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  1. IOA


    Manx.net does not offer protection on email addresses (unlike Manxforums.com, Manxbay.com and Manxmart.com) .... might be worth bearing in mind before you post again as you are publicly displaying your address to any visitor and internet spambots. Equally my emails are simply offering a local service (which is free) which is not technically SPAM as it is a genuine email from a genuine source, without trying to sell anything. All of the above is just a tip ... NOT having a go or being argumentative Thanks Boredom, best wishes.
  2. IOA


    Thanks again for all the comments .... some good thoughts I've just bought a brand new iPod Nano 4gb (in Silver) and placed it on Manxbay.com as an auction with NO RESERVE Click here for more details or to place a bid. I'll pop an advert on Manx.net now, thanks Boredom
  3. IOA


    Thanks for the interest and comments everyone !!!! I should point out that I am in no way trying to 'compete' with eBay's 114m users !!!!!! The aim of Manxbay.com is to allow locals the opportunity to auction items, as opposed to simply selling them at a set price. Equally our target items would be fridges, freezers, cars, tv's, bicycles, golf clubs etc. (i.e. the items that are difficult and/or expensive to post to the UK or beyond) Equally, as the logo suggests, you can buy an item and collect .... if the goods aren't as described then you can avoid being ripped off (as well as avoiding over the top P&P) Also, we (Manxbay) DON'T take a commission off you at the completion of an auction and then again through paypal PLUS you can place auctions for FREE. Thanks again, I hope this answers a few of the queries above Ed Manxbay.com
  4. IOA


    Hi, I run Manxbay.com (eBay for the Isle of Man) and am after the help of Manxforums.com regulars and newbies alike!!!!! The idea behind the site is not to compete with eBay (I wish ?!?!) but to offer a micro version for the Isle of Man. Love it or loathe it eBay is genius, but on our super little Island P&P becomes a problem. To that end I want to provide a platform on which people can sell furniture, white goods, cars, bikes, TV's etc. but through auctions. My 'cheesy' slogan is 'Buy it, Sell it .... Collect it' I take NO commission on sales and you can post auctions for FREE (there are options you can pay for - but solely to prevent EVERY posting being homepage featured). Without a massive budget (in fact with a pitiful budget ) I have managed to get over 2600 members but the most common complaint I receive is 'There's nothing on there!' So the question is 'How do I get stuff on the site?' As an incentive any Manxforums member can use the site TOTALLY for free until 2008 (including homepage featured ads). All you need to do is register (free) and send me an email (through the site) to let me know your nickname. Have a look and please let me know your thoughts .... I appreciate all feedback and thank you in advance. Happy Manxbaying !!!! Ed Manxbay.com
  5. I've driven for 15 years and never knew this !!!!!!!!! http://www.manxmart.com/viewad.asp?id=50387260269100005
  6. Raised so far = £228.06 This set of auctions is finished but more coming soon ....... A MASSIVE thanks to ManxForums.com for this posting and support ! Thanks for reading this post, I will try to keep it up to date with latest bids and news. Manx Radio recently launched the Dream Catcher Appeal. It's goal is to raise money for charities right here on the Isle of Man. For more details about the appeal please see http://www.manxradio.com/dream.aspx. To help we have created a section on www.isleofauctions.com . The idea is that local shops and businesses donate items which we than sell. All auctions start at £1.00 with no reserve. ALL profits go to the appeal. Current Donations and bids Ramsey Memoribilia - Framed Picture "Anfield - Home of the European Cup" - SOLD for £10.50 Ramsey Art Gallery - Painting of the North of the Island - SOLD for £10.00 W.E. Teare Butchers - £25 Voucher - SOLD for £10.01 Elite Vehicles - Digital Photo Frame - SOLD for £26.50 Manx Telecom - Blackberry Pearl - SOLD for £125.00 !!!!! Duke Video - Isle of Man from the Air (DVD) - SOLD for £11.50 Duke Video - TT Sounds of the Century (3x CD) - SOLD for £5.05 Duke Video - TT - A Film Documentary (DVD) - SOLD for £8.00 B&B Furniture - £50 Voucher - SOLD for £21.50 Do you have anything to donate? Could your company help? If so please PM me. Thanks for looking and best wishes IsleofAuctions.com
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