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  1. err because if you don't, you won't be able to watch telly once they've switched off the analogue signal.
  2. What Windows Vista was supposed to be may be here at last. Several leaked versions have been doing the rounds on the torrents for the last few weeks but nobody really knows whether they're the final Beta releases. The official Beta release from Microsoft may be out by the end of this week. Anyone tried it yet?
  3. A gritter woke me up this morning at 6:10 going past my house as I slept with my eyes open. Bloody orange lights.
  4. Only four posts in a thread about qualifications and each one has an error. I'm glad I didn't bother with 'further education'.
  5. I had an MT guy at work a few weeks ago boasting about their new services.. Fixed IPs etc. I couldn't help but think hmm competing with WiManx are we? Prices are still way above wimanx's.
  6. Ooh, that's seven years of bad luck for you. ps. A mirror is just sprayed glass so see above posts for a new one.
  7. In what way? Yes they are expensive. So why pay the extra? What do you get for your extra expense? To me a computer of any kind is about what it does, not what it looks like and this IMO is why Macs have become so popular - for all the wrong reasons. Does it need to be a work of art? It's the inside of a computer at the end of the day. Do you show the inside of your Mac to your house guests and your friends? Do drives need to slot in and out? How often does anyone realistically replace a drive? As for the RAM, why do you need 8 GB? People complain about Vista needing 1 GB and XP will run fine on 512 MB. What does Applecare do other than charge you a fee for bits you could pick up for next to nothing if you had a PC? I agree with you here. The trouble is there's so much software available for a PC people just install any old shite regardless of whether it's any good, which sooner or later, will fuck it up.
  8. Off topic but I think MoBeats is done with this thread now anyway: Apart from the reduced risks of Viruses or whatever, could someone please explain what people prefer about a Mac to Windows? I don't get it. Is it just to be different or is there a good reason to use one?
  9. I hate to say it but I doubt you'll find one product alone that can deal with multiple infections. The only sure way to get rid of them is to rebuild your PC from scratch but is a complete pain in the arse. Depending on what you use your PC for it might not be necessary. Just don't do any internet banking or anything similiar. I'd stay away from anything which needs your password - even your email. How did these things get on your laptop in the first place? They don't get there by themselves. I'd recommend Kaspersky software but haven't tried any others recently which may be better.
  10. Maybe the DOT should start recording some of their webcams up there. It might help in a situation like this where they want to trace vehicles. There's another camera at the Douglas end of the montain mile which the public don't have access to. With a decend zoom lens it could read number plates.
  11. Do yourself a favour. Pass your driving test, buy yourself a car and never have to worry about it again. Problem solved.
  12. You must be new to Sky TV. There are bullshit American programs on like this all too often. They're interesting at first but you'll soon get bored with them. If it was a British made program I might be interested as it may have some credibilty. Saying that, I'm watching it anyway as I haven't watched one for a few years.
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