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  1. The economy will be fine. When confidence returns. That means being able to declare the thing properly over. Until then it's better to be closed. As much as 4/5 of the economy will quickly adjust anyhow. And the govt and the bank can create and destroy liquidity in order to maintain money supply meanwhile. Anyhow - it's not all about the economy. Imagine if people had said they would not "put up" with the blackouts. Or had argued that it was a loss of freedom or some kind of conspiracy.
  2. I've been mostly working from home for decades.
  3. Keep everything locked down - and keep following up on all cases until there are no new cases. And then a bit longer. Then open up internally but keep the border closed.
  4. There is no reason not to keep the lockdown in place fairly tightly. Obviously over time there can be some degree of flexibility - perhaps around antibody testing and some sort of ID carding. And possibly the Army could be used in a way which the civilian police would not be comfortable with. And a place like the IOM should be able to open up internally whilst keeping external borders tightly shut. Anything else would be irresponsible. Many of the economic arguments are entirely bogus.
  5. Not coming into contact with it will be the best way of not getting it until there is a vaccine. That's why the lockdown is so important.
  6. People should be very careful when employing this reference. I once heard Jeffrey Archer say that he didn't tolerate fools gladly.
  7. These kind of comments seem rather puerile to me.
  8. Why would we want to for now? Most people working with companies off island can work perfectly well remotely. And local businesses could potentially start up again. ETA: ie If they can eliminate it here but keep the borders closed then a good chunk of business will be able to get back to some sort of normal.
  9. And as I am sure you will know, there is also the fact that some companies are specifically in sport.
  10. The problem is that any moderation is moderation. And legal opinion with respect to some moderation is subjective unless tested in court. As soon as any content is removed a site is a publisher IMO and should therefore be logically responsible for all content. ETA: I'd like to see all sites and their advertiser responsible for their comments too. Putting pressure on advertisers is a great way of taking the platform out from under extremists.
  11. It's a side issue but I have never accepted the argument that any website, whether moderated or not, should not be responsible for the content published. A website is a publisher not a neutral platform. Perhaps not strictly legally, for now. But certainly morally. I hope that this will soon be addressed by governments. There is no moral case IMO for not being responsible for published user generated content.
  12. I'm sick of people moaning about the govts here and in London. It's reactionary and achieves nothing useful. Personally I wanted a lockdown much earlier - but politically that would have been difficult. Especially given that even 2 weeks ago many in the blowhard community were arguing that it would be an over-reaction. Some even arguing that the TT should go ahead. Some idiots here are still arguing that this is an over-reaction or that the economy is more important than lives.
  13. https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2020/apr/03/broadband-engineers-threatened-due-to-5g-coronavirus-conspiracies
  14. pongo

    Manx Radio

    Digital maybe. Arguably. But the cost of the transmitter network is huge. And the broadcasters get that at a huge subsidy. Analogue FM by contrast is a vast waste of bandwidth. Hugely inefficient. Enormous chunks of spectrum wasted on dumb mystery voice competitions and the hits of 80s.
  15. I often lookup what you write and it frequently turns out to be fringe or bogus. I wonder what motivates you to spread false information or whether you just fall for it yourself. Last week you were posting stuff which even Snopes had dismissed as false.
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