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  1. pongo

    is the mountain road shut?

    For you I would make an exception. ETA: also - seriously. I respect your opinion and what you are saying here. My point, which you responded to, was rather glib TBH.
  2. pongo

    is the mountain road shut?

    Still too many. So called, 'advanced' motoring schemes typically make hobby motorists falsely believe that they are can safely drive more dangerously. And it's a world of motoring pedantry.
  3. pongo

    Chips, Cheese & Gravy Day

    The people who used to use it, that generation, are now all dead.
  4. pongo

    Donald Trump

    Trump is the one again pushing for a space based missile defence system: Trump’s Star Wars Fantasy What does Senate Report 93-549 say about 'smart meters'? What is the issue with smart meters? Govt spending has been dramatically increasing under Trump - because of his policies. Trump's Economy: The Federal Budget Deficit Is On A Path To $1 Trillion
  5. pongo


    It's interesting that you mention the lead in petrol. There is growing evidence that exposure to lead in petrol over many decades has disrupted the brain function of many older people.
  6. pongo

    Paramount City up for sale

    Then again, you always put a negative spin on everything. Without fail. People could be doing a lot worse. And many certainly were in the 80s here. Have you forgotten? It was grim.
  7. pongo


    I say you are looking for simplistic answers to complex questions. To me, Mr Khan seems thoughtful, fair, serious, hardworking and nice. Populism is all about proposing simplistic answer to complex questions.
  8. pongo

    Paramount City up for sale

    Or perhaps they work hard and are putting the money towards buying a flat or a house. Anyhow - a night in with people you know and like has got to be a lot more fun than drinking watery lager in a smoky cattle market listening to a cheesy deejay playing the hits of the 80s.
  9. pongo

    Paramount City up for sale

    or most of the 80s.
  10. pongo

    Paramount City up for sale

    lol. The IOM wasn't the place to be in the 90s
  11. pongo

    Paramount City up for sale

    People just don't go to those sorts of places any longer. And let's be honest - with hindsight, those sort of places were a bit grim. But the town definitely isn't dead. In many ways it's better than it's been for decades. Certainly during the day - nice places to meet and eat + busy with people doing business etc. And still some very nice pubs.
  12. The transition period will be 70% polyester. After that we're back to nylon.
  13. pongo

    High Street gloom

    If there was demand for an old fashioned 'night club' there would be one. That's how capitalism works. 'Night clubs' belong to the 70s / 80s in the same way as dance halls belong to the 30s / 50s.
  14. pongo

    Donald Trump

    I've been wondering that. The voice and language changed completely.