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  1. L200

    Dog Shit

    Walk up Marine Drive quite often, there's more dog dirt than tarmac at times, lets not forget its not the dogs but the lazy owners whom think if its not in there garden then it dont matter.Really need the town's' warden's to start enforcing fines all island.
  2. You spoil the women in your life lol (but have to say you are spot on)
  3. Just noticed on there web site that "A word with Woodward" is under construction,maybe they are making sure that there will be no more slips of his tongue.
  4. Yeah i suppose in real time he's a young decent bloke really,and when there's a camera on ya its show time, and the sugar fella does call him the "the brand".I think he does'nt really know if he's a pain or just a bit off cuff but time will tell.
  5. He's one lucky boy, up against any of the others and he was out on his ear and to be honest wot a f**king moron.He would not last 2 minutes in the real world. He is David Brent with out even knowing it and i think he will carry on to the final just by pure luck.
  6. L200

    Eden Park Cafe

    Have to say ultra expensive cafe and cheap staff, once bitten twice shy, shame really this place could be very enjoyable but there are just to greedy,
  7. L200


    well lets face it they have had plenty of practice
  8. L200

    Tt Fair 2010

    Gypsy babie's in March oh yes!
  10. 38%,i really think its a case of more people not bothering to report crime, it really hacks me off to keep reading about how well the police are doing, and yet the local papers seem to have an endless lines of prosecutions. 38% more people jailed for serious crimes of assult etc would be a more appropriate headline, go on Mike give yourself a pat on the back, in the meantime get a grip, Thursday/Friday/Saturday nights Douglas promenade is knob head central for starters. Bye the way Mike, if you are wondering what the smell is, its coffee.
  11. Specify Elastex instead. Fibre Glass is so 1990's, Elastex is a much better product. kev 476055 did my extension- spot on with price and a top job
  12. geordies v marys peel v colby, thought i heard that b4, not 100% thought. regards
  13. Been stuck in the burj al arab extra 3 nights gutted
  14. John Venables and Robert Thompsom, well you asked.
  15. L200

    Xmas Meals

    Douglas Golf Club, christmas lunch with all the trimmings and christmas pudding is fantastic 9/10 (well nobody gets a 10)
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