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  1. The data for a single is year is statistically meaningless in this context.
  2. And yet many sectors of business have been expanding - the biggest issue often talked about being around the difficulty of recruitment and the skills shortage - especially tech. And there are so many great unexploited opportunities which the island could be moving into. This is a great place to be based. If there is too little money then the solution must certainly be to grow the economy (rather than effectively cutting it back). Obviously that means addressing the people shortage.
  3. People using the term main stream media have the conspiracy mindset, have fallen for the conspiracy theorists' world view. In the democracies we have media - accredited sources etc. Everything else is the fringe media - the tabloids, people on Twitter, The Conservative Way Forward Whatsapp group etc.
  4. Perhaps because there is no single solution where multiple complex factors may be at play. Perhaps boosters and restrictions will be required. It's going to be a mess if a large number of people are off sick all at the same time. Life could get quite difficult. Even if thanks to the vaccine they get over it within a few weeks.
  5. It's not really free. That valuable spectrum space (TV, radio - terrestrial and satellite) could be sold off for very much more than is currently raised. The money could be much better spent on fibre and 5G. And then there is the cost of the broadcasting networks themselves.
  6. I would be happy to see the BBC become a subscription service @Stu Peters I look forward to broadcasting being online only. I cannot control what shops choose to play. But I can choose not to visit them. I should not have to listen to it in public spaces - the NHS etc.
  7. I don't especially object to Manx Radio. I hate being forced to listen to any radio in shops and waiting rooms. All pop and chat sounds like the same drivel to me. Including from the BBC.
  8. Silence and thinking space is mostly preferable.
  9. I particularly hate being forced to listen to the radio in shops and waiting rooms.
  10. The very idea of broadcasting is out of date. People tuning in to whatever happens to be playing at them - like in the 1920s. Broadcasting will be phased out. The sooner the better. There are much better ways of delivering content.
  11. It really is utterly dull minded to fall back on assuming that someone must be involved with a thing financially if not critical of it.
  12. Well then you will know that booking systems are notoriously problematic - which is partly why they are so often used as case studies. Factor in continually changing specifications and timescales + specific requirements around privacy etc. I doubt it's as easy a problem to solve as the armchair generals and lounge bar technocrats might imagine.
  13. Have you ever tried building this kind of thing? And then thoroughly testing it for all eventualities - even as the requirements continually change?
  14. Telecommunications today is mostly about connectivity - most people I know seldom talk on the telephone. Business is on Teams and Zoom. So really it's about broadband - and the island has excellent broadband. Especially compared with almost all other rural areas - in both the UK and on the European mainland. And when there is a problem you can easily get through to a real person. Much of the UK has terrible broadband and hugely frustrating customer service. We maybe pay slightly more - but it's a vastly better service here.
  15. It's the middle classes and business who pay the bills.
  16. With luck this is the beginning of the end re Covid and Britain can get back to fixing the utter mess which is Brexit. The economic impact of which has been masked by the virus. It not only business and the massively important financial sector which is now being negatively impacted. The once Conservative NFU is going the same way as the CBI on Brexit. Farming output is being massively impacted by the labour shortages. And to think that the Conservatives used to be the party of the educated middle classes, business and farming.
  17. Presumably you would support that? Given that you have complained that too many in Tynwald are left-wing. Government intervening on pricing would surely be far too leftist for you?
  18. I guess the basics is stuff like lead, radon, asbestos, rot, subsidence, electrics, energy efficiency, sewers etc
  19. You have. The people doing the surveys need to be responsible for the surveys they provide as part of being certified to carry out those surveys.
  20. I would be nervous too. And it's an especially emotive subject. You should be listened to.
  21. You have answered your own point here.
  22. Why not just require proper taxis with a screen separating the driver from the passengers?
  23. I am surprised you arguing for this given that in another breath you are whining that Tynwald is full of left-wingers. Your solution is essentially communist.
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