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  1. I have said from the start of this that it will be a soft-Brexit. And quite right too. Before the Brexit vote Britain enjoyed a somewhat semi-detached relationship with the EU. After all of this, whether or not it begins with no-deal (initially), Britain will continue to enjoy a somewhat semi-detached relationship with the EU. It's going to be something Norway-ish. It's now just a question of how it happens. And how long it takes to re-build the normality which has been destroyed by this awful divisive and unnecessary stupidity which was forced on us all by eccentrics, spivs and nihilists.. Before the vote Britain had the best of both world's - full membership of the Single Market whilst not being part of the Euro. The issue was that the man-in-the-street, propagandised by years of tabloid nonsense, couldn't see that. The best outcome will preserve as much of that as Britain can manage to get away with. The 'left-behinds' and eccentrics who have put all of their hopes into Brexit will still be left behind. They were left behind because they refused to keep up. Nothing to do with the EU.
  2. pongo

    Ramsey marina meeting tonight

    We're talking about Ramsey Sailing Club here - supported and kept going by enthusiastic volunteers and old ladies cooking hotpot suppers. It's not the international Bilderberg conspiracy. So, however you look at it, membership definitely doesn't count as being "very conflicted".
  3. pongo

    Manx students go on strike

    In what way are you imagining that they are "brainwashed"?
  4. pongo

    Dianne Abbott

    You must be easily scared
  5. No he doesn't. The fact that the nutters are now calling Raab a 'remoaner' (he was until recently one of their heroes)* shows that they are now turning on each other. Which is what always happens with ideological political fringes. * Ditto Fox
  6. pongo

    silent calls?

    Ours is only still connected so that 2 people can call us. There are only 2 people left who still use it.
  7. No. The components are made in the UK. That was part of the original deal. Those businesses will also suffer. the hinterland is many thousands of jobs. It would be wrong to pretend that the Honda decision is only about Brexit. But it would be utterly idiotic to pretend that it is not about Brexit. Swindon voted to leave. They got their way.
  8. pongo

    KFC & Starbucks

  9. pongo

    Year Of Our Island

    Shit needs paying for. I definitely approve of us all paying more for better services. And those who earn more should want to pay more - especially if the money can be used to fix the health service. How much money does someone actually need?
  10. pongo

    Year Of Our Island

    Instead of patting themselves on the back they should do something about drastically improving the health service. Start by increasing government revenues.
  11. pongo

    KFC & Starbucks

    It's hard to find any which are any good and which are open at 8AM (same as there are very few places open for breakfast at, er, breakfast time). Without going massively out of one's way (normally in the pouring rain). The point about coffee places at 8AM is that they need to be on every street corner where people are working. A few places I stopped using because I didn't like the coffee, or because they were too grumpy and slow, or because the cups leaked. It's actually harder than you might think to find places which can do a coffee worth spending £2-50 - £3-00 on.
  12. pongo

    KFC & Starbucks

    If the Starbucks is as painfully slow at 8AM as the one in Victoria Street then there are going to be issues. Starbucks in Douglas badly needs some modern competition. ETA: God knows why anyone would want to go to a KFC ever. The fact that their food is served in buckets tells me what they think of their customers.
  13. pongo

    £400K to seduce immigrants

    Nobody is saying that he is TJ. Just that he is the same person who for a while posted as TJ. Same as I can say without lying that I'm not Pongo. @craggy_steve - I get 3 or 4 Linkedin things a week offering me ~£50K. It's spam, they've no idea what I am currently earning. Like the paid parking guy who everyone is blocking.
  14. pongo

    £400K to seduce immigrants

    Nor am I.
  15. pongo

    £400K to seduce immigrants

    There would not be enough property for everyone born there to continually buy. Especially given how these days so many chose to live alone. The numbers don't add up. Unless you want people to go back to living in crowded slums. Traditionally as many move out as move in. Hence the New Towns etc. Relatively few people come from families which have lived in London for more than a few generations. Nobody has a right to live there.