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  1. That would be super... anything and everything much appreciated.
  2. Thanks for that - I'm looking to make donations, but specifically Aspergers - it sounds as though you are pretty well informed... there seems to be little for Asperger children, particularly the gifted.
  3. I was wondering if anyone would be able to help with some information, if possible. Do any of you know of an Isle of Man based charity for local donations, specifically dealing with raising awareness and providing support for young people with Asperger Syndrome? It is an autistic spectrum disorder and classic autism is well recognised and well supported, whereas Asperger children are usually high functioning and have to cope with mainstream education, often with little assistance. Any suggestions/comments gratefully received. Thank you.
  4. Emergency (Repeat Mission's word above, four times)
  5. I am so glad you explained that because I didn't get it! (The joke that is.....)
  6. Observer

    The Martyrs

    (A little near to the knuckle... I half expected it to get nuked... time yet tho'!)
  7. Observer

    The Martyrs

    It got me... I really giggled at that one for some reason.
  8. Hmmph... a girl can dream...
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