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  1. You can pay in cheques via their letter box. If you still use cheques. For everything else there is online banking. We don't really need physical banks at all. Nobody needs to still be using coins and notes. Soon we won't need retail banks at all. We will just have digital wallets.
  2. Work permits aren't really a thing in this context. Vessels all over the world may be Manx Registered. They operate under registry rules not local employment rules.
  3. IOM registered vessels can employ crews of any nationality - both ratings and officers provided they have the proper certification, paperwork etc.
  4. That might seem rather hypocritical given that a significant amount of IOM business exists around crewing IOM Registered vessels with officers and ratings from all over the world.
  5. Haven't you have continually agitated for a relaxation of the border policies? Linking that to calls for more resources to be wasted on testing people making unnecessary journeys.
  6. Also important to remember that the British economy, of which the IOM economy is a part, is essentially robust. GDP is down surprisingly little and is likely to rapidly expand in 2022. Admittedly from a low. Frankly we could do this for years. 2007 / 2008 exists as clear evidence that all that really matters is money supply - IE Bank of England policy. From which we directly benefit (the post 2008 boom here being clear evidence of that). Doomsters will obviously disagree.
  7. Over time this can likely be offset by gradually sensibly increasing the tax on gas and oil used for hot water and heating. To encourage a similar shift to more modern approaches.
  8. Is this true? Why would the parents allow this?
  9. But you were opposed to the very measures which would have helped prevent this. If the government had implemented tighter measures which would have prevented this then you are one of the people who would have been complaining. It's not just you. Many of the people now critising government for not preventing this were previously complaining that regulation was too tight. It's utter hypocrisy.
  10. We need to know who has got it. Otherwise they are liable to take their infection to the supermarket and spread it around.
  11. To be specific: If the insurance company is not notified of a modification, including remapping, then the insurance is not valid.
  12. Modified vehicles are often not properly insured.
  13. The way to have prevented this would have been to lock down properly weeks ago. Including closing schools and preventing mixing. And the ferry crews should definitely always have been under quarantine - or else the company should just have used UK based crews. But if the government had taken these measures then a whole bunch of shouty people, many posting here, would have said that the measures went too far - supporting their nonsense with a whole lot of bogus short term economic arguments.
  14. As companies see their profits grow whilst employing ever fewer people, it will make sense to tax those profits more. I cannot see this making any significant difference to small companies or those which employ relatively more people. And it will make sense for big business and the shareholder too - since ultimately business needs consumers. Being a consumer is an essential role in a capitalist economy. There is no fundamental reason why consumers should not be paid. As mad as that will initially seem to common-sensers
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