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  1. The bloke is a proper fucking dunce. My favourite bit of the video that he posted is the bit where he denies organising the gathering of swimmers on Laxey beach and then, without pausing to draw breath, proceeds to organise the gathering again for the following morning.
  2. Specialist welding skills required or not, it definitely didn't need to be done right then and could easily have waited until after lockdown. I can't imagine any case where the work on the tracks on a heritage railway could be considered 'essential'. This ain't the lines out of Kings Cross or something for fucks sake.
  3. And it would hopefully explain the majority of additional cases we are still seeing here.
  4. As a follow up point to this, and I think I need to start with the disclaimer that I am following the rules as I am a responsible individual and it's important that we all follow the rules so that we can get through the other side of this as soon as possible. However, if anyone is looking for specific reasons why there are far more people out and about this time than previously, and loads of people not bothering with the rules, then there are three specific, useless, incompetent, amateur fuckwits of reasons with starring roles in almost all of the clips in that video.
  5. All three of them, you know who, smarmy, smug, evasive and total fucking arseholes.
  6. Okay, thanks for that. None of this is clear and I just assumed it was another ****coin clone. I suspect almost everyone else assumed the same. I do wonder what the mysterious use is that they have in mind but expectations are low.
  7. I know that there are always some people into creating a local 'Mann' version of things that already exist but, by it's very nature, blockchain based crypto is probably the least likely thing ever to need a special 'Mann' implementation.
  8. I didn't say it here of course, I said it many times to the dog, in person(dog).
  9. I’m all good, thanks. You keep banging on about the audio clip, we know about it and we’ve heard it. These are not tiny differences, the difference between the two figures is almost 100%. The figures are important. Everything else you say is bang on, although I would suggest that we are unlikely to see any progress on any of those other issues you rightly mention when they are basically making up the numbers.
  10. Yeah, it’s an absolute mystery why, all of a sudden, ‘everyone is getting so hung up on numbers’. Or, maybe, it’s the only solid indicator of the current situation and has been for the past year. All we have is the number, all of the rest is the spin, bullshit, and mumbling and bumbling from the podium. It’s also what the government use to help decide if we need to tighten or relax restrictions. So yeah, people do reckon it’s actually quite important and worth getting right.
  11. Jesus Fucking Christ, I always said I wouldn’t get drawn in to ‘debating’ with dunces on here and yet here I am. You have got laser precision focus on one tiny element of this and have lost sight (or never had sight) of the bigger picture. I couldn’t give a fuck if the daily new cases figure (note, this is generally singular and not plural) is 1000 or is even lower than your IQ. There’s nothing really we can do at this stage other than stay at home, follow the instructions, and take care. It is almost entirely out of our control. The issues that other, smarter, people have are a
  12. Come on now, when you're clearly hard of thinking, but you reckon it's all very straightforward indeed and you fully understand it. But other, smarter, grown ups are explaing that there is still an issue with the figures, it's surely worth stopping, having a bonus little think, and considering that you may have actually missed the point BY 1000 FUCKING LIGHTYEARS, YET AGAIN.
  13. Actually, I've got this sorted now. I'll simply take one of the multiple figures for each day and get a wèeks worth of figures and divide by 7 to get my daily average. Bollocks, what if some weeks have 6 days and some 8 or 9 days. Fuck, I thought I had it there.
  14. It was especially bad timing for Ewart to be so snarky when PM had just asked a particularly pertinent question about all of the different random numbers they are pulling out of their arseholes.
  15. Listen now, you need to realise that you are not particularly bright and you are trying to operate well beyond the recommended intellectual limits for your head. This is a simple counting issue. If I earned 50 beans yesterday and want to compare that to my bean earning power today, yesterday and today need to be the same length of time, otherwise we're simply chucking about random numbers.
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