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  1. I'd like to see the government impose a condition that none of the takeaway packaging contains plastic or styrofoam. I'm thinking in particular of the coffee cup lids. I'd like the IOM govt to impose that rule on all takeaway outlets. It would set a good example. No more plastic. Nobody should still be getting coffee in cups with disposable plastic lids. Force companies to make customers use adequately costly non disposable cups.
  2. I could see people falling for it. Britain will be even more fucked than it is already if Corbyn gets in. First Brexit, then state control.
  3. pongo

    Xmas decs

    Beat me to it! We were happy though
  4. pongo

    Treasure trove.

    An ancient golden chain which according to legend was once worn by ye Mayor of ye ancient Kingdom of Douglas ?
  5. The statues of them are weird and pointless too. And ask yourself this: What is anyone actually going to do with this expensive statue of the Bee Gees? And therefore what is the point of it? Why not just Google some pictures of them or watch a video on YouTube if you want to be reminded what they looked like?
  6. Not really. It's something the artist will have to address if the stupid idea goes ahead. Or perhaps it will be like the giant headed Laxey miner statue. Statues are so pointless and weird. What are they even for?
  7. I wonder how the artists will deal with the, ahem, stuffed trousers department.
  8. The Bee Gees statue is one of the most dopey ideas yet. What a total waste of money. There should be statue to dopey ideas or an annual award or something.
  9. It would be a tiny minority of people now who don't have their own data. Many have a UK sim but even MT and Sure PAYG gives people a UK data roaming allowance. And for people coming from the UK there is free data roaming on IOM now. If you need/want it you've got it with you today.
  10. Why though? There is 4G for almost the entire journey.
  11. It would be great to have a few years off - without any roads closures for events and preparations. Let everyone just get on with getting to work etc.
  12. It's a road. Let's stop calling it a circuit or, worse, a course. It's for getting from A - B and back again. If people want to drive fast there are plenty of motorways in Germany. Also Silverstone and Brands most weekends. It's the open roads which are cool.
  13. Maybe a burger van and some balloons? Perhaps some bunting and a clown.
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