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  1. Apart from all of the issues around actually getting people set up with an app and the correct settings etc, contact tracing apps are effectively anonymous. The tracking people would have no idea who the app had actually pinged or whether they had taken any notice. There isn't any clear evidence that contact tracing apps have provided any significant advantage. At best it's a mixed picture. MIT has a good piece here: https://www.technologyreview.com/2020/11/20/1012325/do-digital-contact-tracing-apps-work-heres-what-you-need-to-know/ In a very large metropolitan population I can
  2. It's good that you keep reminding people of this - that what might be useful in some places wouldn't actually make much practical difference here.
  3. If the goal is, as stated, to eliminate the virus locally then no new cases since some certain date is the only reliable measure. Because there is no way on knowing who has it but hasn't been tested.
  4. Yes. MIT has some good stuff on how effective this kind of thing has been so far in practice. TL;Dr - not.
  5. The IOM govt isn't going to get Apple to change the rules around what is and is not allowed on the app store. App based contact tracing is anonymous. The authorities here will have no idea who has been pinged. Also - imagine trying to explain to thousands of older people that they've got to say yes to a whole bunch of security warnings about what privileges to accept. Given that normally the advice is to say no. It's a non starter.
  6. No. Only with consent or else you won't get it on the iOS store as it would breach the T&C.
  7. At some stage sooner or later something like this will come built in and standardised with iOS and Android. Perhaps ready for the next pandemic.
  8. Great in theory. But very mixed results in practice. And a huge amount of resources involved in getting enough people to actually use them - get the security settings right on their phones etc. There are few examples of this approach being effective. And, it's anonymous. The tracing people will have no record of who has actually been contacted or whether they have complied.
  9. And ignored the emerging view that 14 days was potentially not long enough.
  10. Self evidently, the chair of Liberal Vannin is not a definitive source.
  11. How valuable a thing is depends what the goal / policy is. Here the goal is zero Covid. In other places there are different goals. Perhaps that's a factor.
  12. Surely it's marginal though at best given that you can only test known cases. So wouldn't they still have to wait until X days after the last known case emerges. Or, perhaps, twice that period. I can see how this kind of testing would be interesting. But I don't really see how it helps if the goal is no Covid here.
  13. If everyone banks online then we don't need cheques any more.
  14. The current London government is great at making big and often unrealistic promises. But less good at actually delivering. Not true. That's a goal not an outcome. It's what they are talking about wanting to achieve. See above. It's hard not to assume that these big promises are part of a rearguard action - given the growing pressure on the leadership from many of the same people who undermined Mrs May.
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