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  1. Definitely not surprised.
  2. Would you like to consider how you would draw up a list of who, like the PM, is at serious risk from Covid. I'm fairly sure you will end up with the greater majority of people. You talk about 'stress' for example. But that's a relative thing - one person may thrive on stress whilst another is floored. Also there is no sensible measure. Pre Covid I would have guessed that the PM had a pretty solid immune system. Not that we even know how that really might be a factor - some scientists have argued that it's a good immune response which kills people with Covid.
  3. @teapot - another important aspect to note about Sweden is that in many areas of public policy, it is trained administrators and professionals rather than politicians who decide policy. That's a much more sensible system - putting experts in charge of the whole picture ... rather than leaving things I'm the hands of people who worry about whether what they do will be adequately populist or not.
  4. Although obviously, in reality, one of the main consequences of better healthcare has been that many people live much longer relatively healthy lives. The age at which people typically need constant care has been pushed out. But Covid seems to challenge this. It's much more like Russian roulette - we just can't predict who is going to get really ill. Who would have guessed that the PM himself would have been so vulnerable? Whilst obviously a larger chap he had still seemed relatively active - riding his bike, hanging off a zipwire etc. Elderly care should probably be much more expensive. i don't see how it can cost less than the best hotel. The Conservatives were castigated for suggesting that the value in people's homes should be used to fund that. Because people expect to inherit their parents' home. In essence I think they were correct. The question then is how to fund it and some basic level for families who cannot afford to pay.
  5. pongo

    TT 2021 ??

    Yes. And with everywhere else. Because everything and everyone is connected by only a few degrees on planet earth.
  6. The PM got really sick with it (and according to much of the reporting hasn't yet really recovered). And he's presumably got access to the best medical treatment available. I wonder many normals of a similar age would cope without access to the kind of level of care which the PM quite rightly enjoys.
  7. pongo

    TT 2021 ??

    It's not a practical travel plan but it might appeal to the kind of people who like to romantically imagine that the island has closer cultural and economic relations with Ireland than with Merseyside. Me included sometimes. But honestly I'd rather quickly drive to Folkestone and put the car on the train. VS umpteen hours at sea. And, presumably, vice versa.
  8. I'm surprised they haven't had it thatched, given their attitude to bogus heritage and culture. One thing which would definitely improve the place would be to strip out the daft tat and clutter it's been filled up with over the years - the mannequins and reproductions.
  9. You should really use a conditional tense here - given that absolutely nobody serious ever watches TV in the morning.
  10. Are you saying that the govt workers should get laid off too, or that the "private ones" shouldn't? What do you think should be done differently re the airport?
  11. Well done. Although, of course, there is nothing stopping anyone from travelling if they want to. And there hasn't been for ages. Though goodness only knows why anyone would want to at the moment.
  12. Given that much of the rest of the world is rapidly moving toward another lockdown scenario, most of us will probably welcome the continued caution @Banker. The UK seems to be in a particular mess - with cases and hospital admissions increasing. Let's be honest - most sensible people will be avoiding that place like the plague unless their visit is urgent.
  13. That place downstairs from Sports Direct probably sell trainers costing almost that much.
  14. What's the cubic volume of £43,150?
  15. Yep. But what kind of thing were you thinking of?
  16. It's getting like a drinking game in here.
  17. It's ironic you calling someone else Mr Angry, Mr Angry.
  18. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-23986385
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