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  1. Not sure I'd trust a reference from Dilligaf.
  2. London can create and destroy liquidity to keep the money supply flowing just fine. More than enough to counter a 20% GDP reduction. And we are, by definition, a dependent. The island could likely open up internally but keep the border closed - once there are no more cases here.
  3. 100% disagree. Keep everything locked down until this thing is completely eliminated on the IOM. Then open up locally but keep the borders closed.
  4. Or maybe a witch doctor or a homeopath. Or a fortune teller. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chiropractic
  5. Most things which people call "obvious" turn out to be much more complicated and nuanced. But then that's the nature of populism in general - that it proposes seemingly obvious and typically simplistic answers to what are often much more difficult and complex problems. I feel that you expose your assumptions and prejudices when you talk about "pots of money" and "pen-pushing management on six-figure salaries".
  6. I do not believe that efficiency should be the primary goal of something like the health service. Outcomes should be the measure of success or failure. The NHS is not a business. It should not be measured against metrics which apply to businesses. And isn't it to be expected that a large organisation like the NHS will need layers of modern management just as much as it needs medical professionals? Many of the worlds best services are hopelessly inefficient. Because they are not measured by efficiency.
  7. The UK economy would likely be damaged much more by ending the lockdowns too early. The economy will not recover until there is public confidence that the virus is beaten. Ultimately though it will require close international effort. No point eradicating the virus in one country if it's going to pop up again from somewhere else.
  8. No worse than flu right? I've noticed that the people who were saying that have gone quiet. Or were arguing that the measures are an over-reaction. And that guy who was saying that it was all a conspiracy to crash the stock market.
  9. The economy will be fine. When confidence returns. That means being able to declare the thing properly over. Until then it's better to be closed. As much as 4/5 of the economy will quickly adjust anyhow. And the govt and the bank can create and destroy liquidity in order to maintain money supply meanwhile. Anyhow - it's not all about the economy. Imagine if people had said they would not "put up" with the blackouts. Or had argued that it was a loss of freedom or some kind of conspiracy.
  10. I've been mostly working from home for decades.
  11. Keep everything locked down - and keep following up on all cases until there are no new cases. And then a bit longer. Then open up internally but keep the border closed.
  12. There is no reason not to keep the lockdown in place fairly tightly. Obviously over time there can be some degree of flexibility - perhaps around antibody testing and some sort of ID carding. And possibly the Army could be used in a way which the civilian police would not be comfortable with. And a place like the IOM should be able to open up internally whilst keeping external borders tightly shut. Anything else would be irresponsible. Many of the economic arguments are entirely bogus.
  13. Not coming into contact with it will be the best way of not getting it until there is a vaccine. That's why the lockdown is so important.
  14. People should be very careful when employing this reference. I once heard Jeffrey Archer say that he didn't tolerate fools gladly.
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