11. How could I know ? My point is the child has effectively been claimed as property of the state ,what gives them the right to do this? It's one more precedent on a very slippery slope as I see it. I'm not saying the medical professionals are wrong but surely the last word and any responsibility must lie with the Parents?
  12. The fact that they planned for him to die quite quickly ,but he's hung on for 2.5 days now for one. The fact that the state is claiming ownership of a child and the power of life and death ahead of it's parents for two. A judge saying it's in Alfies best interests to stay on the medical plan devised for him to alleviate suffering ,when the medical plan devised for him is to put him on a planned "Pathway to death" by taking away the treatment that may keep him alive, which is a bit of an oxymoron in my book. The Authorities have made a rod for their own back over this .
  13. Almost 2 days now, they expected him to die in a couple of hours ,it's a fucking disgrace! I think the more serious question is , since when did the state claim ownership of children above the Parents ?
  14. Certainly not this prick or others who share the same beliefs! Labour 2018 the Sharia law and order party!
  15. I'd rather certain people just put their hands up and admitted that the IOM Gov and the DEFA career civil service administrators are in the main a bunch of toy town puppets who are there to run the IOM for the benefit of the UK crown estate causing as little damage as possible. And once we do that we can dispense with what has been proven by events to be just the illusion of control of IOM fishing assets, and of spunking millions on fisheries conservation policies ,then letting offshore boats come in and bend us over by taking away over 70% of available quota and costing local jo
  16. Dyed in the wool Leftists using J.O.B. as a source to advance argument ? I never saw that coming!
  17. He's doesn't like Tamils because they're the wrong type of Asian .
  18. I didn't see the post but it sounds like a typical SLB'itis post by LC?
  19. All good! A massive building "boom" , will get a few more off job seekers
  20. If the Individual owned the vessel yes ,totally agree but the skippers didn't own the vessels . It's more shameful and indicitive of the shambles that is DEFA , that a supposed national government is running scared of one ruthless Scottish businessman in my opinion.
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