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  1. pongo


    The logical outcome of Brexit would be complete devolution - county by county, town by town, street by street. Certainly the regions of the UK would be allowed to compete on both fiscal and monetary policy. Eg - competive rates of taxation, different interest rates etc. And they should be able to create their own laws and set their own standards. Instead of being dictated to by bureaucrats in London or Edinburgh.
  2. Economics and demand is the driver. And it's innovation which drives economics. It cannot be repeated often enough - but freedom and free markets are indivisible. Ultimately that will always also be about the free movement of capital and labour (people). Because that's how ideas spread and culture evolves.
  3. I wonder how many of his soldiers turned up at 2 mins past start time and chatted for ages before doing any work. And were then straight out of the door at home time. And unavailable out of hours. Also - Napoleon lost. Over and over. And much of the so-called private sector is just as bad on the IOM too.
  4. Making all roads double yellow would be a good start. Trying to get down through Douglas with people parked on both sides is a nightmare. Especially when the person coming the other way doesn't realise that there is plenty of space for two to carefully pass. Being able to tell how wide the car is should be on the driving test though. Those residential streets have ended up being used as car parks. Parking meters would be another option.
  5. pongo


    And yet those areas have had decades to sort themselves out. Why do you think they haven't? Surely low business rents and cheap property should have made Sunderland a great place to work from remotely? What do you believe has blocked that? My hunch is that much of Britain was waiting for someone else to fix it. Mummy or the government.
  6. pongo


    Brexit is part of a cultural war. It's between people who are relaxed with the modern world and who have been making their lives work - vs people who, in many cases, have chosen to be left behind. Demographics will largely fix it. Provided the govt doesn't waste too much money trying to fix places which have had decades to sort themselves out. Sending good money after bad, so to speak.
  7. pongo


    The government doesn't care what 'Andy' Burnham thinks.
  8. pongo


    No, with respect, you're wrong. This decision is down to the government
  9. pongo


    I disagree. It's not an age thing per se. Older people with savings and no debt or liabilities will be fine. As will motivated and well educated younger people with portable and transferrable skills and who keep their own skills current and up to date. And those people were doing fine already anyhow. In any scenario - a person's savings over many years and the portability of a useful skillset is the best hedge against uncertainty. Ultimately it's up to us to look after ourselves, our families and our peer groups. Mrs Thatcher would approve
  10. pongo


    'Andy' Burnham is the Mayor of Greater Manchester and not part of the government. I've no idea what the point of City Mayors is, but it is not he who has brought Northern Rail back under state control. He does not have the powers to do that.
  11. pongo


    I don't see it massively affecting most of us at a personal financial level as, worst case scenario, we can move business elsewhere. Plus - lots of work for accountants and lawyers. Probably those most likely to be affected negatively will be those who have supported it or been neutral.
  12. They'd make world class cycle routes. Just as many people would use them, probably many more. And they would cost far less money to operate and maintain.
  13. Over time home delivery of the household shop will become the norm. The supermarkets have to be part of that now or else they risk it happening under them.
  14. Posh mums dropping their kids off at the primary school. And people from the affluent rural north passing through that crossroads on their way to Athol St via the mountain road early every morning. Looking at the pictures - there is plenty of space to build parking.
  15. That's not a return of 10% though. Because of the labour also involved. Given that most jobs pay way more than £20k it would effectively be a loss. Better to put that money in the bank and get a job if the numbers looked anything like that.
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