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  1. Helicopter, skateboard, pogo stick and teleportation.
  2. Instead of moaning, why doesn't everyone just set off for work earlier and stay a bit later in the evenings? That's the best way of avoiding traffic and you can get more done.
  3. pongo

    Manx Radio

    It was in the same era as the patently daft Sinn Fein broadcasting ban (open to ridicule but also worked against bringing people into politics). Section 28 though seemed much more pointed and sinister. It was much less easy to laugh at. A lot of really good things came out if the Thatcher era. But they really had a stupid tendency toward escalating tension by introducing dumb laws.
  4. pongo

    Manx Radio

    Yes and no. I saw both sides of that. I knew gay people who hated Thatcher. Mostly younger people who would be in their 50s now. But I knew just as many others who thought she was fantastic and no irony. In my own family for example. And I knew people who were ambivalent too. Not everyone is political. It's surprising. Personally I thought that Section 28 was sinister.
  5. Did they have the Morris Dancing this year?
  6. pongo

    Black Lives Matter

    Rag trade sweatshops have been a thing in Britain since at least the 70s.But really for at least 100 years or more before that. It stopped being reported as an issue after the Thatcher govt abolished the remaining Wages Councils. Because there were no longer minimum wages in specific trades. It's only an issue again now because Labour brought in a national minimum wages across all trades. It's absolutely nothing to do with "sharia" per se - many of the the areas where the rag trade was based have previously been predominately Jewish, Bangladeshi, cor-blimey and Chinese. The rag trade is colour blind.
  7. Until the mechanisms are much better understood, it makes sense to keep most of the current restrictions in place. The problem is with those who seem to find it difficult to adjust to change.
  8. You'd have to be rather ignorant to believe that it is only the elderly who at serious risk from Covid 19. It's killing people of all ages, horribly, and for reasons which are not yet understood. Seemingly perfectly healthy people.
  9. If everywhere acted like New Zealand and the IOM it could quickly be controlled. And immediate local lockdowns when any new cases are reported. This is also the best bet for the global economy.
  10. pongo

    Manx Radio

    Every single generation of protestors and irritants have ultimately become the next generation of leaders. People trying to change their world with big ideas is what keeps things moving forward.
  11. An important part of a new road layout is for those familiar with it to respectfully and carefully take into account that most others will not be. Likely people who have been driving the route for decades but will have no idea that the layout has been changed. When I learned to drive, I was taught that any accident would be my fault if I failed to anticipate the other driver.
  12. pongo

    Gas Fires

    It's spruce and pine AFAIK. "It burns like buggery" because it's full of oily resins.
  13. pongo

    Gas Fires

    I'm no expert, but I've always been told that pine and larch needs to be treated with a good deal of caution because of it's so full of creosote which will potentially coat the chimney and is is highly flammable. I certainly believe that it would be a mistake to burn only pine everyday unless the chimney is regularly inspected and cleaned. More regularly than if sensibly burning proper kiln dried wood. I'm neither a chimney expert nor a fireman however. I also suspect that the cost benefit is negligible once the wood is dried to the same moisture level. Which would take at least a couple of years. Especially if the time involved cutting it up is taken into account. ETA: kiln dried hardwood and smokeless anthracite all the way. Cheaper options are a false economy.
  14. I'm not part of any cycling lobby. People parking in the street restricts the flow of traffic.
  15. The bigger issue in Douglas is street parking. Most of the routes into Douglas are spammed up by cars parked in the street outside houses. The whole lot should be double yellow lines. A condition of car ownership should be having somewhere to park it. Not in the street.
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