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  1. Rollin' and Tumblin' - Bob Dylan
  2. No excuse for cycling on pavements, but jumping red lights can sometimes be safer than waiting if, for example, you're turning left into a narrow road with multiple lanes of traffic, buses parked at stops, roadworks, etc., to contend with. There's going to be a fight for space and cyclists are rarely given any consideration. We're just as invisible on roundabouts too.
  3. Text speak. Like Will Self, "I'd rather fiddle with my phone for precious seconds than neglect an apostrophe; I'd rather insert a word laboriously keyed out than resort to predictive texting for a - acceptable to some - synonym." (http://books.guardian.co.uk/departments/referenceandlanguages/story/0,,2289264,00.html) People who say “Thanks!” all the time. Say thanks when you want to thank someone, not as a suffix to every utterance. It loses its meaning and just becomes annoying, to people like me.
  4. I cycle to work. The only real downside is the sweat factor. As Jeremy Clarkson said when they staged that powerboat/cycle/public transport/4x4 race across London, “Hammond might get there faster, but he will be dripping in sweat, people will walk up to him and vomit.” It’s all uphill to work, which is depressing first thing, but makes for a great ride back at the end of a bad day. The fights with traffic are a great adrenalin rush, cycling would be boring without the 4x4s. The weather? Providing you have your waterproofs, cycling in the rain is actually quite refreshing! I don’t miss the car at all.
  5. Sunshine on Leith - The Proclaimers
  6. La prospettiva di me - Laura Pausini
  7. "I think he’s getting a bit annoyed at having to explain the concept of a drive-thru to you."
  8. Did anyone else begin to tire of and eventually just want to kill Ewan McGregor after Long Way Down? Bad enough the first time round. Anyway, yeah, best of luck, Rhumsaa! Looking forward to the DVDs, books, video diaries, T-shirts, etc. Will your girlfriend be joining you half way?
  9. 9. They have trichopathophobia.
  10. How about these ... http://www.scooterwest.com/item_detail/Gog...ses-CLEAR/1048/
  11. Mr Jarry


    I reckon England should consider Tony Mowbray as manager. He hasn't managed in the Premiership, yet, but he’s English (I believe a country’s manager should be from that country,) he would bring the egos down with a bump, is tactically astute and has been successful and earned the respect of players and fans alike.
  12. Mr Jarry


    Couldn’t have been worse than Northern Ireland’s answer to Reverend I. M. Jolly covering the Spain match on BBC NI, right from the first whistle it was razor blade time in spite of his colleague’s best efforts.
  13. "Ben-my-Chree, this is Ghost Rider requesting a flyby (wasn't like this for Tom Cruise)"
  14. Ennis Del Mar: You ever get the feelin'... I don't know, er... when you're in town and someone looks at you all suspicious, like he knows? And then you go out on the pavement and everyone looks like they know too? (ok, would've worked better if they were both blokes)
  15. 28 Weeks Later - an engaging horror film at last, bit of a breath of fresh air after the likes of Hostel and The Hills Have Eyes. Great visuals, nice soundtrack.
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