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  1. Have you phoned them up to politely check? I have in the past and have found them very helpful.
  2. It would be fun to see the villages and towns restyled as Communes. Kind of edgy.
  3. pongo


    Zoos seem like a relic from another era to me.
  4. Everyone knew it was daft building in Kirk Michael too. I hope that govt do not end up being expected to pay for flood defences. It's a nice area. It would surely be much better to leave it wild and build somewhere more sensible - i.e. up hill a bit.
  5. How many people are in the Alliance @Josem? Roughly.
  6. From the Ladybird book of daft management clichés.
  7. I see it most in those opposing what governments have done.
  8. And why do you imagine that they are doing it?
  9. Still? Are you saying that it used to be? Was that 6,000 years ago when, according to the DUP, it was created?
  10. Are you recommending your own work here by any chance?
  11. Can't get that song out of my head now.
  12. The Labour shortages do not only apply to those on low pay. There are staffing issues in all sectors.
  13. Minimum wage legislation would apply just the same. It makes sense to me now that Britain has lost so much of its workforce and potential workforce which used to come from the EU.
  14. There is a massive labour shortage in Britain thanks to Brexit. Couldn't these people help with that?
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