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  1. I would struggle to think of ways in which the state poses a threat online. Assuming you mean our state.
  2. To me the online world seems much more corporate and sanitised than it was 20 and more years ago. I like that. Where as the world 20 and more years ago seemed much more scary to me than it does today.
  3. Thank goodness IOM has not gone down this route - as some crazies have for years being suggesting it should.
  4. What is the government's motive, in your scenario? What is behind this conspiracy?
  5. I hope that masks on planes and trains and in some public spaces becomes the norm. Like it was in much of Asia long before Covid. I hope that airlines, workplaces and public spaces in general will continue to screen people to make sure they do not have flu like symptoms.
  6. Ask don't get. Don't ask, don't want. And never talk about it.
  7. Callister's implicit criticism of the CM (in the blog posted JW posted) for including people who do not necessary agree with him on everything is especially telling. In reality it's a potential positive that the Comin does not have a single (or toady) perspective.
  8. The people who used to do much of this important work are no longer allowed into Britain. The unemployable are not going to take it over. Time to increase the retirement age perhaps - and heavy taxes on the private pensions of anyone who retires earlier
  9. This is very much a slice of beer perspective.
  10. Exactly. Full-time pay for part-time work.
  11. This is a market which definitely needs opening up to proper competition. Prices on the IOM are much higher than in the UK. Whilst most other professional wages are lower.
  12. Sure the sewage issue needs sorting out. But Peel is a lovely town. Most people in Britain would love to live somewhere like that. The truth is that you're down on the Isle of Man in general. You could live anywhere on the planet but you choose to live somewhere you hate. That's barmy. Why waste your limited time here?
  13. Just a few TV shows which the content producers themselves quite understandably no longer feel confident standing behind.
  14. That article does not concern the censorship of any historical accounts.
  15. How sad that anyone should have to live a life where that passes as culture. I hope the tax payer is not supporting these people to breed.
  16. Many of them consider 'context' to be essentially a Marxist perspective - especially when applied to language. Often being not especially bright, they tend to distrust the idea that words have fluid meanings.
  17. All of this mess was once breezily dismissed as 'Project Fear'. Now apparently it was always part of the plan. What a stupid plan.
  18. This was how it used to be. Things like this are now very fashionable and popular again around the British Isles. https://www.manxnostalgia.com/port-erin/port-erin-baths
  19. This seems very unlikely. Money smells horrible.
  20. Both of them are bright with a solid professional background and could clearly be earning more outside of local politics. Whilst that probably shouldn't be a prerequisite for even becoming an MHK, it probably should be the norm. Currently it puts them well ahead of many others.
  21. Apart from the prom, the last 5 years have been relatively ok. The economy has done ok. Can't blame the IOM govt for the mess that is Brexit or for the global pandemic.
  22. They both seem like good bright candidates to me. In different ways. It could be a lot worse.
  23. This guy specifically said that he has been studying for a BSc @James Blonde That said - all degrees require a level of engagement which make them valuable. A well educated person can be trained to do anything. Degrees should not necessarily be vocational. Also - media is one of the UK's leading exports.
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