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  1. My suggestion is that the route of the old fashioned tourist railway, the MER would today make much more sense as a cycle route. The route was carved out during an era when the IOM was a tourist destination. Today the IOM has no significant tourist industry apart from around motorbikes - and that's indirectly significantly funded by the tax payer. The MER tourist railway has a cultural significance equivalent to Victorian fayre ground rides. It's not even a significant railway in terms of engineering. But the route is unbelievably amazing. My belief has nothing to do with the idea of cycling as a practical form of A to B transportation. I don't care about that. It's about people getting out for exercise and leisure - cycling an amazing route with fantastic views and countryside we should be proud of. ETA: it's not about the Court House. I agree. But the point was raised and I'm responding. That's the nature of threads; they evolve. Obviously the issue of a collision with a car is irrelevant - asssuming cars don't start driving down cycle routes. Which are the future.
  2. The old court house might be a good venue for the Saturday market as the weather starts closing in. And similar ad hoc events which need a community hall which is actually central and valued as a venue. Much nicer than all those horrible 1970s church halls. I don't see any reason for it to need to be anything clever or money making. Meanwhile - all of this rubbish about turning the MER into some vision of a transport future is utter dilettantism - daft nonsense from people with too little else to do. A much better bus service, ultimately electric, is a far more modern and forward thinking concept. And it's achievable in affordable steps. Also - let's never again listen to anyone who uses awful clichés about thinking outside-the-box. Or similar. The MER line would make a fantastic cycle route. It would be a world class facility.
  3. pongo


    Or you could read and digest what I wrote. I don't see any evidence of it being either a scam or, particularly, much more than just another coin. I think it's most likely what they say it is. ie publicity.
  4. pongo


    It doesn't look like a scam to me. But, so far, nor does it look like anything other than an almost infinite number of other coins which people launch everyday. Anyone can do it. It looks to me like more or less exactly what they describe it as - ie a publicity exercise aimed at advertising themselves as being able to implement blockchain technologies etc. At face value that's a bit of a so what? It would be great to see some more about the actual technologies being used and the implementation. Something like a white paper. No harm in keeping an open mind. On the other thread - @Amadeus who knows his stuff suggested that it looks like it might be a stablecoin / token. I'm wondering what leads him to this possible conclusion given the lack of public information.
  5. Not an issue these days. Most phones are available as dual SIM. Just stick a data everywhere SIM in the other slot.
  6. I totally agree that it should be legal @TheTeapot. It's no business of the law to be involved. But I'd hate to see the Isle of Man become a stoner destination. I don't particularly agree that it should be taxed or commercialised either.
  7. Is Brits going there to get monged still a thing? Are people even still allowed to smoke indoors there?
  8. Why would people come here for dope though? Given that it's not prosecuted and freely available in most of the UK
  9. Our expectations of dental care have massively increased since the system was designed. And therefore the cost. I don't see taxation as being like ordering off a menu. I don't expect to get out what I pay in. The point is that I'm contributing towards the society in general. It's the same in the UK.
  10. Same as other aspects of healthcare, we have much higher expectations today and that costs more. A lot of my parents' generation ended up with false teeth.
  11. I can't get angry about any of that stuff. And I understand that resources are always going to be limited. Best case scenario - those who can afford to pay will. Leaving more availability on the state for those who can't. Assuming we want the most people possible to have access.
  12. I hope that me going private frees up NHS space for people who cannot afford to.
  13. For perspective - my dental plan costs me less than the price of a pint every week.
  14. About dentists: I think this might be a generational thing. Many working age people here and in the UK will have been paying for dental care for most of their adult life and will assume that's normal. I've been paying since the 90s. Roughly speaking, the fewer the people, the smaller the economy and the more expensive are services per head. + there is a big shortage of skilled self-starters in important key industries.
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