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  1. Another well reasoned argument. Well played Dick!
  2. In my opinion It's purely and simply down to the establishment who over decades have stripped away the right to discipline children from both parents and teachers . Now the chickens are coming home to roost,who will they blame I wonder?
  3. Serious question PK! Who should it be down to?
  4. Always been the way good times bad times ! But what else did anyone expect when big Al signed away (probably under duress) most of the Tax advantages to being based on the Island?
  5. Defective maybe ? I always thought HIV was a licence to drive a wagon!
  6. Loved to have seen the right trouser legs rolled up ,that would've been awesome!
  7. The good news is that at least another 416 of their "brothers and sisters" have made it safely back to good old Blighty . I'm sure Dick and his like minded associates will all sleep a bit easier knowing this .
  8. Nothing but trouble ahead as far as Multi -Culti goes , and the more the establishment try to curb free speech the worse it's going to get!
  9. Very good post mate eloquently put . All the remoaners seem to have is a financial argument of which even that is unproven although I'll concede that the employers have got richer. Meanwhile Britain is awash with crime (I think 13 murders already in London this week?) university educated kids working in McDonalds , the streets full of homeless people and beggars and no way of taking steps to clean up the mess until we exit. Can't come quick enough for me. This is the Utopia that these clowns want to keep us tied to ?
  10. You appear to be getting a little paranoid Pierre!
  11. Major fines for visiting fishermen - Manx Radio.html
  12. I'm sure Dick will tell you that it's just a cultural misunderstanding,which might be acceptable if they actually had a culture and weren't just backward animals !
  13. I'd get an interpreter but they're all busy with Muslim grooming gangs at the moment .
  14. Operation Sanctuary Grooming gangs 'not unique' to Newcastle, UK warned as police deny political correctness claims The Independent.html
  15. Open and shut case Dick, the guy was pissed as fart refused a breath test ,police arrived and he said to the rozzers " I did !" I'm gutted though ! I mean where are we going to find another hard working sandwich maker to do the jobs the lazy Manx/English don't want to do? Seriously Dick ,you're wasted on here you should retrain as a pro-immigration lawyer ! I can just see it now! "Your honour ! My client had no idea the girl was only 11 as his friend who'd just been with her had told him she was at least 13!
  16. They should close the mountain section for these supercars and fluck the NIMBY whining blow in's ! I'd put money that most of the Manx are all for this event Anything that both promotes the Island is good for me!.
  17. Guilty or not guilty . Surely it can't be that fucking hard?
  18. Well go to Manx Radio and read it then you pedantic turd!
  19. Cruise liner plans don't allow for dredging costs - Manx Radio.html
  20. +1, except to add that the odd one of quality I would imagine soon realizes that this Island is run by the managers(CS) for the benefit of the crown and their position is purely to give the illusion that the vote of the man in the street matters.
  21. And just found this little gem buried down the page on MR online"! Prosecuted fisherman is on scallop board - Manx Radio.html
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