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  1. Labour and work is inextricably part of trade. Stopping us being able to easily work in the EU without special paperwork clearly restricts our ability to win contacts, service clients etc. Within cross border companies and multinationals it is already restricting the ability of British people to apply for positions. Those positions are going to people with EU citizenship, dual nationality etc
  2. I'm not convinced we still need letter post at all. Parcels definitely. But what letters are still actually needed?
  3. Like most countries, the, so called, UK imports very different goods and services from what it exports. For example, Britain is (has been until now) the world's leading exporter of financial services including what is basically a secondary market in insurance - eg underwriting contracts etc. That business has generated huge amounts of income to fund stuff like hospitals, schools, pensions etc. Without that income Britain needs to start deciding where to make cuts.
  4. It hasn't been "leaked". The London Government has released this document because it was ordered to by the democratically elected Parliament. But, according to The Times, the document has been retitled to make it seem as if this is a worse case scenario. The leaked version was, according to The Times, titled a base case scenario. IE that this is what is expected.
  5. It's easy to sound world weary and negative. I don't believe that much has been clear from the start. The shape of the argument and the language has evolved over the past 3 years.
  6. https://blogs.spectator.co.uk/2019/09/full-text-operation-yellowhammer/ 12/ ... Crown Dependencies may be affected by supply chain disruption
  7. Labour and the ERG were equally wrong not to back Mrs May's deal IMO. The Irish border is self evidently the wet stuff. Two roads etc
  8. No-deal doesn't. Not significantly. No-deal is only supported by simplistic populists. It's something which was not on the agenda at the time of the first referendum. All those years ago. ETA: I would agree with the very few sensible ultras that, in many ways, it's a side issue vs a final outcome. But it has come to define a cultural distinction between the simplistic populists and the normals.
  9. It's because the ultras have moved the goal posts. 5 years ago sensible euro-sceptics (and it's not an entirely dumb position) would have been happy with a pragmatic semi-detached relationship. And the other big issue is that social media has allowed knuckle dragging simplistic populism to go mainstream. But make no mistake: Many of the the elderly people who now support nationalist populist perspectives would have been right behind the left wing populism which nearly destroyed Britain in the 70s. It's almost unbelievable that someone like Corbyn now has a Conservative govt in trouble. Allowing 100k provincial petit-bourgeois flag waving elderly unionist-wing Conservatives to choose their favourite media personality as PM was never going to end well.
  10. Britain would have left the EU back last March if the ERG Ultras and the Ulster Loyalists hadn't blocked it.
  11. The Telegraph doesn't have a French edition per se. And is only published in English. The article is from the France section of yesterday's Telegraph. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2019/09/04/french-government-urges-companies-prepare-no-deal-expresses/
  12. Probably wouldn't go down well. Although the current PM probably would given half a chance They should definitely be billed though, were possible. Important issues which affect the economy will probably be moved out of direct political control once common sense kicks in. In the same way that interest rates are no longer under direct political control.
  13. Why though? 15% is hardly a shocking "vacancy rate". And discussing it on local radio will add nothing. An empty house affects nothing long term. No more than an empty field does.
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