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  1. Or should only rich people with gardens be allowed sheds?
  2. Should I be allowed to keep a shed in the street?
  3. Why not just make it a requirement of taxing a vehicle that you have somewhere to keep it off road. Either a drive, garage or paid space? Same as you have to have insurance. It would solve the problem of people blocking up the roads with parked cars too.
  4. It's a British Crown possession isn't it? On and off since more or less as long as England has existed as a single thing. More or less an accident of history that it was never part of England - a bit like how Hull used to have grey telephone boxes. Change the system and in no time at all the usual people will be demanding an election. The next thing is some horrible populist gets chosen on a man-of-the-people ticket.
  5. Britain no longer has any say thanks to Brexit. No more than it can decide US policy. It's not just the offshores - the whole finance sector and services, which was Britain's #1 business, is going to be significantly diminished over time. A lot of trading moved out of London ahead of Jan 4. Some will think that only affects the wealthy or people they have nothing in common with - but ultimately it means less money for schools and hospitals.
  6. What about a celebrity? Nigella or Clarkson perhaps.
  7. That's not necessarily true. The government does not create money. That's the role of the central bank. The government can how ever use fiscal policy to control the total amount of excess money in the system - for example via taxation. Though frankly, at this point, a certain amount of inflation would likely be welcomed. In this crisis (as in 2008) it's clearly important to keep money flowing through the system. The currency is not being devalued. But it's worth remembering that a devalued currency generally favours exporting businesses - especially including the serv
  8. Accountants and financial advisors are often good at that kind of thing. They didn't teach me how to fix the boiler or put a new roof on either.
  9. Let's not have any for a bit and see how it goes. If it doesn't work after a while then let's ban everything unless it's explicitly allowed.
  10. The economy is holding up. The issue as after 2008 is about the share. And Brexit is still likely to pose a much bigger risk (Covid is distracting from that currently). What happens to financial services is the big issue. It's what the British economy depends on. It's always important to remember that the government and the Bank, between them, absolutely control money supply via fiscal and monetary policy respectively. The Bank can print as much as it wants provided the govt collects it back in taxes. Even without Covid, sooner or later many people will need to be paid to do nothing
  11. Presumably because 14 days has now been repeatedly shown to be not nearly long enough.
  12. Let's be honest: We've nothing in common with them.
  13. I never really trust people who keep a close eye on the numbers. Obviously, on the whole, increasing numbers is a very good thing both culturally and economically. Without continual change a culture dies.That said it often seems a pity that Britain couldn't somehow export (or at least stop paying for) that regressive bit of the population which imagines ancestral or cultural occupancy.
  14. Everyone I speak to in the UK envies how things are here.
  15. pongo

    TT 2022 ??

    This kind of daft reverse snobbery is perhaps part of why the TT hasn't gone from strength to strength vs say F1. Surely it would be great if more people with money were interested. And, as we have all agreed here before, ever few young people ride traditional motorcycles today and the future of two wheels is electric mopeds in warmer cities. I'm sure that there is a future for an event more focused on technology and innovation.
  16. Let's hope they won't be ignored any longer given that just over two weeks ago a bunch them tried to stage a coup in Washington.
  17. Some of those close to the covid-is-a-hoax mindset are already here.
  18. I can understand that legislation would be required in order for a thing to be licensed for medical use. But how completely daft that the plant was ever made illegal in the first place. As if it's anyone's business. Government should stick to running the Navy, protecting international trade etc.
  19. About these fields. How hard would it be to slip in a few extra plants here and there? Given that apparently many of the seeds now available have been specifically cultivated to grow outdoors. Asking for the friend of a friend.
  20. pongo

    TT 2022 ??

    That's going to get sorted. Things always get sorted out.
  21. pongo

    TT 2022 ??

    Surely the fact that those events are held on tracks cannot be the only factor? Is there something those events are doing which the TT could adopt?
  22. pongo

    TT 2022 ??

    Suppose that deep down in the analysis of the numbers it was determined that it doesn't really make any money - that the money it brings in is more or less balanced out by all of the hidden costs which are not directly part of the budget. That's a suppose - I don't know that is true but I have often wondered. If that was true - would it still be worth running anyhow? And do the visitor numbers significantly impact the share of VAT which the island receives? How do those events make money? What kind of money do they make per race compared with the TT? Perhaps it shou
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