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  1. And yet it's really difficult to buy a proper carphone these days.
  2. Blair was okay apart from Iraq. I know that's a fairly big proviso. But quite a few of the people who have posted in this thread supported Iraq. I'd give him another go. Seems like a golden era compared with Labour and the Conservatives today.
  3. pongo

    Radio Caroline

    Why not just do it as a Spotify playlist? What's the point of it?
  4. I don't particularly understand why some people seem to believe in "freedom of speech" as some sort of inherent right. Language is potentially as powerful and nasty as bullets or fists.
  5. It should be perfectly acceptable to sack someone for being a cock. As this guy clearly is. End of. No need for any hand - wringing analysis or dumb attempts to draw parallels or comparisons.
  6. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Annunziata_Rees-Mogg citation
  7. Nobody with any ability to see the road ahead has ever had any doubt about the outcome of Brexit. Britain is re defining and formalising its semi detached relationship with the EU. It makes no difference what the deal / no deal is called.
  8. Seems to me, with respect to you both, as if you are both casually bringing uselessly old fashioned national stereotypes in here. As if on the one hand 'they' all shared the same character traits. Or, on the other hand, that 'they' had a single common view of history which continues to shape business.
  9. Seems to me like they're basically letting him go to break the deadlock.Give or take a little process. Nobody cares any longer. Plus - wasn't he massively connected to and meeting with people who helped get Trump elected?
  10. I can think of two good answers and there will obviously be many others: 1. If you want decent modern facilities then you need a population large enough to support decent modern facilities. Healthcare being an obvious example. And the smaller the population the more expensive it is, in general, to provide services. Contrary to simplistic populist opinion, small govt is typically an expensive luxury. Economies of scale, obviously. 2. If you want to live in a modern economy, with sustainable modern jobs and opportunities, then you need sectors large enough to create their own momentum and gravity. From which new ideas also emerge. It didn't work well when I was growing up here. Tourism was over, there was no money left and most people who wanted a career left.
  11. The sooner the better they will build a full sized out of town store with a big car park. Somewhere roughly opposite PC World would clearly be sensible. And then no need to even drive into Douglas for the weekly shop.
  12. I have said from the start of this that it will be a soft-Brexit. And quite right too. Before the Brexit vote Britain enjoyed a somewhat semi-detached relationship with the EU. After all of this, whether or not it begins with no-deal (initially), Britain will continue to enjoy a somewhat semi-detached relationship with the EU. It's going to be something Norway-ish. It's now just a question of how it happens. And how long it takes to re-build the normality which has been destroyed by this awful divisive and unnecessary stupidity which was forced on us all by eccentrics, spivs and nihilists.. Before the vote Britain had the best of both world's - full membership of the Single Market whilst not being part of the Euro. The issue was that the man-in-the-street, propagandised by years of tabloid nonsense, couldn't see that. The best outcome will preserve as much of that as Britain can manage to get away with. The 'left-behinds' and eccentrics who have put all of their hopes into Brexit will still be left behind. They were left behind because they refused to keep up. Nothing to do with the EU.
  13. We're talking about Ramsey Sailing Club here - supported and kept going by enthusiastic volunteers and old ladies cooking hotpot suppers. It's not the international Bilderberg conspiracy. So, however you look at it, membership definitely doesn't count as being "very conflicted".
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