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  1. That really was actually quite odd. He's nothing more than an enthusiastic amateur so why was what he reckons about this topic, or any other topic, considered worthy of publication in the newspaper, let alone on the first page. Okay, so he's a software developer, like hundreds of other people on the Isle of Man, no-one quite rightly gives a fuck what they think about covid, 'expert' modelling or not. It actually fucks me off.
  2. Gordon @ Smart Valet http://www.smartvalet.im/ He's done mine for about 5 years now, spot on.
  3. reptar


    Fucking Hell, thanks for clarifying mate, I honestly thought he was getting an airline and an airport for 2 dabbers, job done, simple as that.
  4. reptar


    It's got to be a concern if Jason can't scrape together 2 quid without the assistance of 'third party funders', right?
  5. As always they can't stop blowing their own tiny inferior trumpets and trying to build up enough 'puff' to make the entire world listen :-- https://www.theregister.com/2001/07/04/isle_of_man_3g_network/
  6. Did you read it all properly, clever clogs? The 3G debacle still rankles with me. All of that positive worldwide press coverage and it was all a blag.
  7. Although, credit where it is due, I will say that the fibre is mega and is the first time ever that they have under promised and over delivered. And the engineers that fitted it were spot on and went above and beyond on the installation.
  8. The main issue with MT is that they are provincial rank amateurs pretending to play big boy international communications. Like when they launched manx.net email 20 years ago and it wasn't fit for purpose then, let alone 2 decades later with the mega upgrades along the way. Or the fact that they are can't keep reliable DNS running for a consistent period of time so that half of the web doesn't disappear at random times. Or the world leading launch of 3G that they dined out on for years, even though there were only 5 handsets live and, by the time the rest of us got access to it, the only country we beat in the end was Zimbabwe, and only just. But, yeah, world leading IT and comms right here on the IOM.
  9. He really is an incompetent, reprehensible, little man and I don't really think he achieved very much during the crisis. What I always look for in these individuals is some level of competency and some decent achievements in professional life before entering politics. It's not like that if they are unskilled useless professionals that achieved nothing in the private sector that they are likely to automatically become amazing, skilled, go-getters in political life. And that still remains the case...
  10. Jesus Fucking Christ, when you are employed by an Entity, be it private or public sector, then your employer does not then automatically own all of the contents of your brain and everything you have ever done previously. Fucks sake, especially when your primary focus was running a commercial laboratory where IP could well be fairly important. And one more time. Jesus Fucking Christ!!! This is clearly the opinion of an individual who has no original thoughts or ideas of their own so is not particularly concerned about who owns them.
  11. It's generally worth knowing a bit about stuff before chipping in with your valued opinion
  12. The bloke is a proper fucking dunce. My favourite bit of the video that he posted is the bit where he denies organising the gathering of swimmers on Laxey beach and then, without pausing to draw breath, proceeds to organise the gathering again for the following morning.
  13. Specialist welding skills required or not, it definitely didn't need to be done right then and could easily have waited until after lockdown. I can't imagine any case where the work on the tracks on a heritage railway could be considered 'essential'. This ain't the lines out of Kings Cross or something for fucks sake.
  14. And it would hopefully explain the majority of additional cases we are still seeing here.
  15. As a follow up point to this, and I think I need to start with the disclaimer that I am following the rules as I am a responsible individual and it's important that we all follow the rules so that we can get through the other side of this as soon as possible. However, if anyone is looking for specific reasons why there are far more people out and about this time than previously, and loads of people not bothering with the rules, then there are three specific, useless, incompetent, amateur fuckwits of reasons with starring roles in almost all of the clips in that video.
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