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  1. Interesting article in today's Manx Independent page three ,This would be a good place to site Mosque. Seems we still need newspaper s for whats is local news .
  2. The Britannia one of the first pubs in Ramsey to have television in the 1950s . Tiny Callister was the landlord. How the tv was eventually close the Plaza Cinema across the road.
  3. What about the Kid not aloud on the bus with fold up Scooter . I see that's made the press.
  4. My how did you drive . And you didt ask for a money. Thank you.
  5. Just been at Lord street bus stop the drivers most helpful and Actually try to help people some time since I seen this. Not the bus door shut on you and drive off.
  6. Just had Christmas dinner today Sunday 2/12/12 at Glen Helen Excellent meal. Large party of us no Complaints .
  7. How sad the story in today's Manx Independent of the nursing home on page three.
  8. Yes nice to be Manx . Sulby have to over hand it to Onchan now .
  9. If this was being on a bus we had three pages by now .
  10. well do u work 20 meters may have missed dot.Stops Tray.Regard's
  11. It's still affordable then. Two little words: Slops Tray It's still affordable then. Two little words: Slops Tray
  12. Afforadable, Hope when you are 80 years of age , The way it's going no . Hope you work 55 years , And stilL a MHK.
  13. 73's lad stick TO 20 METERS. CW --,,-,
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