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  1. Oh, bombing hospitals. Its alright you know. http://www.doctorswithoutborders.org/article/afghanistan-msf-demands-explanations-after-deadly-airstrikes-hit-hospital-kunduz It was 'human error'. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-34925237 BALLS It was fucking murder.
  2. I've got some ideas about the manx fishing industry. Maybe I'll share them with you some time.
  3. The meat industry is evil. Just think about it for a second, the stress as you are forced into a cramped truck, driven to a place which stinks of blood, death and shit, the cries of terrified animals in your ears and the fear, before that bolt. It's horrific every way you look at it. Apparently if I grew my own pig I wouldn't be allowed to kill it in my own field, I would have to take it to a terrifying place to die. Because it's safer. Fuck off.
  4. Now judging scarecrow competitions in Colby. To be fair he's usually pretty funny at the Laa Columb auction
  5. People used to take their motorhomes out Langness until some miserable twat decided block access with big lumps of wood. I'd like to know who decided to do that, why they did it and what pathetic event in their life turned them into such a fucking wanker.
  6. VOTE MARTIN MOORE!!! Please. It'll be so fucking funny
  7. Have you all seen 'Bitter Lake' by Adam Curtis? Because you should.
  8. I'd be a little disappointed if GeeCee was MTP/PL/TSM. GeeCee is a shit poster.
  9. You don't see the issue? Why would a company with a monopoly have any need to advertise? Oh, that's right, it doesn't. And where does the money come from to pay for all of the advertising? Oh, yeah, the absolutely massive increase in the standing charge. Wankers.
  10. Good old Shrimpy has been on about it too. Think he's put some kind of submission in.
  11. Up to a grand fine there too. Double kerching!!
  12. Up to a grand fine? 5000 not returned? KERCHING!!!
  13. Good stuff, might want to change your thread title though.
  14. Its certainly nothing special. Something that might be special is the new Radiohead album. I had it on at work the other day, but had to turn it off. It is not work music. I reckon though, that after several portions of wine and stuff that its gonna be total bliss. Just need to find the time to get a little drunk...
  15. Is it Braddan or Douglas? Wasn't there some kind of NONSENSE a few years ago when Next wanted to put a home store up there but Douglas Corporation objected to it because they're stupid they reckoned it would take people away from Strand Street?
  16. There's going to be everything up there, you'll never want to leave. There'll be a Primark, an IKEA,, a starfucks and a carphone warehouse, and even more shit, like a Greggs. For all the fucking morons out there.
  17. I'm guessing that a small glass in a pub is 175ml rather than a large at 250ml? So 3 small glasses is the equivalent of 3/4 of a portion. Which is a substantial amount of booze in 10 minutes really, and clearly far too much to drive.
  18. Wonder if he'd been in the Colby Glen. There was a guy in there last week (probably not this guy!), South African I think, came in to meet some people said he'd just have a small glass of red cos he was driving, nailed it and had another and then had another all in about 10 minutes. And then got in his car. Fucking wanker.
  19. I bought a new phone. Went for a Doogee (probably pronounced dodgy) X5 pro, which is a bigger phone than I'm used to but so far seems alright for £63. It came with far less shit on it than my previous samsung, which was nice, and just worked straight from the box, no messing. Obviously only a couple of days in so I'm sure there is plenty of scope for it to go totally wrong but first impressions are certainly very positive.
  20. What kind of super special pot did that guy have? The police are valuing it at £10000 per kilo? Fuck, must be incredible gear, any chance?
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