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  1. It's actually episode 6. Episode 7 is the final one of the series next week.Sorry to be pedantic.
  2. JIm Jefferies sums it up nicely
  3. With that Ed appearance and the reference of the 'top knot' by the Hound, Season 7 has got off to a pretty shitty start. Hopefully it will get better.
  4. Shill

    John Bishop

    Strange casting that I have to say. Shame he was cast in that role because it lets down what is a very good gripping drama series.
  5. Real shame, as the food was exceptional along with the service.
  6. https://web.sure.com/isleofman/home-phone/sure-home-phone-charges £13.50 is their landline rental currently. I'm not sure if this will be changing on the 1st May as well though. MT Landline equivalent is £14.45 for choice rental which will rise to £17.45 on the 1st May according to their press release. I completely agree that it's daft when you only want to use your line for broadband, there should be a naked DSL product on the Island thus eliminating the need for line rental if you are just using the line for data.
  7. It will be interesting to see if the wholesale landline rates are going up as well, or if this is just a retail commercial decision by MT.
  8. So essentially MT are putting their fixed line rental up by £3.00 per month and also their broadband services by £0.50 per month. However they will provide a discount to customers who take landline, broadband and contract mobile with them of £4.50 thus saving a £1.00 per month for being a 'loyal' customer. So basically you get penalised for freedom of choice.
  9. Thats where Now TV is a good option. It uses your broadband connection, you can pay for the entertainments package at £9.99 a month and you get all the major sky channels along with all the catch up for BBC,ITV,C4 and C5. I use a combination of Now TV and Free Sat for recording. The only thing Now TV doesn't do is record.
  10. I did some tests the other night and was able to view 4k content via youtube to my 40" Sony 4k TV without any buffering on my Wi-Manx connection. This is standard VDSL so 40/2 Happy to try the video you linked above tonight.
  11. Let me test some 4k content tonight from home. I usually stream in 1080 on Youtube. I am on standard VDSL but am getting 40/2 now MT have installed a cab near me. I agree it is strange that when you connect via VPN you are having no issues. I will feed back tomorrow.
  12. Any traffic shaping done by MT will not effect Wi-Manx as that is down to the ISP. I havent noticed any buffering on my Wi-Manx connection to Youtube.
  13. Well it's either Murray or an Olympian. Jason Kenny, Laura Trott or Alistair Brownlee Murray is odds on mind you.
  14. His return of service has never been in question. That is his biggest strength for sure. He just knows where to return the ball to put him on the front foot, even against the bigger servers. SPOTY for a record 3rd time ?
  15. My only concern with Murray is his 2nd serve. His all round game has improved for sure, he is dictating points now where as he used to just defend and hit that 'one more ball' Raonic has the talent, he just needs to believe he can win. He had several chances against Murray but just didn't convert the points at the right times in the match. I think Wimbledon will be his best chance of a slam next year. I agree with you about Wawrinka, if he can stay injury free he may have one more slam in him. Del Potro is the one to watch next season, incredibly talented and getting back to full match fitness.
  16. Raonic aside I dont see anyone making that much of an impact. Nishikori is decent but has failed to make that much of an impression in grand slams. Del Potro may come good again. Wawrinka's best days are behind him. Cilic possibly but like Nishikori I just dont see him getting to finals. Raonic is the best young talent around and will get better, I see him winning soon if he keeps his motivation up.
  17. Really strange final yesterday. Novak looked well out of sorts, almost like he knew he couldnt win. Murray looked very tired when he came on court understandably after his tough semi final 24 hours before. Just goes to show that sports like this are mental as well as physical. I have never seen so many unforced errors from Novak. Fair play to Murray though coming out and taking it to him. He has played some incredible tennis this year and thoroughly deserves #1 spot. I would love to see Murray win the Australian Open, 5 finals is a lot to not win it.
  18. I dont know if it's where it's hosted or the coding of the website itself, but the site is unresponsive and very slow to navigate. I see it's hosted at Telecity in London.
  19. SDSL is no longer available on the Island. Unless you want to spend a ridiculous amount of money which I'm guessing you don't Then DSL is your only option. It's worth checking the link Immortal Puppet mentioned with your landline to see what estimated speeds/services are available. VDSL will give you a better upload speed if it's available in your property.
  20. Like twatting David Beckham with a football boot
  21. Stones to Man City for 48m! Crackers
  22. Still bring your own. And no corkage charge.
  23. It looks like you use MT for your Internet, perhaps it was an MT DNS issue for that particular URL. Maybe try configuring your network settings to use the IP addresses and as your DNS servers.
  24. I went there on Friday, as the opening poster on this thread says. Really fresh authentic Italian food, fantastic service and good value. Couldnt of asked for any better. For the face bookers among you, I think the reviews speak for themselves. Will be going back.
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