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  1. No point. Only the permanently dissatisfied will bother to respond. And they will always give the same answers: They want better services at lower cost.
  2. I don't know about any of that. But my post was more focused on childishly pulling @Nom de plume's leg for her crazy bullishness .
  3. Oh ok. Not according to The Telegraph: https://www.telegraph.co.uk/politics/2021/06/11/june-21-lockdown-lifting-called/
  4. Your crystal balls need a firmware update @Nom de plume
  5. Agreed. Little benefit to MT. But a significant selling point for the island.
  6. The island needs this quicker than I suspect a private company on its own could otherwise afford to get it done. It's essential infrastructure.
  7. orange juice would be illegal (ABV 0.16% - 0.73%)
  8. It's super valuable for the economy. Especially with respect to attracting people to choose to work from here. In an era when the client might be anywhere on the planet. Great rural internet is an essential selling point. Coupled with low rural crime, and a high quality of lifestyle. Govt and MT are doing a great job of quickly and effectively getting it out to the countryside. I was sceptical at first too.
  9. It's very odd that this keeps happening. I'm guessing some kind of supernatural aspect.
  10. Smart of you to suggest it. Most of us would not have thought of that even a few years ago.
  11. It's a set up to trigger and engage the audience. Either strongly in favour or strongly against some position. Some topic of the day. Same as the tabloids have done for years. Even to the point of upsetting the listeners. Keep people tuned in and sell advertising. It's all incredibly stupid.
  12. But you promised. Are you going anywhere nice on your holidays this year?
  13. Ask them and they will tell you. Very few broadband suppliers in the UK advertise guaranteed speeds on their websites. I'd be very unimpressed if the government got involved in whether or not MT email is working properly. It's not like MT have got an email monopoly. Govt has however got behind the fibre rollout. I was sceptical at first but I have changed my mind. Great work.
  14. The whole point of talk back radio (all of it everywhere) is that they deliberately create controversy and argument in order to engage the kind of idiots who listen to it. Nobody serious appears, calls, presents or listens.
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