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  1. Exactly, you can't just have businesses 'seconding' land and areas beyond their premises that don't belong to them, and then absorbing them into their premises.
  2. 100% correct, I'm sure everyone remembers the MEA shop fiasco. But now they're trying to get stuck into everything without any clue at all and, as you rightly say, without any risk of failure whatsoever.
  3. It's clear that they want to reduce the risk to themselves (to zero) of hiring the venue out to third party promoters whilst they run their own events often without breaking even, and sometimes at a large loss, with no repercussions whatsoever as they can just go picking from the infinite money tree again.
  4. Not if the person who stole a loaf of bread worked in the bakery, and their sole responsibility was making sure that no one was stealing the bread.
  5. There was shiny Bus Vannin Merc double decker in Castletown on Saturday with the digital signs reading 'Wedding Bus' and a lovely image of a church on the digital screen on the back. They really will have a blast at anything and everything going apart from running it all properly.
  6. No problem, it just made me smile, like dammed with faint praise.😄
  7. They'll be delighted with this, they may even put it on the bottle.
  8. reptar

    TT 2022 ??

    Working great here via chrome on iPad
  9. Errrm, won't every business on the prom, and potentially elsewhere, fancy a couple of the spaces outside their premises if they get it?
  10. Some people are not particularly bright. This is, of course, not an issue. These individuals are generally operating within their intellectual limits and can be straightforward to deal with. The problem is always with the individuals of limited intelligence who, for whatever reason, believe they are super smart and should be providing their ill informed, ill judged and ill thought out opinions on a wide variety of topics they know nothing about. They are lacking any self awareness to understand that they are trying (in some cases very hard) to operate well beyond their limited brain capacity and are always difficult, if not impossible, to reason and converse with. They will never change. It's not like they have a think skin, it's more like a titanium exoskeleton, with the thickest layer around the noggin. Not naming names here but, don't forget kids, SQL Server and Bitcoin are the same and should be treated the same. They must be the same, they both work on compooters.
  11. That really was actually quite odd. He's nothing more than an enthusiastic amateur so why was what he reckons about this topic, or any other topic, considered worthy of publication in the newspaper, let alone on the first page. Okay, so he's a software developer, like hundreds of other people on the Isle of Man, no-one quite rightly gives a fuck what they think about covid, 'expert' modelling or not. It actually fucks me off.
  12. Gordon @ Smart Valet http://www.smartvalet.im/ He's done mine for about 5 years now, spot on.
  13. reptar


    Fucking Hell, thanks for clarifying mate, I honestly thought he was getting an airline and an airport for 2 dabbers, job done, simple as that.
  14. reptar


    It's got to be a concern if Jason can't scrape together 2 quid without the assistance of 'third party funders', right?
  15. As always they can't stop blowing their own tiny inferior trumpets and trying to build up enough 'puff' to make the entire world listen :-- https://www.theregister.com/2001/07/04/isle_of_man_3g_network/
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