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  1. Check this area 51 clip out Link
  2. TiTs Oooout for the lads, Ewww on the other hand don't bother
  3. Come on m8 when has the yanks bothered about civilian deaths shot first and don't ask questions aint it.
  4. Check this out if this is what the yanks are giving the iraq rebels the war will be over next week Link
  5. Just park someone at Shoprite in Ramsey, they'll get all the gossip well in advance. Haha but they will have to teach them the Ramsey Whistle
  6. Found this new advert for getting more people on the ferry. Link I think i might get on the ferry more
  7. The reason they don't work Gav is that manx telecom don't have a deal sorted with the UK companies meaning you cannot text to these promotional text numbers. Like always the isle of man drags its heel due to a monopoly situation. Instead of raving anout 3.5G why don't they sort out a few of these problems first, also they need to drop the ADSL by £20 a month the ripping b@stards
  8. Voted yes because she is one of only a few MHK's that ask questions Is anyone going to send these polls to the MHK's it might add to the tension lol
  9. This is a funny Link
  10. Voted yes for david he cares about the manx people and he also looks out for the people who voted him in. I chatted to him a couple of times and he is genuine in his ideas.
  11. Will the real Bin Lid please stand up
  12. Well i think if you contact the manx museum they might be able to clear up the points you need sorting out. http://www.gov.im/mnh/ They are probably the best people to talk to regarding your subjects. Good luck in your quest freedoms P.s shame the birch aint still going i bet it was good sport.
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