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  1. Nobody is going to be forcing anyone to be injected or to conform. Or to take a flight, visit another country, go to the supermarket etc. Be free. You can even be a rebel and paint your bedroom black if your really want.
  2. pongo

    He Lives...

    I don't know anything about that. But I hate tribute acts and impressionists. The original Uncle Ronnie was great and his material was well written.
  3. I doubt it will be compulsory. But I suspect that that health passports will be a de facto requirement enforced by employers, private companies and organisations because their staff, customers and shareholders demand it. For example, to fly, land in another country, go to a supermarket, the cinema, university, place of employment etc. The new narrative amongst anti-vaxxers will be that these things have not been adequately tested - missing the point that the intensity and focus on testing has effectively accelerated that process by concentrating additional resources and man-hours. Because
  4. You're making it worse. Go on - try your Frank Spencer instead. Or Harold Wilson.
  5. pongo

    He Lives...

    Well you would say that. But Mad Uncle Ronnie wouldn't. Not the real thing. It's lame.
  6. It undermines how clever the original was.
  7. Why are you doing a bad impression of Mad Uncle Ronnie?
  8. pongo

    He Lives...

    The new guy playing Uncle Ronnie doesn't sound anything like the original. And the writing isn't nearly as good either.
  9. Sorry - but that's a really terrible impression / impersonation of Mad Uncle Ronnie. Worse than Mike Yarwood's. Worse than Rory Bremner's. Worse even than Jon Culshaw's. Can you do Frank Spencer?
  10. Maybe just cancel Christmas this year. Like the TT. Not many of us are Christians anyhow.
  11. Can't you just wait for the vaccine? It's bad enough all the students coming back for Christmas. Although, let's be honest, most of the smart ones will have deferred this year. A very few. Maybe.
  12. The UK balance is already often as much as 40% renewables. In total it's between 20% and 30%. That number is increasingly rapidly and that is now where nearly all of the investment is going. It's a massively successful sector.
  13. How do imagine that wireless gets into people's office and homes? Or how 5G will be delivered?
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