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  1. Perhaps that's an issue which should be addressed by the state.
  2. Presumably you are not living so hand-to-mouth that you cannot afford to miss a few days work. Also your clients don't want you taking it to them either.
  3. I doubt that that you are doing anything so important that that you cannot afford to avoid people for a few days and work from home if you have a cold? Many employers specifically ask people not to bring their colds to work
  4. If people keep their colds at home fewer people will end up with nasty colds. And fewer working days will be lost. If you take your cold to the workplace then everyone else gets it too.
  5. I don't expect everyone else to have good manners, no. But anyone spreading their cold around is an oik.
  6. That's fine. Provided that it becomes unacceptable for anyone to turn up anywhere with a sniffle. I've always been annoyed by people who take their colds to work/on a flight/to the supermarket etc.
  7. Seriously though, I invite you to list your top 10 Brexit success stories with respect to the British economy. How is the British economy now performing better thanks to Brexit? Granted that many of the people who pushed for Brexit always said that it was not about the economy. And granted it is not "politically correct" to accuse people of being stupid simply because they do not have even a basic understanding of economics or the money supply. Personally economics is always #1 for me. Because that's how Britain pays for the stuff which makes people's lives better.
  8. That sounds like a cryptic crossword clue. It's supposed to, right?
  9. ... creating a shortage of people in other sectors and ultimately further fuelling inflation. Causing everyone else to demand higher wages. A vicious circle which always undermines the short term benefits of any pay increase. Giving into populist demands is what got Britain into such a mess in the years running up to 1979. Over the past few years the London government has seemed determined to undo the good work of the past 40 years.
  10. Those who supported it need to own it @CallMeCurious
  11. ?? Champagne corks are wired on. There is huge pressure inside a Champagne bottle - it's the much stronger glass and the design of the bottle which prevents them from exploding. Faulty glass is very occasionally still an issue.
  12. Rising wages will not fix the shortage of people. The employable were already employed. It would be great to see the retirement age rise to help counter the people shortage - but only for those who voted in favour of fewer people.
  13. pongo


    You could always Google it. If that article offends
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