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  1. reptar

    Stir crazy?

    No respect for the legal profession but thinks accountants are gods, righto then.
  2. Greg is very good, he dealt with our purchase whilst he was working at a different practice a number of years ago.
  3. The fact that this bar is applying for this type of licence sounded pretty grim. Now that the proprietor has clarified the situation the fact that this bar is applying for this type of licence sounds pretty grim. People need to think about what type of establishment they are running and where they are wanting to pitch it in the market. Once you go downmarket it's very hard to go back up market, especially on the Isle of Man. Mind you, looking at some of the people stood outside smoking recently, it may be already too late and the adult entertainment licence might be a good fit.
  4. And I'm pissed off at the bump as I thought they were coming back this November.
  5. To be honest, I was there back in 2012 (man ;-) and, whilst it's the same name and lineup, it may as well be a different band as they clearly went away and reinvented themselves, coming back with a different, much harder, sound. Non of the stuff from this era is played live as the new stuff is so much better.
  6. By the way the dimensions are :- Width - 454mm Depth - 327mm Height - 630mm
  7. Hi Our old log burner is for sale - £70. Collection from Douglas. PM if interested. Cheers
  8. Yeah, hands up here, I definitely had a problem. On the mend now though ;-) What can I stick you down for then?
  9. Hi It's time the attic was cleared and my massive collection of new 40K boxes went to more deserving homes. All at 30% off RRP. The list is here :- https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1rYiRIAC2e-cNd6-doZSklMMP8wbKeURyN2utc6p1nLU/edit?usp=sharing Just give me a ring, the number is in the file. Cheers
  10. Just wondering if anyone is playing D&D on the Island and has space for one or two more players? Played at school in the 80's and a mate and I really fancy playing again. Cheers
  11. Maybe try Premier Sheds Plus, based in Ballasalla:- www.premiershedsplus.com
  12. It's a shame you see things that way. A shame for you that is. I wonder what dismays you so much in this 'music'? Are you instinctively distressed by minor keys? That would be a tragedy on a par with losing the use of any two limbs, rendering a huge part of the musical repertoire inaccessible for you. If this is so, try to focus on the chorus, which enters on the dominant of the relative major. Granted, we are forced to wait until the last bar and word for resolution, but I feel the whole chorus gives us all hope after the solemnity of the opening verse. Don't you agree? The only other thing I
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